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Russia To Launch New Islamic TV Channel

The channel will be dedicated to broadcasting in the Russian language about Islamic topics for Russia's Muslim population.
The channel will be dedicated to broadcasting in the Russian language about Islamic topics for Russia's Muslim population.

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Following Mufti Attacks, Tatar Officials Seek To Control Narrative

In the wake of two separate terrorist attacks against leading pro-Kremlin Islamic figures in the Tatarstan capital, Kazan, the authorities have advised the media to quote only seven officially approved experts on all issues related to "Islamic life in the republic."
By RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir Service
MOSCOW -- Russia plans to establish a new Islamic television channel for the country's Muslims in August.

The deputy chairman of the Russian Muslim’s Religious Directorate for European Regions, Damir Mukhitdinov, told RFE/RL that the new channel’s name will be Al-TV.

He said it would be dedicated to broadcasting in the Russian language about Islamic topics for Russia's Muslim population.

A public religious council consisting of leading Kremlin-backed Islamic clerics will oversee the channel’s activities.

The plans for the new Islamic television channel were announced a week after Mufti Ildus Faizov of Russia’s mainly Muslim republic of Tatarstan was injured in a car bombing and his former deputy and close associate Valiulla Yakupov was shot dead near his house in Kazan.
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by: Jack from: US
July 26, 2012 14:52
Look for me on the forum of this new channel's website, where I will continue my crusade against peaceful Wahhabi activists and NATO minions.

by: Anonymous
July 26, 2012 16:24
very very good idea

Russia must be promoter
of a new Islam !

An Islam integrated into a multiethnic and multireligious society

with REAL principles of tolerance and fraternity .

Russian policy could also promote the creation
of a center of Islamic power

something that does not exist in the islamic world

something that looks like the "pope of Rome" or "Patriarch of Moscow"

A center of religious power
able to dialogue with the center of political power

avoiding fragmentation of Islamic world
where everyone can go his own way
and proclaim its own truth
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by: Anonymous
July 27, 2012 13:56
Russia has no choice. Muslim Chechnya alone costs Russia more resources than any other war. Russia faces a choice: either be destroyed by Muslims regions' separation (which Russia occupies right now) from Russia or adapt and accept Koran and Sunna of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). In the nearest future I see more mega-Mosques built in Russia. Islam is a very good organized religion where people are required to wash and pray 5 times a day.
Eid Al-Fitr in Moscow:
In Response

by: Anonymous
July 27, 2012 22:59
you don't understand

I do not speak about hatred and destruction
of conquest and conversion

I do not speak about those things
that like so much
to those uncivilized islamic that is so easy to hate

I speak of a new Islam inspired by society and Russian politics.

in the name of to live in peace !

That islam about which you speak, based on the contrast
on idea of supremacy
is good only for the Arab countries
not for russian fed .

Russians can build this
if they use their experience
in the relation with orthodox church
and political power
In Response

by: Anonymous
July 28, 2012 18:22
I do understand, under "new" Islam there is Islam which will take over anyway. Either grant Muslim countries independence or face slow growing spread of Islam in Russia.
In Response

by: Anonymous
July 29, 2012 16:12
this is exactly your problem

and of all islam

by: Jack from: US
July 27, 2012 16:39
like US government mandates cable TV providers in US to carry Black Entertainment Tv channel (BET) for blacks. Albeit no black person ever watches BET channel
In Response

by: American Troll
July 29, 2012 21:30
I'm not black, but I watched plenty of BET in the 90s when Janet Langhart was in her prime. Suffice to say that Cohen's a lucky guy.

by: Mamuka
July 28, 2012 04:46
One has to admit that Russia has a longer history of relations with Muslim peoples than any other European power. Sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad, but Russia is still around and maybe the rest of the non-Islamic world can learn something.
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by: Jack from: US
July 28, 2012 13:48
indeed Russian people have a lot of experience doing the right thing with Muslims. US government does exactly opposite. Instead of confronting and exterminating the evil, US government appeases Muslims and sponsors Muslim terrorists
In Response

by: Anonymous
July 29, 2012 14:15
Jack you don't want to anger 1.5 billion people. You called them terrorists for 10 years in a row. Even a most restrained person will react after 10 years of abuse. So, the Islamic world is waking up.
By the way, you finance Kadyrov so he can impose Islamic Law in his province. Do some research my Ruski friend and see that another, larger, mosque is being built in Ingushetia with the taxpayer moneys.

by: sujath ali from: india kkl
July 28, 2012 18:42
very very good idea & russia like peace.
only one way to peace thats islam
In Response

by: Anonymous
July 29, 2012 02:01
Yep, Russians drink a lot. Islam should stop the destruction of Russians. Sober Russians are better people.

by: perry from: indonesia
July 31, 2012 07:41

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