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In Russia, Reasons To Fear Year Of The Snake

People buy plush toys in Shanghai to mark the upcoming Year of the Snake. It's unlikely that many in Russia will be following suit.
People buy plush toys in Shanghai to mark the upcoming Year of the Snake. It's unlikely that many in Russia will be following suit.
By Daisy Sindelar
Many people enjoy the fireworks and celebrations that come with Chinese New Year. Not everyone, however, is enthusiastic about the upcoming Year of the Snake, which begins February 10.

For one thing, the Year of the Snake is traditionally considered a less fortuitous cycle in the 12-year Chinese zodiac than the Year of the Dragon, which precedes it.

The September 11 terrorist attacks, the Tiananmen Square massacre, and the start of the Great Depression all took place in "snake" years.  

Even worse, the 2013 Year of the Snake will be what's known as a Black Water Snake -- a rare, once-in-60-years confluence of astrological elements that may augur a volatile year ahead.

But one country in particular has reason to be afraid of snakes -- Russia, where some of the tumultuous moments its in history have consistently coincided with Years of the Snake.

'Big Changes' Coming

"The Year of the Snake is different because it's a year that, for Russia, has always marked very important, sweeping changes in our social and political life," Pavel Sviridov, a futurologist and president of the Temporal Research Fund, explained in a recent interview with the website. "So 12 years have passed, and we're about to usher in the 2013 Year of the Snake -- a year that will mark the beginning of big changes in our country.

"In fact, a quick look back over some of the most notable moments in Russia's turbulent 20th-century history reveals an uncanny synchronicity with the "snake" years. (Even earlier, if you count the 1881 assassination of Alexander II, known as the "tsar-liberator.")
It begins in 1905 with the first Russian revolution -- the massive workers' strikes that spelled the beginning of the end of the tsarist regime. Twelve years later, in 1917, came the Bolshevik Revolution, which ushered in more than seven decades of communist rule.

In 1929, the next Year of the Snake, the Soviet government launched its collectivization drive -- stripping peasants of their land and livestock -- leading to massive deportations and famine.

Twelve years later, in 1941, World War II began. In 1953, Josef Stalin died. And 1989, the last Year of the Snake of the 20th century, marked the start of the Soviet collapse with revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Ideologically Inert

The imminent arrival of a new Year of the Snake has stirred speculation about what major changes could await Russia this year.

The astrological site stopped short of predicting a new Russian revolution but suggested 2013 could see a crash in the country's financial markets reminiscent of the 1929 Black Tuesday collapse in the United States that sparked the Great Depression.

Other astrologists appeared more sanguine about Russia's chances.

"Of course, we don't wish anyone ill," astrologist Mikhail Chistyakov wrote on his website. "But cataclysms can befall not only us but also those on the other side of the Atlantic."

Still another prognostication went so far as to pronounce Russia as stuck in the midst of a 52-year political "lacuna" that will leave the country socially stable, if ideologically inert, through 2053 -- a Year of the Snake forecast that most Russian politicians may find to their liking.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 08, 2013 16:07
Dear RFE/RL, it is very charming of you to analyse the Chinese calendar and to make prophecies concerning Russia's future on the basis of this calendar :-)).
May I just point it out to you that the year 1941 that you in your picture above defined as the year of the "beginning of WWII" in fact was not what you claim it to be: WWII, as people here in Europe learn in History lessons at school already, acually started on Sept. 1st, 1939 with the attack of the Deutsche Wehrmacht against Poland. Or at least, that's what all the history books claim these days :-)).
But who knows, maybe you, guys, have your own take at this issue :-))...
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by: Sey from: World
February 09, 2013 19:40
For the USSR, 1941 marked the start of their suffering during WWII.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 14, 2013 10:32
Well, Sey, what you are saying is not quite correct: the Soviet Union entered the WWII on September 17th 1939, when it sent troop to what was back then the Eastern part of Poland and what is today the Western parts of Ukraine and Belarus.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 15, 2013 07:25
Both of you so fast for West-East WW2 propaganda,
That you forgetting the important things about Heaven,
They see differently importance than "sestrushka Vanda",
Or "Eugenio", or "Sey", or WW2 dating from the beginning:

Assassination of Alexandr II was an evil German take-over,
But accepted by pro-German Nikolashka's Varaga-Russia;
1905 war signified by defeat of Russia by Japan in Tcusima,
Revolutionary activity was a fallout, Chauvinistic hangover;

1917 Revolution just an evil outcome, paranoid Lenin, raped,
By Germany police, blackmailed - destroyed Democratic way;
1929 democracy was replacing Lenin's terror, madman died,
As a fallout evil Russia, in 1932 plundered by collectivize-day;

The global just war, WW2, started in 1941, but it were stages,
Checks, Poland, Dunkerk and so on, dwarf like " three stuges";
Death of Stalin was a mark of period 1947 and 1953, Antichrist
Usurp the World - plagiarist Ivans put Stalin under home arrest.

1947, plagiarist Russia sentenced me and my mother to death,
For me refusing be plagiarized, and locked Stalin, same reason,
British and USA invited too - plagiarize me and alike - an evil bet.
Antichrist rule the World, first three Commandments overturned,
God say: "It is war!"- 1947+1953 = 13x30, Humans tested, failed.

Jesus denied plagiarists, killed in 30 A.D. - what's in a date?
Do not tell God when he will do, what, how and to whom...

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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 15, 2013 11:44
(It's 13x300)...

When Jesus saw Jerusalem from a hill, he told his friends:
- "It is one of the Cities and one of the tribes of Humanity.
They plagiarized and killed many blessed before me.
I will refuse be plagiarized and they will kill me too.
They will continue it, but not for long - 40 years,
Than this City and this tribe will be no more".

by: Jack from: US
February 08, 2013 17:01
NATO minion Srakashvili
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by: Mike from: Canada
February 09, 2013 07:09
Hey eugenio, Russia was attacked by Germany in 1941 with the launch of Operation Barbarossa. Up until this time Germany and Russia actually had an alliance. Very similar to how USA didnt begin the war until 1941. With the attack on pearl harbour. Perhaps this will be the year USA and Russia go at it. Seeing how snake years have been bad for both. In 89 soviets collapse. In 2001 USA is successfully attacked. Perhaps in 2013......see where I'm going?!?
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 09, 2013 09:55
Well, Mike, I see where you are going, but very frankly one can hardly take this kind of "Chinese Horoscope Based" judgement seriously. But ok, let's see what will happen, maybe WWIII starts in 2013, who knows...
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by: peter from: ottawa
February 09, 2013 19:08
Jack you make me laugh, the article is about chinese prophecies with a sprinkling of russian flavor and you comment about your best friend sakaashvili of georgia as being an american sponsored hero in three words. That grey matter between your ears must be cement.
In Response

by: Jack from: US
February 13, 2013 23:46
yes, Peter, your Ukrainian wit did not let you down. Even my friend Moisha Rabinovich who posted the one-liner above is laughing
In Response

by: peter from: ottawa
February 14, 2013 12:53
Jack , are you slowly coming out of your medically induced coma ? Sorry to disappoint you but Im not Ukrainian nor do I want to be, who s Moisha Rabinahootch ? At least you got my name right.
In Response

by: Jack from: US
February 14, 2013 15:02
I did not say you are Ukrainian, I said you have Ukrainian wit. How come you do not know my friend Moisha Rabinovich? He is RFE/RL moderator and also doubles up as CIA station chief in Prague. Sometimes he likes to post under my name because he thinks people would not believe him if he posts as Moisha

by: Oybek
February 09, 2013 20:17
Last time I checked it was Alexander II, NOT Nikolai II who was killed in 1881...
In Response

by: Andy
February 10, 2013 10:47
Hi Oybek,
Thanks for your comment. That error somehow cropped up in the production of that graphic and slipped through, but we've since pulled the graphic that you're referring to for precisely that reason. So sorry for the slip-up, and our gratitude for your careful reading and message.
Very best,
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 14, 2013 10:33
Aha, Beavus-Andy, but you will really continue thinking that WWII started in 1941 :-)).

by: American Troll
February 09, 2013 22:51
Filling in two critical omissions, as many Russians would see them:

1965: Glorious string of insomnia-conquering mega-novels and self-loathing adolescent poetry crudely interrupted by a spasm of decadent, bourgeois emulation of effeminate, vodka-free, Western non-culture when Eduard Uspensky abandons his patriotic duty as an aviation engineer to create Cheburashka, sullying the proud name of Russia by associating it with something charming and life-affirming.

1977: Lyrics praising Stalin -- the man who overcame the handicap of his own non-Slavic ethnicity to become a Russian patriot after gutting his own military, allowing the Moscow region itself to be pierced by a hostile country roughly the size of his mustache, led by a psychotic who kept his secret plan brilliantly hidden by writing a best-selling book two decades earlier about how he would attack Russia, thus extending the repulsion of that much-discussed 1941 invasion to almost four years instead of, say, about four hours -- are inexplicably dropped from the Soviet anthem. Because Russians love nothing more than the two things--Stalin and vodka--that have killed more Russians than anyone or anything else.

by: majtka from: Europe
February 11, 2013 08:53
I wonder really, what is the value of this article...

by: Ben
February 12, 2013 18:27
The snake`s year plate have worked for 4 times while have failed for 3 times( 12 years` cycle) -not so good result.The 1989 year is far-fetched.So the national superstitions work badly in the foreign territory.

by: peter from: ottawa
February 14, 2013 16:00
How do I know the real Jack ? Besides who cares ?

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