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Russian Foreign Minister Accuses U.S. Of Meddling In Vote

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei LavrovRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russia has accused the United States of trying to influence its election process by funding opposition groups.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the comment on March 1 in an interview published in the online edition of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta," a government daily, ahead of the March 4 presidential election.

Lavrov said the United States was following Cold War-era stereotypes and that "the days when Russia could be lectured or preached to are over."

Lavrov also said the United States had strict laws barring foreigners from funding election campaigns and that Russia could alter its laws to make sure the same applied to Russian nongovernmental organizations.

The remarks follow a state-led crackdown on a Moscow-based election monitor, Golos, which receives funding from the West.

With reporting by AFP and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
March 01, 2012 19:45
Russia has a lot to learn from US. For example, Russia should mandate anyone receiving funding from foreign government to be registered as an agent of foreign government. This way Golos would receive a clear label of an agent of a foreign government. Which will provide a valuable information to anyone listening to what it says.
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by: Anonymous from: USA
March 01, 2012 22:07
The USA could respond by labeling the US-based staff of RT News agents of a foreign government---since they all are paid by the Kremlin. Also, the staff at Gazprom's Texas office.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
March 02, 2012 01:58
What do you mean by the phrase -"Russia has accused thе United States?"
You must write how it really is and if this is you are not allowed because of journalistic ethics, so there is Vakhtang from Moscow-

Putin gave the order to an аrmenian Kalantarov (Lavrov) publicly accused the U.S. of meddling in Russian election..
Here is nothing can be solved without Putin, and no decision is taken..
I would advise Mrs. Clinton to ask Putin why he gives money to Abkhaz bandits and racists and Palestinian terrorists and why he helps to Iranian fanatics to create an atomic bomb (We know why....Putin needs high oil prices).
I am sure he will answer: "Do not pop your nose into my business."
The same answer should give the Americans -it's our money and we spend them as wish....

by: Vlad from: Denver
March 02, 2012 02:15
How can you publish on March 1 and quote someone saying on March 3?
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by: Moderator
March 02, 2012 09:27
Thank you for pointing out this oversight. It has since been corrected.

by: Kas from: London
March 02, 2012 12:17
Guys lets leave Russians alone. The people will vote whoever they need. I am sure americans are not stupid enough to spend money to fund opposition groups when their economy is running in trillion dollars debt and Russian economy is booming with +4.5%GDP with second largest reserves in the world.Let EU and USA focus on their high unemployment rates and ignore the russians for time being.Who should win will win and it is doubtless anything will change since the world is more preoccupied with middle east crises.

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