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Russian Musicians Sing Against Putin In 'White Album'

The cover of the anti-Putin
The cover of the anti-Putin "White Album" put together to protest the Russian leader's 12 years in power.
By Claire Bigg
The Russian opposition has announced a long summer break from large protest actions following its "March of Millions" rally in Moscow, with the next mass protest scheduled for October.

But that doesn't mean dissidents are going to be silent.

A collection of opposition songs was recently released in a bid to keep the protest flame burning throughout the summer months.

The "White Album," which brings together more than 230 songs critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime, is available online free of charge.

Its cover features a white ribbon, the emblem of the ongoing opposition movement to denounce elections that gave the ruling United Russia party a parliamentary majority and saw Putin return to the Kremlin for a third presidential term.

Russian rock singer Yury Shevchuk performs at a protest rally in central Moscow.Russian rock singer Yury Shevchuk performs at a protest rally in central Moscow.
Russian rock singer Yury Shevchuk performs at a protest rally in central Moscow.
Russian rock singer Yury Shevchuk performs at a protest rally in central Moscow.
While a number of prominent writers, artists, and poets have joined the protests, the project's authors, professional musicians Aleksandr Lipninsky and Vasily Shumov, say Russian singers have so far failed to make any meaningful contribution to the opposition movement.

"The 'White Album' will completely fill this gap, that's the aim," Lipninsky says. "Culture as a whole, especially music, is designed to render the social climate more healthy, to brings out lofty feelings in people."

Yury Shevchuk, the popular DDT band's lead singer and a seasoned opposition activist, is perhaps the most famous musician to have sent a song to Lipninsky and Shumov. He offered one of his latest compositions, titled "Svoboda," or freedom.

'Free Pussy Riot!'

Several songs on the album are dedicated to the all-female dissident punk band Pussy Riot, who drew the Kremlin's ire in February after staging a song critical of Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow's largest cathedral.

Three of its members, two of whom have young children, are currently in detention pending trial on charges of hooliganism that could land them in jail for up to seven years.

Rapper Syava contributed "Malyava," an ode to the jailed women:

For his part, Lipninsky says that he "would like to achieve fair elections as well as the release of the Pussy Riot members. I did not approve of their performance, but our country's Stalin-era practice of jailing people before trial -- people who are neither thieves nor murderers -- is an unacceptable leftover from this communist, Bolshevik, terrorist regime."

Anti-Kremlin punk songs have pride of place on the album, including "Vremya-X," an angry call on Russians to "wake up" and fight Putin's regime, by the punk-rock band Louna:
"Vremya-X" by Louna
"Vremya-X" by Lounai
|| 0:00:00

The "White Album" features a handful of tunes by amateur singers, including TV presenter and opposition figure Ksenia Sobchak and Artemy Troitsky, a leading rock critic and another driving force behind the album.

The project's authors are now hoping to gather enough money from voluntary contributions online to release the songs on CD.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
June 17, 2012 11:39
And the pro-putanin musicians are planning the release of the Red Album which will include The red babushkas ` cover of `The east is turning red,like the greasy greeks who beat the mighty russians,and EU Genio`s arsch`,`Ei,ukhniem` by the KGB Blues Band-only actually they are red,with the flip side featuring the Lubyanka LGBTs singing`Back in the USSR`and the latest smash by the hottest duo of EU Genio and Jack singing `My KGB-right or wrong`and kazatchok dancing,too.Sayuz nerushimii,republik chizmarskih,splatila naveki banditskaya rus,aaah,matushka maya!!!

by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
June 17, 2012 16:27
Thanks for the link. I listened to a couple, and maybe I’m too old to appreciate the rants. Do you happen to know who funded this venture? For those young Russians out there, do any of these songs resonate, and if so, which ones? Do you think these songs will result in greater civic involvement?

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 18, 2012 04:43
They are taking a break in their protest "marathone" till October :-)). It looks like the guys are not really in a hurry to put the final nail in the coffin of the bllody Putin's regime :-))).

by: oniondome
June 19, 2012 20:15
The Syava rap is great.

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