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Russian, Spanish Soccer Associations Fined Over Euro 2012 Racism

One of the games at issue involved Italy and its black striker, Mario Balotelli.
One of the games at issue involved Italy and its black striker, Mario Balotelli.
The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)  has fined the Russian association 30,000 euros ($38,000) and the Spanish association 20,000 euros ($25,000) over racist incidents involving Russian and Spanish fans at the Euro 2012 championship held in Poland and Ukraine.

Both associations can appeal the rulings.

Spain was fined after fans sang racist chants and engaged in other objectionable behavior during a Spanish match against Italy in Gdansk on June 10. The game featured Italy's black striker, Mario Balotelli.

Russia was fined for similar racist behavior by fans during Russia’s match against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw on June 8. The Czech team included black player Theodor Gebre Selassie.

Croatia’s soccer association was earlier fined 80,000 euros ($101,000) by UEFA over racist abuse directed at Balotelli during the Croatia-Italy match.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP, and dpa
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by: Anonymous
June 29, 2012 09:53
hope that the "underdog" Italy wins and Balotelli strikes at least one goal. could silence some of the racists in Italy and would show to the Spaniards (fans) and many others that the Italian team is a great team.
none the less, che vinca il migliore!

these methods fines though do not impact that much on the people. disciplinary actions, anti-racist education, and maybe some teams addressing the issue with the people involved might be more efficient.
in addition, more radical methods like cameras and close shots of the ones insulting players, their images published on screens during games, in newspapers after games would be more appropriate as deterrence. (not very nice, of course, but in some case, it's the understanding of the meaning of a rule or the fear of punishment that makes people change their behaviour.
yet, obviously, both raising of awareness and the development of understanding and the avoidance of punishments are clearly preferable

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