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Putin's Top Parliamentary Foe Faces Expulsion

Gennady GudkovGennady Gudkov
Gennady Gudkov
Gennady Gudkov

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Gennady Gudkov: From Kremlin-Loyal KGB Veteran To Opposition Leader

As a KGB veteran and former member of the United Russia faction, the portly, mustachioed Gennady Gudkov was very much a creature of Vladimir Putin's system. That is, until he went rogue and joined the opposition.
One of Russian President Vladimir Putin's most vocal parliamentary critics has said that prosecutors have formally asked lawmakers to expel him from the chamber.

Gennady Gudkov of the A Just Russia party said he has received a copy of a letter from the Prosecutor-General's Office circulated among parliamentary groups in the pro-Kremlin Duma which he says is urging legislators to "consider prematurely terminating the powers of...Deputy Gennady Gudkov."

There was no immediate comment from the prosecutors themselves.

Federal investigators have already been looking into a controversial property deal Gudkov admits he was involved in in Bulgaria.

Gudkov insists he pulled out of that business by the time he joined parliament in 2001 and therefore broke no federal rules.

Gudkov was a vocal supporter of last winter's mass protests against Putin's rule.

Based on reporting by AFP and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
September 02, 2012 19:04
Hillary will be crying over his expropriation. US is biggest sponsor of terrorism.

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