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Putin Proposes Vast Rearmament, Military Reform

Navy sailors walk past an election billboard for Putin's party in St. Petersburg in September 2011
Navy sailors walk past an election billboard for Putin's party in St. Petersburg in September 2011
By Bruce Pannier
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has outlined plans for military reform and rearmament that would see the Russian government spending 23 trillion rubles (some $770 billion) over a 10-year period.

Putin, who will almost certainly win the March 4 presidential election, made the pledges in a lengthy article in the "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" newspaper.

In the article, titled "Being Strong Is a Guarantee of Russia's National Security," Putin wrote, "It’s obvious we cannot strengthen our international position, develop the economy and democratic institutions if we are not able to defend Russia."

Putin says the increased spending does not reflect the "militarization of the Russian budget" but he says the military has been "chronically underfunded" for years and it is now time "to pay the bill."

Putin said the potential for developing the military structure of the Soviet era "is completely exhausted" and the huge armies of the last century are outdated. He said a "new army" is needed to confront modern threats.

Proposed Reforms

In recent years, Russia's military has been beset by problems, such as obsolete equipment, an increase in hazing, and dwindling benefits for personnel.

The Russian prime minister complained that up until recently there have been military units that require up to five days to fully assemble. In the article he said that ground forces have "more than 100 regular and special brigades" that should be able to fully assemble in "one hour and be deployed to potential combat theaters within 24 hours."

To support these forces, Putin said money will be spent to build "more than 400 modern intercontinental ballistic missiles" for ground and sea forces, 28 submarines armed with nuclear missiles, more than 50 military surface vessels, and more than 600 modern warplanes, as well as a broad deployment of the new S-400 antiaircraft system and Vityaz antimissile system.

Putin commented on the antimissile shield the U.S. and its allies are deploying in Europe, despite Russian objections, saying Russia would have an "effective and asymmetrical" response to the system.

The U.S. and NATO allies claim the system is defense against missiles from "rogue" states such as Iran or North Korea.

Putin also wrote about reforms for servicemen saying that the armed forces would have approximately 1 million members by 2017 and 700,000 of these would be "professional" soldiers as opposed to conscripted troops. Putin said by 2020 only 145,000 of the 1-million man armed forces would be conscripts. Currently, Russia still heavily relies on a conscripted army. 

He also said money would be spent to provide "a package of social guarantees" for troops covering insurance, access to medical care, a "worthy" pension, and greater opportunities to enter the workforce after being discharged from the armed forces.

Putin has cultivated an image as a tough man since first becoming Russia's president in 2000. Part of his popularity among Russians come from his position on Russia having an influential standing in the international community.
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by: Mamuka
February 20, 2012 04:05
Bozhe! He must have seen that music video by the VDV guys in their teliashki, complaining about how Putin has ruined the Army.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 20, 2012 08:30
Today on Russian TV "vesti" was given more extended
review of Putin's proposals than above.
Ballance of Powers in the World is important.
However, Putin and his Russia still lean more on the same:

Intimidated (CIS and East Europe), murdered governments (Poland) and invaded neighbours (Hungary, Afghanistan,
Moldova, Chechnia and Georgian provinces) still independent.
Ultimatum by Russia to crush any resistance to Russian
conquests by termo-nuclear weapons did minimize Georgian
ability to destroy all Russian invaders, but resulted in USA
help to Poland and Baltics with symbolic defence.
Russia is furrious - Polish government is murdered and Putin
Russia is not going defend itself but overcome any nation - CIS
and Europe by more mass and superior strategic weapons!

Russia will go for "Star Wars" against the rest of the World -
after USA abandoned their own programs, being hit for such
possibility by 9/11 by Russian proxies, Russia was working on
"Star Wars" of its own and now is ready to go for it!

Russia is also enlarging and making army more capable to conquer neighboring nations - more proffessionally canning, treacherous, deadly and inhuman - to expand Russia!

To insure loyalty of army of conquerors - more paying, housing
and "unitazen", like those they stole from Georgian villages in 2008.
Is Putin to invade all Former USSR and Eastern Europe and to steal more "unitazen" for Russian "gospodin officer"?

Whole set of reforms for military industrial complex, and intellectuials and scientists.
Improve pride and pay for creative Russian "wonderkinds"?

Is Russia going to return to me all priorities and hundreds billions in royalties they expropriated, some with USA partnership?
Including consepts, solutions and algorithms of:
1947 "Contract with the people"?
Logical arrays with smiconductor releys, PAL, guts of computers and electronics?
Fast computer processors, starting with Math Co-Processor?
Memory compression for computers and communications?
Political and historic contribution to the World?
Number of kidnapping by Russia and Quislings of USSR Babilon and with USA agencies and corporation, using also hypnotists and nazi medications to block memory, while stealing a lot of ideas and other forms of intellectual property?
Just to name a few...

Or Russia is going to be even more prizing itself lying race of theafery "sramnaya i bogohul'naya predatel'skaya suka"?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 20, 2012 21:34
Before Stalin died, specially wen they put him under house arrest
in 1947, he used to tell his surrounding of ethnic Russians that
were cutting his communications with non-Russians since
childhood by Zcarist secret police:
- "When I will die or you will do me in, what will happen to you
and to your country?
You are mediocre people, Russians."
They answered him after 1947:
- "Don't worry!
We already working on that child that offered
"Contract with the people" but denied us, we'll brake him and
we'll suck his brain and soul out for Greatness and Glory of

They didn't brake me, I denying them and you all my life - but they do not care!
I always told them:
- "You can read what I will publish, if any, like anybody also,
but I give no permission to plagiarize - you will only fail!"

The lying degenerates stealing what I write here too and add to it perversion of my ideas stolen from my day and night elucite dreams under hypnosis - they lying to their superiors, including Putin's bosses, that I do not know what I dream about and it is like revalation from "Guide of Vikings" they must steal.

I do remember everything!
Putin and other Russian leaders (USA too) making speaches out of it and writing articles, they even using my wordings from disconnected "dreams":
Putin's "Budem mochit' v tualetah" was stolen from my thought
about an American movie about a terrorist, waisted while
holding an A-bomb button in a crowded place - I just thought that
if many people could be killed, they probably would kill terrorist
with finger on the button even in toilet - the next day Putin
said it with an opposit meaning - to conquer neighbours for
Russia and brutally kill them, perverting all my writing on
Internet and letters to UN!

The degenerates arround my neighbourhood doing it all the
Last time I wrote some solutions for ballance of power and in
addition they read few broken parts of tyhoughts about it and some other things - Putin included it in his last speaches and
Even some catchy wordings!

It is total treachery!
The degenerates think that they can plagiarize, pervert just
ideas and thoughts, betray the World, including USA, starting
from neighbouring nations repopulation by Russians and
gloriously stay in power.

Not only Russia overturned most important of God's 10 commandments - covenant with Heavens not to plagiarize,
corrupting with it the Glob since 1947, they also betray their
own country stealing from my writings mixed with incomplete
thoughts of mine and perverting it to destruction of their own
Russia and your own USA!

by: Anonymous from: USA
February 20, 2012 09:50
Just more election pandering. Putin is obviously nervous about Syrian-style protests taking hold in Russia. Even if Russia spends $800 billion on its military, it's just more that can be stolen by the corrupt bureaucracy. The Russian economy probably loses $800 billion every year to corrupt officials.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 21, 2012 07:48
Bureaucracy, government and ruling half of Russians doing it knowingly - they are lying when saying "stolen"!
They resurect Varaga race-class of feudals, while enslave-dessposses normal Russians into serfery.
It is all planed.

by: Stuart from: Washington DC
February 20, 2012 14:05
We will see if this actually happens. You can keep up to date by going to the blog

by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
February 20, 2012 21:15
Just finished reading this ponderous manifesto, and if I didn't know better, would say that the author was Dmitry Rogozin. Agree, lots of pre-election pandering, and I could imagine a similar article in about a decade where the only differences are a change of dates.

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