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Police Detain Hundreds In Moscow Market Raids

Hundreds Arrested In Moscow In Raids On Market Workersi
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July 30, 2013
Moscow police have detained hundreds of people, mainly migrant workers, in sweeping raids on marketplaces over the past three days. The crackdown followed an incident on July 27 in which a crowd attacked police who were trying to detain a suspect at Moscow's Matveyevsky Market. One of the officers sustained a severe head injury. The clash prompted the large-scale search for suspects among the workers at several markets, most of whom are migrants or ethnic minorities. (Reuters)
Moscow police have detained hundreds of mostly migrant workers in raids on city markets in the wake of an attack in which a police officer was injured.

A police spokesperson said some 470 people were detained at three markets.

On July 27, a group of police officers was attacked by two dozen people at the Matveyevsky market in western Moscow as they were detaining a man suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl.

One police officer sustained a severe head injury.

In response, police launched sweeps to check people working at city markets for involvement in crimes and offenses.

The rape suspect and a man suspected of attacking the police officer were detained.

Moscow's markets employ many migrants from other former Soviet republics and Russia's Muslim-populated North Caucasus.

Based on reporting by RIAN, Interfax, and Reuters

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