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'Worst Journey In The World': Special Medal Awarded To Arctic Convoy Veterans

British Prime Minister David Cameron (left) meets Arctic Convoy veterans during a special medal presentation ceremony on Downing Street on March 19.
British Prime Minister David Cameron (left) meets Arctic Convoy veterans during a special medal presentation ceremony on Downing Street on March 19.


Some unsung heroes from World War II finally got the recognition they deserved this week when they received a newly created award from British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Around 40 British veterans were presented with the freshly minted Arctic Star medal during a special ceremony at 10 Downing Street on March 19.

Cameron described the award to the veterans as acknowledgement of the role they had played in "the most important struggle of the last 100 years" by risking their lives as part of convoys carrying vital supplies on perilous Arctic sea routes to the Soviet Union.

Between 1941 and 1945, 78 Arctic convoys brought more than 4 million tons of provisions and munitions to the U.S.S.R. These deliveries played a crucial role in the Soviet war effort.

More than 1,400 merchant ships and naval vessels participated in the convoys to the ports in Arctic Russia, which Winston Churchill once described as “the worst journey in the world.”
The Arctic convoys ran the gauntlet of German blockades to bring supplies to the Russian ports of Murmansk (pictured) and Arkhangelsk.The Arctic convoys ran the gauntlet of German blockades to bring supplies to the Russian ports of Murmansk (pictured) and Arkhangelsk.
The Arctic convoys ran the gauntlet of German blockades to bring supplies to the Russian ports of Murmansk (pictured) and Arkhangelsk.
The Arctic convoys ran the gauntlet of German blockades to bring supplies to the Russian ports of Murmansk (pictured) and Arkhangelsk.

Besides braving frozen seas and harsh weather conditions, the sailors also had to contend with attacks from German dive bombers and U-boat torpedoes.

Sailing was particularly dangerous in the summer months when the perpetual daylight of the Arctic Circle meant that the ships could never take advantage of traveling under cover of darkness. This was particularly true in the case of the disastrous PQ17 convoy, which lost 24 out of 35 ships in July 1942.

Altogether, more than 100 convoy ships had perished by the time the war ended and more than 3,000 lives were lost.

Campaigners had been pushing since the 1990s for the efforts of the convoy sailors to be formally recognized, and Britain’s ruling Tory party had pledged in opposition to introduce a special medal when in government, but it is only now that the Arctic Star has finally become a reality.

Ninety-two-year-old Commander Eddie Grenfell said he “was pleased but not delighted” to have belatedly received an award for his contribution to Britain’s war effort.

"As soon as David Cameron came to power, I reminded him of the promise. Only now has he got around to doing it,” he told "The Daily Mail." “In the meantime, God knows how many of my Arctic convoy chums have died waiting. All because we were waiting for these bloody politicians who have never heard a shot in their lives to make up their minds.”

PHOTO GALLERY: Allied Arctic convoys to Russia during World War II
  • An "Arms For Russia" propaganda poster from World War II
  • Escorts and merchant ships at the Icelandic port of Hvalfjord before setting sail for Russia in July 1942.
  • A motorboat from the "HMS Trumpeter" is assisted through ice by a Russian naval tug upon the British ship's arrival at Kola Inlet near Murmansk.
  • A Fairey Albacore airplane with wings folded warms up before taking off on a three-hour patrol to protect a combined British and American convoy to Russia.
  • The view from the bridge of the Royal Navy cruiser "HMS Sheffield" as she battles heavy seas while escorting a convoy to Russia in February 1943.
  • The destroyer "HMS Opportune" in rough Arctic seas while accompanying a convoy near Russia.
  • Able Seaman Thomas B. Day standing on the ice-encrusted deck of the "HMS Belfast" in November 1943.
  • A motorboat from the "HMS Trumpeter" works its way through ice after the carrier's arrival at Kola Inlet.
  • A convoy of merchant ships passes through pack ice en route to Russia in 1943. An escort destroyer can be seen in the background.
  • British and Soviet pilots in Arctic Russia after the arrival of the first convoy from Britain in September 1941.
  • Crew members of the "HMS Victorious" move torpedoes while taking part in an operation to cover a Russian convoy.
  • An underwater detonation erupts next to the "HMS Ashanti" in September 1942. 
  • Ice forms on a signal projector on the cruiser "HMS Sheffield" on an Arctic convoy to Russia.

-- Coilin O’Connor
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by: Gregory Allen Leeds from: Lewes Delaware,U.S.
March 21, 2013 16:51
At Delaware Community and Technical College(DTCC) Owen's campus in Georgetown Delaware years ago, a veteran of the merchent fleet had a presentation pertaining to this operation and was the author of a book describing what actually happened to their Russian counterparts who had helped them in unloading the supplies and logistical details in helping the Russian people defeat the Nazi's and the Axis(Italy and Japan) powers. Almost to a person, they were all executed by Stalin's henchmen in order to silence them about the United States commitment to help the Russian people, NOT their communist overlords. Putin's recent attempt to rehabilitate Stalin's image to Russian school children within text book's will meet with the same fate.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 23, 2013 03:55
Are you Russian race-propaganda proxy that make us believe:
"Russian people defeated Nazis and Axes (Italy and Japan)"?
Italy and Japan defeated by US, even "Manchurian" defeat
Was result of it. "Russia" hated Stalin for passing all guns
To Chinese people, instead of Ivan grabbing China lands.

As for war in Europe, ethnic Russians - "white" and "red",
Helped bring Hitler to power - kill Caucasian Civilization,
For being a race with Caucasian noses, intelligent heads
And eyes "Jew sized by Jews" - as they put it. All nations
Of USSR, now Common Wealth, defeated Nazi invasion.

Not only Russia coordinated with Hitler 1930-th pogroms,
Contrary to work of lead by Stalin "Parliament of Nations"
And honest part of ethnic Russia - they disarmed armies,
The mixed ethnically divisions and sabotaged war efforts.
Siberian units and Moscow leaders refused to fight Nazis.

Stalin was alone. Disarmed Ukrainians fought to the end,
So did a regiment, 800 men from Kazakhstan at Moscow,
So did Moscow "Home Guard", by using outdated means,
So did all non-Russians. After Christmas Russians joined,
Because Nazis gave genocide to Russia instead of Czars.

"executed by Stalin... ...silence... ...(USA commit)...
Russian people, not... ...communist overlords..."? - What?
I witnessed who was silencing who, as Russian lying pups
Arrested me again in 1947 and brought to KGB, at age 4.
Day before grandmother was made read me a witch story.

It was a picture of witch "Baba Yaga" with a too long nose.
They brought me the "caricature" of Churchill and Truman,
Later it was printed in newspapers. Hypnotists were noisy,
Jumping and laughing around and screaming "Baba Yaga"!
"Evil American and British"! "Ugly noses"! - till head buzzing.

When I laughed, they ran away and through half open door
Their boss brought two young enough men, British and US
Diplomats. "Georgians, and others, including Stalin - boors!
They hate Authorities! They hate your British and USA best!
Only we Russians respect you and your leaders!" I sobered:

"They are lying, the Russians!" and I explained them set-up,
But before I finished - the KGB boss took them out the door.
In next few days I was sentenced to death - with my mother,
Stalin put under house arrest, Russians provoked Cold War.
Many were silenced, but not by Stalin, by evil Russian pups.

As the "overlords", the Moscow's elite of Varagas-Prussakas,
They started kill children long before that, They killed me too,
In 1943, I was 6 month, saved by USA antibiotics. "Sobakas",
Russian-Prussian extraction, killed me in 1946 - as Moscow
Started to kill non-Russian children. In 1947 Stalin saved us.

Being under house arrest, he sent a word to me and mother,
To leave, as other children, from Russia-Moscow jurisdiction
To non-Russian national republics, the same year on Parade
Of "Russian Revolution" he took on tribune Russian children
And told to world: "We don't kill children, they are our Future!"

"rehabilitate Stalin... children... ...will meet the same"?
I was victim of assassination attempts all life - playing games?
Russians killed 2-3 millions children since end of WW2 - liars!
Mostly non-Russians. It would be much more, if not Stalin way
Of advisory even under house arrest, and help of all republics.

There is some truth in your insinuated lying, thought, - indeed,
If Russia would "rehabilitate Stalin", under their lying conditions,
Pin crimes of ethnic Russia on Stalin it means let them proceed,
Killing people, non-Russians - as Varaga-Prussaka "seditions"!
Rehabilitate democrat Stalin, not escape goat of Ivan's crimes!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 24, 2013 09:10
Berezivsky died. Even if they wouldn't be able find the reason,
It was probably another plausible deny-ability assassination.
Usually there are all kind of people, closing on the target.
Symbols of transformation of USSR into CIS are dying,
Also reporters, non-Russian leaders and opponents.
I started call for transformation and independence,
They killed my mother 7/7/12, CIA assassins used.
They destroying me too, it's only matter of accident.
Berezovsky, first CIS secretary, Russia's bewitched,
As they bewitched and killed Eltcin, now also killed.
Bellow parts of my complaint for killing my mother:

{...for “Freedom of Speech” on internet, letters to UN, other entities, criticizing Russian aggression in Georgia and other countries...
...during August of 2008, I alerted Senator John McCain, UN and others to holt Russian advance. Russia retaliated by even larger number of assassination and health attempts against me and my mother...
...Russians use to expropriate from me intellectual property and involve US buyers of stolen goods... ...using affiliation with CIA and other government entities and miss-representing them.
They used in all apartments, I was residing, “NLW“-type ultrasound, infrasound, subliminal, harassment, death threats and so on.
Lately they added more “low-level” bacteriologic and poisonous approach.
I hoped USA government entities will not get involved in such crimes against creators of intellectual property and against Freedom of Speech.
As part of blackmail, they also were killing my mother, Aida Volman, for many years.
A decade ago, in Santa Monica, my mother complained... officials.
I was a witness of the machine that was used on second floor, over her head, that made her sick. The operator of the machine refused to stop it, saying they have right to steal from me ideas
for America plagiarists , but my mother was somehow in the way, so they did it to her.
For complaining they retaliated - they gave her a stroke. I called emergency, they refused to take her in hospital of my choosing and brought her to John’s hospital.
She was given deliberately medications against epilepsy, she didn’t have, to put her in coma. Only by an accident I found out and stopped medication. She started to loose her memory.
The neighboring houses in Santa Monica were families of individual from USSR, his mother and ant. He broke in my apartment in old country and stole papers with concepts,
solutions and algorithms for logic arrays, “PAL”. The whole
graduation year of University went to USA with him to patent it.
The same things continued in present apartment, that I was renting with my mother. Management of the building didn’t react,
if I complained.
Since about a year ago, Russians in the apartment building ,
6510 La Mirada Ave, openly blackmailed to kill my mother. The nurses came without my request and gave her a hard to threat pneumonia-like virus. Emergency virtually kidnapped my mother and brought her to Burbank hospital, “Providence”. They demanded my mother to die... name of CIA and Government... ...if I refuse be their plagiarized slave.
Some nurses even said that they were afraid for themselves, if they wouldn’t follow the instigator's order. I was there fighting for her life, one time I stopped nurse that applied wrong procedure that almost killed her. I saved her that time.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 24, 2013 09:13
When I brought her back home, the blackmailers threatened me that they would use on me CIA methods of “recruitment” to make me slave, or also they would kill my mother. They also said they would ask permission of Georgian President do it to me. About 20-th of June, 2012, the Russian nurse barged again and my mother got again bad infection. I tried to get her myself to Cedar Sinai Hospital, but they learned about it and shut-off elevator in the building, to facilitate another “kidnapping”, being very rude and bringing her to “Presveterian” hospital in Los Angeles.
Just before they got my mother sick again, a Russian from Vienna wrote on “Radio Free Europe” Forum anti-American staff, (and threats to shoot Putin and Americans) than replied in each case,
in the next paragraph, that it was I, Konstantin, that wrote the comment, miss-representing myself under his name.
Another provocateur, probably also from Russia, in the hospital, verbally demanded to kill my mother, because I and her were
“anti-American enemy“.
I protested, but I even didn't read the comments they insinuated, yet, because I was taking care of my mother, those days.
Only after they murdered my mother I got to read it!
My mother got better on 5-6 July of 2012. I believed she would survive.
Probably the same individual, or alike, used my Biorhythms. The last two days they made me believe that everything would be OK, to low my guards.
Since night of 6-7 July, 2012, they killed her by putting food
tube into her lungs.
Any idiot can use biorhythms, if he is that evil, but in such situation one forget about this things, no defense from treachery - they stub me when I less expected it.
They still preventing me to file complain to District Attorney Office and police by death threats, immobilizing my health, using NLW and Hypnotists, trying to shrink my arteries (Russia did it to me since childhood), to make arrhythmic or stop heart, inflicting strokes and hitting my bladder, preventing me from going away
for too long - to file a complaint.
They still doing it - trying stop my housing assistance, using my biorhythm’s bad days to schedule inspections, to provoke an argument, while cutting-off my building entry phone...
Their canning is endless...

In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 26, 2013 03:37
Last few weeks, increasingly, stronger hypnotists coming to my
apartment building. "Relatives" on my mother side, killed by
Russians with help of CIA and possibly British, 7/7/2012, calling
to ask how I am doing, and if there is a theme to respond,
I suddenly turn rude, forced by quite strong hypnosis.
List two times, since Berezovsky death, I turned rudely on

Sure unjust transferring of small fraction of stolen by Russia
wealth from CIS to Russians, is complicit.
Russians confiscated, illegally and phony, USSR wealth, became
"Oligarchs" of Russia.
Berezovsky's funds meant to help CIS nations in need,
as a small fraction of stolen by Russia loot from non-Russians,
since he was a first CIS Secretary.
The robbed Berezovsky's death is also looks complicit, so far.
Nevertheless, I didn't have to be rude, as Russians and probably
British hypnotists in this building force it upon me, while my
enemies-spies probably make audio recordings.

I am not Berezovsky - I do not have any obligations to Russia,
or to anybody on this planet.
I am not going to agree with the frame-ups
(as do Jews, submitting to be eaten by order from Russia)!

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