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Russian Election Report Concludes U.S. Vote Will Be Neither Free Nor Fair

U.S. citizens vote in the presidential election at Carleton Middle School in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
U.S. citizens vote in the presidential election at Carleton Middle School in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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By Claire Bigg
The U.S. presidential election will be neither free nor fair, and President Barack Obama will win a second term in office thanks to an election campaign marred by violations.

That's according to a new report commissioned by Russia's Central Election Commission, widely seen as retaliation for Washington's own criticism of the Russian electoral process.

The report, released just hours before voting stations opened in the United States, was penned by a group of Kremlin-friendly nongovernmental organizations.

The current U.S. vote, it concludes, falls dramatically short of international election principles.

"Apart from the periodicity of elections, not a single of these principles is being fully observed in the United States during these presidential elections," says Aleksandr Ignatov, the executive director of the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law, one of the groups behind the report.

The Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law is chaired by a former Central Election Commission official, Igor Borisov.

Critics say the report appears to be a response to persistent criticism of Russian elections from the U.S. government and Western monitoring groups.

"Some view it as an answer according to the tit-for-tat principle, and it truly looks like it," says Arkady Lyubarev, an expert at Russia's independent election watchdog Golos. "I don't believe this is a qualified study. I have very serious doubts that the Central Election Commission has specialists capable of correctly assessing U.S. elections. To monitor elections in any country, you have to spend time in that country and follow the process there."

Abuse Of Office

The report charges that millions of eligible U.S. voters are excluded from voting lists, including many former inmates and U.S. citizens abroad.

It also accuses Obama, and to a lesser extent his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, of abusing their office or positions to promote their candidacies.

"Candidates were not granted equal access to the media, particularly to television debates, which were held exclusively between two candidates," Ignatov says. "And we all know there were six candidates. The principle of open elections was not respected since there are no guarantees for international observers. In some states, particularly in Texas, even observers from the OSCE were threatened with criminal prosecution. The principle of free elections was not fully observed either; there were cases of abuse of administrative resources by the candidates' allies and by the candidates themselves, especially the current president, Obama."

The difficulties encountered in the United States this year by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) observers, who monitored previous U.S. elections without incident, have been quickly seized upon by Russian officials.

"It is strange why the U.S. authorities, who often accuse other countries of not being democratic enough, prefer not to notice such violations of democracy in their own country," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement last week.

'Worst In The World'

Russian elections chief Vladimir Churov has also joined the criticism, lambasting the U.S. electoral system last week as "the worst in the world."

Voting has become a particularly sensitive subject for the Kremlin, which has faced an unprecedented protest movement since the December 2011 legislative elections that gave the ruling party a comfortable majority.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the fraud allegations that sparked the protests raised "serious concern."

OSCE observers said President Vladimir Putin's election to a third term in March was also marred by "serious problems."

Claire Bigg

Claire Bigg covers Russia, Ukraine, and the post-Soviet world, with a focus on human rights, civil society, and social issues. Send story tips to​


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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 06, 2012 22:45
All this proves russian moonshine superiour to american.Anyway why waste millions of roubles on such fascinating reports-Jack and Eugenio could have told you the same for a cup of vodka and a tin of selyodka.Well maybe a copy of russian Playboy would have sufficed.
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 07, 2012 09:13
Absolutely correct, Camel, you seem to have entered one of the brightest phases of your career on this forum :-)!
Seriously speaking, what is "free", what is "fair", and most importantly: what difference does it make whether this specific vote was "free" or "fair"?
The essencial thing is that George W. Obama - now that it's clear that he's been reelected - will not be able to do anything at all in order to stop the process of the desindustrialization of the US, of the further US economic decline, will not be able to prevent further US cities (such as the already bankrupt cities of Detroit or Stockton) from going bankrupt and will of course not be able to avoid the inevitable and humuliating military defeat of the US in Afghanistan (on the top of the one they suffered in Iraq about a year ago).
All in all, chosing him over the other guy was tantamount to chosing between the continuation of the slow but steady decline of the US as opposed to undertaking some senseless and stupid George W. Bush-like actions in order to pretend "projecting strength" in this terminal stage of the US as a country that matters a little bit on the intl arena.
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 07, 2012 11:49
Aaah,My dearest genius from The eastern Reich,it seems the Bechtels got you as well as they did Konstanteen`s mother-although we all doubt he has a mother,However we ,that is all the camels from me herd quite agree with you and give you the top prize of the week for talking turkey on I-net -and its an electric cattle prod.I guess Jack will be a bit envious ,but we`ll find a consolation prize for him too-a colour poster of you to hang in his tent,or log cabin.And dont forget-If you live like russians do that will be the end of you !!! Prosit !!!

by: American Troll
November 07, 2012 12:42
Obama should emulate Putin by sobbing on camera, then ruin his spine playing mother hen to a flock of birds while thousands of Nazis goose-step in front of drunk cops who are either too terrified to do anything or actively agree with them.

Seriously, remember back in the Jurassic when we were barbarians because we "lynch Negroes"? Welcome to the renewed Orthodox Christian Slav Supremacist Fourth Reich, starring such paragons of Slavic civilization as Dyomushkin, Rogozin and Belov. Now, we're barbarians for *not* murdering dark-complexioned people. And gays. And uppity women, journalists, foreigners, lawyers, activists, Muslims, Jews, punkers, goths, emos, etc.

It still boggles my mind to say it, but I'm starting to miss the Reds.
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 07, 2012 18:46
Dear American troll,prez.Putin didnt strain his back playing mother hen,he played father cock to lady Kabayeva during a heated debate on foreign policy and he did very well compared to the state the poor girl was after the debate-all black and blue.If you want to see the victims of current american genocide you can read a book by Samantha Power-America`s genocides a problem from Hell-most of it is on the Genocide watch web site.And please dont insult barbarians comparing them to shamericans like you and your boggling beautiful mind-did you say mind -ha,bloody ha,thats the joke of the new millenium.And the reds are too good for WASP geniuses like you.We all miss you very much,too. Yours truly,Camel.

by: John Hume from: Lyons, N.J. , U.S.A.
November 07, 2012 17:08
Unfair election, absolutely. What else would you expect from a Socialist wannabe like Barack Obama. America on decline, yes and as long as the American people continue to be spineless , weak and needy, and dependent on government to tell them what to beleive, what to say, and what to do America will continue to decline. Americas founders are rolloing in thier graves as they witness America become a Socialist Oligarcy.

by: Asehpe from: Netherlands
November 07, 2012 19:14
This report shows that the art of humor has not been lost in Russia. They can still make jokes that rival the best Communist of the Russian Golden Age.

Next: Putin declares Hollywood oscars unfair and gives a list of the 'real' best movies and actors, approved by a non-partisan Russian Academy of Arts, created for this purpose.

And then: Putin decides Russia will no longer entertain the possibility of America and the EU entering the CIS, as retaliation against the pro-European pressure on the Near Abroad.

Frankly: it's the kind of thing that historians will make jokes about in the future. It's like Krushchev's famous shoe, or his claim that the USSR would soon overtake the US in terms of standard of living. Or like those encyclopedia articles about how Russia discovered the airplane, the atom bomb, and the elephant.

Russia: love it or hate it, you have to admit they know how to make themselves funny.
In Response

by: Anonymous from: USA
November 07, 2012 22:42
I'm still waiting for the Russians to form their own Olympics. Since their athletes haven't been doing as well as when the USSR existed. It must be anti-Russian bias by Olympics officials right?

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