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Russian TV Explains Health Benefits Of Racism

A scene from "Live Healthily." The text reads, "Don't offer drinks to members of the Mongoloid race."
A scene from "Live Healthily." The text reads, "Don't offer drinks to members of the Mongoloid race."

You always want to avoid drinking with somebody during the holiday season. Maybe it's that politically incorrect uncle of yours. Or maybe it's a nagging in-law.

The well-known host of a health show on Russian state-run First Channel has another suggestion: shun those whom she calls "people of the Mongoloid race." But it's for their own protection, of course.

The segment, titled "whom not to drink with on New Year's" begins with Yelena Malysheva, host of the program "Live Healthfully," inviting an audience member up on stage.

A man named Shukrat, who identifies himself as an Uzbekistan native, is met with hearty laughter when he explains that he "wouldn't want to drink with the police or the Federal Migration Service." 

Then Malysheva gets into the meat of her presentation, noting that Russians are "a white race, a Slavic one " and "now we will talk about what race not to drink with on New Year's."

And just so there are no misunderstandings, she adds, "There is no discrimination here, just an understanding of the physiology that makes every race different."

Shukrat then cuts in, noting that he "grew up in the Soviet Union, so I'm not a nationalist" and "can drink with black people and all people, to be honest."

Malysheva reiterates that "when we talk about who not to drink with this New Year's, we do not mean to cast scorn on anyone. We're talking about the threat to their own health."

She then turns to Dmitry Shubin, a "doctor" on her team and asks him to explain who not to drink with.

"In the interests of safety, one shouldn't drink -- no, not shouldn't but mustn't -- drink with people who come from the Mongoloid race," Shubin says, using a term to describe Asians that can be seen as derogatory. This group, he explains, includes Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and others in the Russian Far North.

Perhaps worried there may be confusion, Malysheva, using her fingers to press her own eyes together, explains that these "Mongoloids" can be identified by their narrow eyes and round facial features.

Just in case it still isn't clear, she exhibits a slideshow of Asian-looking faces to avoid when in the presence of alcohol. 

Asian face used to demonstrate "Mongoloids" on the First Channel program "Live Healthfully."
Asian face used to demonstrate "Mongoloids" on the First Channel program "Live Healthfully."

Shubin then explains the reasoning: Asians have a "genetic defect" that prevents them from properly metabolizing alcohol.

To demonstrate, he gives Shukrat and Malysheva liver-shaped containers, which are each apparently filled with black liquid (they don't actually show what's in Maysheva's container before the experiment). As they both pour alcohol into their respective livers, Shukrat's remains black. Malysheva's becomes clear.

"Mongoloid: people with narrow eyes and crescent-shaped faces -- [for them] alcohol is toxic," Malysheva says, pointing to the fake liver a perplexed-looking Shukrat is holding. "And so the first people you should never drink with on New Year's are representatives of the Mongoloid race. It is bad for them"

Research has shown that some people of East Asian descent -- about one-third according to one expert -- have a gene that causes difficulty in breaking down alcohol that could lead to long-term health consequences.

But doctors don't generally recommend that non-Asians take the matter into their own hands by excluding people of Asian ethnicity from social drinking.

In Russia itself, according to a recent study in "The Lancet" medical journal, a quarter of Russian men die before the age of 55 -- a rate far higher than the rest of Europe. And one of the chief causes is excessive alcohol consumption.

-- Glenn Kates

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by: American Tolerast
December 18, 2014 08:14
It's like an even less funny version of "Encino Man." We thawed out 140 million Stone Age people and gave them access to modern trappings like television, electric lights, and a crude understanding of genetics just so we can laugh at their poo-flinging antics. True, their access to nuclear weapons is a bit of a downside, but they'll probably drink themselves to death first. Fortunately they forgot how to procreate.
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by: eugah from: USA
December 18, 2014 15:49
Sounds about right, but Americans shouldn't laugh too hard in the wake of Ferguson.
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by: American Tolerast
December 19, 2014 00:09
And here's a senior Russian cop talking about how Ferguson should be studied as a model for dealing with "angry Muslims".

Ferguson is to this fascist regime as Dresden was to the last one: They're shaming us for sinking to their level. In fairness, its worthy of shame. Watching these Ferguson cops dressed like and behaving like OMON stormtroopers, I could only think, "Putin could sure use these guys."
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by: Kenn from: US
January 02, 2015 03:06
Ferguson had to do with alleged Police Brutality , but after the Fact came out, it wasn't. its not about race

and i never heard anyone say not to drink with a different Race

Russian neo-Nazis at around 85,000 in 2008

In a chilling warning, the New Republic’s “Russia expert,” Julie Ioffe, said yesterday that “there’s quite a bit of violence against people considered to be black” in Russia, raising fresh fears about the safety of Olympic athletes, visitors and media attending the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Ioffe warned that nowhere in Russia is safe for a person of color to visit, outside of Moscow’s city center.

Racism is a Problem, everywhere , by shifting blame elsewhere is counterproductive

by: Ray Finch from: Lawrence, KS
December 18, 2014 15:53
Do Russians really watch this garbage? Nice to discover that Americans aren't the only people exposed to such vapid, insipid and tasteless drek on early morning talk shows. It's no wonder we/they drink so much!

by: Zao
December 18, 2014 21:02
These affirmations in this "show" make me so sad :((
Also the kid in the picture is adorable.

by: JLNancy
December 19, 2014 09:41
Whatever spin is put on it – the point here is that >

Yes, it’s very blatant racism.

But I don’t think many viewers in Russia care. And to whom would one complain anyway?

It’s kinda like the time Russian Putin-supporters kept flashing a lightshow-silhouette on a Moscow gov’t bldg of U.S. Pres Obama eating a banana.

Perhaps, at its core, these *insensitivities* are just all part and parcel of *ruscism* (in Russian –rashizm)

“a popular unofficial name for the political ideology and social practice of the Russian ruling regime at the beginning of the 21st century, based on the idea of *seniority over the fraternal nation*, its *special civilization mission”; totalitarianism and soviet union type imperialism; utilization of Russian Orthodoxy as a moral doctrine along with geopolitical instrumentation, starting with - energy carriers….” (from

So now,

“…Let *us* show you what *those others* look like and why…so then *you* know how they, uh, consume alcohol. And stay away from *them*. *We* only want to be helpful. XA-XA"

by: bird from: USA
December 19, 2014 13:18
I wonder how large a percentage of the premature deaths of Russian men are European (Russian) or are Asian (Mongoloid) Russian?

by: Alex from: Brussels
January 05, 2015 00:15
The autor of this article is dishonnest and/or do not understand russian. First Malysheva recommend not to drink at all.But if there are occasion to drink, people of Mongoloid race have to avoid to drink because alcool is not well assimilted by Mongoloid people and the result is that they get drunk very quick and have headache.It is well known by people working in pharmaceuticlas that medical trials give different results in different countries.There is nothing racist about that.Even the reaction of body is different with people living in altitude.
The problem of Glen Kates is that in his hate of Russia he had to be dishonest and misinform his readers.

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