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The Politically Correct Russian Alphabet From 'Anti-Maidan' To 'Yalta'

A new Russian primer for Irkutsk schools. (Click for full-size)
A new Russian primer for Irkutsk schools. (Click for full-size)
Students in the Siberian city of Irkutsk can now learn the Russian alphabet together with a hearty helping of the new political correctness, "The Siberian Times" reported on May 5.
A pro-Kremlin group called Project Network has created a new primer to help children master the 33 letters of the Russian alphabet. The primer walks students through the letters from "A" -- for "Anti-Maidan," Ukraine's pro-Russian groups -- to "Ya" for "Yalta," with predictable stops along the way to note that "P" is for "Putin" and "R" is for "Russia."
But toddlers may wonder who is the dour man whose portrait illustrates the concept "firmness" (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov).
Or why the word "berkut" (golden eagle) is illustrated with the emblem of the disbanded Ukrainian riot police of the same name rather than a picture of a majestic bird in flight.
Or why the letter "D" is associated with the Ukrainian city of Donetsk rather than a basic Russian word like "dom" (home) or "doch" (daughter).
It is an alphabet for the moment for sure. The letter "G" stands for the Russian word for "border," illustrated by a seemingly flimsy striped border post. While the Russian letter "V" stands for the word "politeness" which is incongruously illustrated by a masked soldier, seemingly without insignias but wearing an automatic rifle over his shoulder, handing a cat to a grateful little girl.
According to the group that is distributing the posters, it is a "Polite Alphabet," named after the "polite" forces that brought about Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea in March. Project Network plans to distribute the primers to schools throughout Irkutsk this spring and bring them to other cities soon.
"Children will be taught to love the motherland, respect its people and culture," the group asserts. The letter "I" stands for the Russian word for "history" and is illustrated by a Red Army soldier hoisting the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin in the closing days of World War II.
At the same time, children will learn to recognize the logo for the Yotaphone, Russia's self-produced smart phone and that the letter "Yu" stands for the Russian name for the South Stream natural-gas pipeline.
The effort seems to mirror a campaign headed by the ruling United Russia party to develop a school course called "We Are Together" to explain the "reunification of Crimea with Russia" to schoolchildren.

-- Robert Coalson
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by: John Newcomb from: Canada
May 06, 2014 22:04
For П (P), no doubt these nationalist alphabet-makers would have chosen предатели (Predateli, Traitors) but Putin got that letter.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 09, 2014 07:58
Election 25, Yatcenuk must have open mind till new
government elected, you are lying Kozyreva!
lying Russia IN DEBT TO Ukraine trillions!
RUSSIA, Mrs. Kozyreva?
German pseudo-labor rather get part of loot of Wolf-Hitler-Putin,
annexing-enslaving Ukraine, that West relative democracy
save Ukraine from Russia.
Yatcenuk open-minded - election 25-th!
Blackmailing, lying Russian Kozyreva?
Budapest agreement meant non-allied strategically.
May 25 would be majority government! Russia poke at few
Lviv KGB-pseudo-fashists to deny all Ukraine life,
breed instead Russians!
Russia stole trillions from Ukraine!
Russia tried enslave for debt Ukraine! Maidan –
Ukraine's anger met by Russian bullets!
Few Carpathians were there too - they are too Citizens of
East Ukraine minority Nazi-Rus' (like Adyga in Abkhazia) and
Russian "3-d Force" locked-intimidate majority from 25 election!
Kozyrev lies!
Budapest agreed Ukraine non-nuclear and non-allied - that mean
free trade of Ukraine-World-CIS-EU.
Russia betray it, to make Ukraine slave of Russia.
Maidan was protest, Nazi Russia!
Putin uses official face of 2-faced Sterviatnik deny insurge,
but Russia use "3-d Force" face of Sterviatnik invade Ukraine!
Smart Putin, or maybe Putin, as Eltcin, do not realize it?
Budapest - Ukraine-EU-CIS free trade.
Russia debt to Ukraine trillions - but it steal more and invades!

by: andy from: UK
May 06, 2014 22:12
Oh come on. That's got to be a gag. You're pulling my plonker!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 07, 2014 03:34
If it is a gag, it is another way around.
It took a lot to forge something less vulgar
Than dirty Russia language spitting hate too loud.
So they employed GRU, "veselyiy i nahodchivyiy" crowd
To quiet it, but couldn't hide swine's meant of the "ugar".
First letter "Anti-Maidan" - should be "anti-Freedom";

Second "Berkut" - "medal for Russian SS";

Fourth "Border" - "Movable border post to expand Russia";

Fifth "Donetsk" - "Key position to burry Ukraine";

Six "Unification" - "Monarchists and serfs of Russia, unite to
conquer nations - to multiply slavery";

Seven "Ivan's cat on the roof" - "Russia invaders and blue flag
jumped Crimea and buildings";

Eight "life, Russian baby" - "Russia breeding on other nations,
Putin likes kiss babies zhivotiks";

Sixteen "Father" - "Kirill, father of pogrom's Black Hundreds";

Seventeen "Putin" - "Daddy of pogrom's Black Hundreds";

Eighteen "Herb of Russia" - "Double-faced Sterviyatnik looks
East to fool and eat oppressed
peoples and proletarians, looks
West to fool and eat corps of
capitalism - repopulate World by
locust of Feudal Sterviyatniks";
(will continue)

by: jojnjo from: Dublin
May 07, 2014 01:38
Polite Alphabet? More a Putinistic alphabet for a North Korean clone that will be Russia in the near future. Now he's about to ban the internet & bad language...that will be tough on his pro Russian crowd in Ukraine because they live on bad language & propaganda.

So much for his Russian song in Eurovision called "Shine" he must have wrote the words out of his new alphabet & Lavrov the music which is stale compared to Ukraine's great entry, "Tick-Tock" the catchiest song in the "Euro2014" bunch. Oh a prediction...Mariya is going to go on & win it.

by: guga from: usa
May 07, 2014 02:31
here by accident and amazed by the top level of journalism. must be for real die-hard fans of rl. in other news, I've just taken a nap

by: Anonymous
May 07, 2014 22:11
Day by day
more patetich

by: jojnjo from: Dublin
May 08, 2014 00:39
What's Vlad up to now with his announcement today, is he trying to stop the boos at Eurovision, or even trying to win same. Of course if Russia don't win, Lavrov will come out crying as he did last year that Russia was cheated on & points were stolen from them. They've become ultra great propagandists over the past few years that they even forever believe their made up lies to be the truth & will keep on vehemently preaching to the rest of us that we must believe their lies also.

Now to be more serious, he's up to something is Putin, & it ain't good. Why isn't he pulling back his troops? Why does he keep telling the Ukrainian government to not do anything to separatists who are plundering the East of Ukraine. And by telling the separatists to hold back on referendum for another while...that's proof that he was running the mayhem show from Russia himself along with Lavrov his side-kick. What ever Putin's up to re; his announcements as of today, he's up to something of no good.

by: AntiPutin from: Free World
May 08, 2014 15:11
As for Antimaidan. isn't that banksy's famous artwork and if so, do they have an artist's permission to use it?!

I doubt that very much but he who lies, steals as well, doesn't he, Putler?

by: Sasha K from: Terre Haute, IN
May 09, 2014 20:18
As Ukrainian, I am very proud how Ukrainian maidan fits in this document. Antimaidan as a first letter of the alphabet, with Banksy anti-establishment artist-as-pacifist graffiti - ironically it is no-by-intent brilliant. There is self-denial wrapped in self-delusion as a first letter of alphabet. This will become historical illustration of shame and embarrassment for future Russian generations. I am so glad to Ukrainian perspective from a side (u kraya;)
P.S.: When will new vocabulary come out? Much will need to be "politely" redefined.

by: jojnjo from: Dublin
May 10, 2014 01:44
I think Putin's call for the Pro Russian Separatists to delay their East Ukraine vote & the same separatists retort to reject same offer was all planned by Putin & them. Putin will then/now say when the vote is blackmailed through that it was the people’s decision & that he had nothing to do with it (while at the same time those opposing what's happening in the East & there are many, won't be let utter a word or debate same)

But he had plenty to do with it & still has, he's like a thief among thief's that's hiding behind the rest of the thief's although he's the chief culprit/architect of all the thieving & of course he's aiding & abetting the thieves around him (the pro-Russian separatists) to cause all the mayhem they can so as to frighten & terrorize the people who don't agree with what he's doing, & cajole & mock the Ukrainian security forces so as to lower their morale. It's a clone of his Crimea take-over to a certain extent and when the forced fake vote comes in as "Yes" to go with Russia, and then he'll send his thuggish little green men & FSB into East to do their foul work of tidying up the pieces & putting their own (Nazi) stamp as the finishing touch.

Then they (might) tackle Kyiv itself. When? (Not if?) that starts then we could be heading for all-out war that like Syria may stretch it wings to all other countries in Europe & even further than that. Putin is playing a dangerous game that may implode in on Russia as well as everywhere else it touches, the sad thing is unknown events might shape the middle & end of the story & therefore nobody will know the end plot...not even the Tin pot who started it off. If it gets to there, the world better re-learn how to pray...because nothing else may stop it at that stage & the Eurovision we are all at the moment enjoying may well not be a thought for next year or for many years forward. I predicted last year on RT that Putin may fall in 2014 or early 2015. Watch this space & watch for if time meeting time in the future agrees with me? Most likely, many things will have changed in the world by then, maybe too many?!

PS. “Shine’s” lovely peaceful lyrics like everything else that comes out of Russia will then be proved to everyone even his followers that the man ruled/lived on a gigantic “LIE”. For “Peace” never was/is/will ever be in his vocabulary

PPS. Wouldn't it be ironic if? On the same weekend Russia were to win Eurovision with the song "Shine" that Putin would move to invade the East of Ukraine? Stranger things have happened.

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