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Russia Unveils Monument To 'Polite People' Behind Crimean Invasion

The unveiling of the "polite people" monument in Belogorsk on May 6.
The unveiling of the "polite people" monument in Belogorsk on May 6.

Russia's first monument honoring the "polite people" behind last year's armed annexation of Crimea has been erected in the Far Eastern city of Belogorsk.
Veterans, residents, and a phalanx of local officials gathered amid a May 6 snowfall for the unveiling of the life-size statue, which depicts a heavily armed, insignia-free soldier holding a cat.

The monument, cast from 400 kilograms of Chelyabinsk iron, is reportedly based on an image by TASS photographer Aleksandr Ryumin of a soldier in Crimea handing an orange-and-white cat to a young boy.
A boy attending the Belogorsk unveiling was asked to pose with his arms outstretched toward the soldier, whose stance is otherwise suggestive of a man dumping a cat into a wastebasket.

Unlike the soldier in the original, Belogorsk's "polite person" is unmasked, a detail that didn't pass unremarked on social media:

Stanislav Melyukov, the mayor of Belogorsk and the mastermind behind the project, says he hopes the monument will become a major tourist attraction. The city has already laid special decorative tiles around the statue and installed a video surveillance system to discourage vandalism.
The memorial is a tribute to the armed men in unmarked olive-drab uniforms who entered Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in February 2014, seizing control of airports, administration buildings, and other key structures in a purported effort to "protect" the territory's majority-Russian population from Ukrainian unrest.
The soldiers, originally referred to as "little green men," were later given the "polite people" moniker in an attempt to improve their image. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted the men were Russian troops only after Crimea had been annexed following a widely criticized public referendum.

Asked if Belogorsk had been too hasty in immortalizing a particularly controversial chapter in Russia's recent history, Mayor Melyukov said the statue was a matter of patriotism, not current events.
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reportedly has thrown his support behind erecting a second "polite person" monument in Moscow.

-- Daisy Sindelar

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by: Jack from: US
May 07, 2015 18:16
President Putin should also liberate Ukraine from Washington-appointed stooges and then liberate Poland. I know for a fact Polish people want to re-unite with Russia and free themselves from being minions of Washington
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by: Brent from: 30000 feet above the Eart
May 07, 2015 21:24
What planet do you live on? Polish people want nothing to do with Russian "liberation". They had enough of it in 1939. The Ukrainian people have suffered with "Russian liberation" for centuries and it cost millions of them their lives.

Back on your meds "Comrade Jack"!!!
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by: Czakryd from: Usa
May 08, 2015 00:52
Russian once liberate Poland and enslaved for 50 years ,Poland want to be free
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by: Mamuka
May 08, 2015 12:03
I nominate this for "Jack's Most Insane Post Ever."
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by: jw from: S.D.
May 09, 2015 16:59
this web site spews BLATANT anti-Russian propaganda.

this kind of propaganda is simply incredible since it is financed by the U.S. federal budget. U.S. was going to planning to open a digital media department for "countering the disinformation in the Russian mediasphere" through social networks, with a request for funding having already been submitted by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the state organization that controls RFE/RL.

so, there you go -- you are BUSTED!
you are U.S. government propaganda site!!

by: Robert Scott from: Salt Lake City
May 07, 2015 21:19
Excuse me while I gag....

by: Brent from: 30000 feet above Earth
May 07, 2015 21:27
What are the next planned Russian monuments?
1) Russians clad in balaclavas loading Tatar citizens into vans?
2) Russians burning books in Crimea?
3) Sergei Aksyonov's armed stooges taking over privately held Crimean companies for their own?
4)Half empty Crimean beaches?
5) Russian soldiers shooting a BUK missile at a civilian airliner?
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by: keter from: U.S.
May 08, 2015 22:38
..."last year armed annexation of Crimea"... - author of that article is either confused or lying. There was NO armed and definitely no annexation. Russian military is in Krym since 1771, (that is, if not mistaken, 5 years before our Declaration of independence). When USSR dissolved by the end of 1991 (Ukra. declared independence a few month before Dec.91), Crimeans, illegally administratively attached to Ukra. by Ukrainian Chruscev, clamored also for their OWN independence, through their 1st referendum early 92. New Russian pres. Elcin was not interested, however agreement was reached between new Ukra. government and new Russian government, permitting Russians their naval & other mil. facilities including presence of slightly over 22,000 soldiers and heavy mil. equipment, incl. of course ships. Ukra. also agreed to return all nuclear weapons on their territory to Russia and give Krym a special "federal" status. For that Ukra. received 30% to 50% discount on Russian gas & oil (fact utilized by subsequent Ukra leaders for their personal enrichment ). When Crimeans went to their polls 2nd time in 2014, they have repeated in great majority (over 90%) their desire to get re-attached back to Russia. During such election some of the already present Russian military (little green men) were commissioned to observed if Ukra. military, also stationed there would not interfere with the people's election. Ukra. army was NOT interfering, in fact, later, when Russian parliament graciously
accepted Crimean people demands, most of the proper Ukra. mil. people did not return to newly fascist Ukra./ Kyjev.
There was no shooting no death no coercion! What a difference when Ukra. army with the help of appx. 1.500 US.UK. Cnd soldiers/advisers are murdering Ukra. people of Novorossija, who also happen not want to live in country restoring admiration of Nazis; alas Kyjev's hero Bandera was possibly the greatest murderer of Poles and jews; incidentally Polish government signed non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1934; Polish ambassador Lipsky was offering Hitler the service of Polish army to subdue those nasty Czech, just before Munich; and at the same time offering to build mighty statue of Hitler in Poland if he resolves Polish "jewish" problem! Also Ribbentrop was offering Poland whole of Ukraina if they join German push against Russia! Finally Brent visit Krym, hopefully you get to the overpopulated beaches in season, but ask people what do they think!! oh, talk to Tartars, Greeks and Germans, all happily living there=happy they finally are where they always wanted to be- just wish that other people, as in former Yugoslavia, had the same referendum possibility!
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by: V. V. from: Donbas
May 13, 2015 00:16
Your liar nazi commie ~ like Putin terrorist there was no Russia or Moscow only Kiev Rus Ukraina 1st so therefore Russia is a traitor nothing was theres its all stolen from others ungrateful criminals not polite to wear masks, carry guns & invade others; ie.
Russian soldiers quit over forced Ukraine fighting.
Russian soldiers are reportedly quitting the army because they've been sent fight in the Ukraine, despite the Kremlin insisting their soldiers are not being dispatched over the border. Though there are repeated signs of a Russian military presence in Ukraine, such as army equipment, Vladimir Putin has consistently denied it. New reports from Reuters have cast further doubt on their assertions, after the news agency spoke to soldiers willing to discuss quitting the army over the Ukraine conflict.

by: rdg from: kansa
May 07, 2015 22:29
Jack why don't you go back or go to Russia !

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 08, 2015 10:33
What they called polite is an evil looking cat!
Not cat, rather bloodsucking "Stervyatnik"-bat.
Its mouth full of blood - eating Ukraine in vain,
Teach kids eat little lions as packs of Hyenas,
Kill Ukrainians, cut bolls, and suck their vein.

by: Mamuka
May 08, 2015 11:58
Not as impressive as the monument to the enema down in the south somewhere... Minvodi? I'll have to google 'klyazma'

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