Thursday, August 25, 2016


Independent Russian Websites Hacked, Disabled On Election Day

Radio Ekho MoskvyRadio Ekho Moskvy
Radio Ekho Moskvy
Radio Ekho Moskvy
MOSCOW -- Suspected hackers shut down several Russian websites that provide independent election data, making state-controlled media one of the few widely accessible sources of information about today's parliamentary vote.

The website of Golos, the last remaining independent election-monitoring group based in Russia, was shut down early today. That group is partially financed by the European Commission.

Also targeted were the websites of the Kremlin-critical Ekho Moskvy radio station, the "Moscow New Times," the weekly magazine "Bolshoi Gorod," and the news websites and

RFE/RL's Russian-language website has not been affected by the apparent denial-of-service hacker attacks.
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