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Russian Judge Dozes Off In Court, Jails Man Anyway

Judge Yevgeny Makhno of Blagoveshchensk city court dozes off in court during a hearing in August 2012.
Judge Yevgeny Makhno of Blagoveshchensk city court dozes off in court during a hearing in August 2012.
At the city court in the Far Eastern Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, a judge who fell asleep during a hearing and played with his phone sentenced a man to five years in jail.

As seen in the two videos below, during the trial in August 2012 of Andrei Naletov on fraud charges, Judge Yevgeny Makhno can be seen dozing off during the lawyers' arguments. He can then be seen reading something on his mobile phone during the hearing.

Nevertheless, when the arguments were over, the judge didn't hesitate to find the defendant guilty and give him a five-year sentence.

Blogger and activist Vladislav Nikitenko, who posted the video of the sleeping judge, has called for Russia's Constitutional Court to throw the judge's decision out. "A verdict made on the basis of a hearing in which the judge took no interest in the court investigation and slept during the pleadings cannot be considered lawful," he said.

WATCH: In the first video, Judge Yevgeny Makhno can be seen dozing off as a lawyer presents arguments.

The Blagoveshchensk court is looking into the incident. After the court expressed doubt as to the reliability of the source of the video, Nikitenko posted the second, where Makhno plays with his phone.

WATCH: In this video, Makhno is reading something on his phone as the hearing continues.

Russia's judges are known to be compliant to prosecutors' wishes, so a quick guilty verdict is hardly out of keeping with the country's 99 percent conviction rate. So you can see why the judge may have had trouble keeping awake...

-- Dan Wisniewski
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by: C Hargreave from: Now in Asia
January 27, 2013 07:13
25 years ago I had an English Judge tell everyone in court that I dislocated my own arm in a police cell, after the police doctor left the cell. The police doctor was requested four hours earlier as my arm bone was out of socket after the police assaulted me for being too tired to stand up one night after a few drinks. the desk sergeant dropped me off at Accident and Emergency where an X-Ray proved I had my arm bone out for 7 hours. So; incompetence and carelessness is not just in Russia, where I would prefer to be born now, rather than the UK. Anyway;`fill your boots` with the anti-Russian propaganda. UK is worse than you think. The police have got away with such conduct in the UK for over three decades that I know of.

by: American Troll
January 27, 2013 11:51
25 years ago, all four of my limbs were cannibalized by an American judge. I'm typing this holding a pen in my teeth. In another American trial, the judge forced me to be gay-marriaged. Not gay at all, very sad. I dream of living in Russia instead. I will live in Naberezhnye Chelny, and I will patriotically scream and throw cabbages at anyone who calls it Yar Challi instead. God bless Russia. God bless Putin. God bless Tina Kandelaki. Pen too slobbery now, slipping out of mou
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by: jojo from: USA
January 27, 2013 14:03
I do not believe that for any reason. If that judge did that then America would have heard about it and put this judge in jail. If any judge fell asleep he would be disbarred or playing with a text. That right there is enough to remove a judge, but to have limbs cut off, c'mon...who are you fooling. That is hard to believe. I know there are judges that are not right in the brain, but the public would have had this judge removed and it would have been made public. Please!
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 27, 2013 14:36
Aaah,Trolly,and we wuz wondering why the hell you walk on your tail!!! As for you not being a gay-thats a crying shame-it means you`re not american at all!!! And your dreams of living in Russia-well we all know the russians are bad as hell but even so they dont deserve such a punishment!!!
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 27, 2013 15:02
Dear Beavus, the fact that "all four of your limbs were cannibalized by an American judge" will come as no surpirse to anyone who had the pleasure of reading your comments on previous occasions - only a cripple could have written those :-). But one really can not belive that you are "typing this holding a pen in your teeth" - in order to have teeth, one has to have a month, and to have a mouth, Beavus, one has to have a HEAD. And this where the story becomes absolutely untrustworthy: a Beavus like yourself can POSSIBLY not have a HEAD - you, guys, are just born brainless. And this is why you spent your lives letting the inept, corrupt and criminal oligarchy that governs your "country" to drag you into all those wars that you lose one after the other, and to rob from you by driving you into bankruptcy.
Cheers from Vienna, Beavus :-)!

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