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Putin Says NATO Missile System Pointed At Russia

Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Russian television that Russia's partners "want vassals," not allies.Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Russian television that Russia's partners "want vassals," not allies.
Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Russian television that Russia's partners "want vassals," not allies.
Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Russian television that Russia's partners "want vassals," not allies.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States and NATO of aiming an antimissile system being deployed in Europe at Russia despite assurances that it is intended to guard against attacks from rogue states.

With his Kremlin reelection plans in full swing, Putin said on the "Cold Politics" (Kholodnaya Politika) program on February 2 that its former Cold War adversaries have "undoubtedly aimed at neutralizing the nuclear rocket capability of Russia."

Putin said the antimissile system can cover "territory to the Urals [Mountains], the places where our ground nuclear forces are based."

Putin added that "today there is no threat from Iran or North Korea" and said NATO is not offering any guarantees, written or otherwise, that the system is not targeting Russia.

NATO two years ago invited Russia to cooperate to create a "security roof that protects us all."

"We need a missile-defense system that includes not just all countries of NATO but Russia, too,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at the time.

Russia responded coolly to that and other Western initiatives on missile defense.

In his February 2 appearance, Putin described the U.S. as the initiator of an antimissile system in Europe and called it the only country in history to have used nuclear weapons, and that against non-nuclear Japan in 1945.

"What should we do, just black this out from our memory?" Putin asked. "We will always respond to threats that appear along our borders."

Putin said Russia is the only country besides the United States with a "nuclear triad" -- ground, sea, and air nuclear forces.

Putin accused Russia's "partners in the UN Security Council" of producing evidence of the presence of weapons of mass destruction in some countries and calling for the invasion of these countries or changing the governments of these countries. He said he doubts the sincerity of such partners.

"It seems to me our partners don't want allies, they want vassals," Putin said. They want to rule" but "Russia doesn't work that way," he concluded.

Putin's remarks come a little more than a month before a Russian presidential election in which Putin is seeking to return to the presidency after serving as prime minister since 2008, when Russia's constitution obliged him to step down after two consecutive terms.
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by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
February 03, 2012 03:47
Despite any geo-political value, I suspect that this program is part of the very clever PR campaign to re-elect the dear leader. Alas, must admit, that the Russian argument contains much truth. From the Kremlin's perspective, the folks in Washington (particularly those working for the mil-industrial complex) will literally do anything to 'preserve the American way of life.' Link below will take you to the program.

by: Anonymous
February 03, 2012 06:41
As you see, this crazy Slavico-Mongol Putin, will command to Russian army to attack a neighbour of Russia. He will do this to make happy "ignorant, so nationalists Russians". Those nationalists will say "Ohh... great nashi come back !" Putin will sit at his chair at the end of the Russia. And thousands of Russians will die in the war fronts... Stop him, his bloddy shit plans.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 03, 2012 10:33
Attacking neighbouring countries? Why bother: Putin will just discontinue supplies of oil and gas to Central and Western Europe for a month and the already bankrupt Europeans will come running and begging him to turn the tap on again, just like they did the last time he had done so in Jan 2009. Right now would actually be a good moment: Europe wants to stop bying Iranian oil - just help the Europeans get rid of the bad Russian gas as well :-)).

by: Jan from: Prague
February 03, 2012 08:01
I really hate this Putin. The only country that wants to dominate, occupy and create vassals, is Putin's NAZI Russia. I had lived in a country (Czechoslovakia) occupied and terrorized by Russian occupation army. The Russian occupation was the same as the occupation by the Hitler army in the 40's.

We are now strategic partners of the USA, we are part of free and democratic Europe and we will never allow to Russia to be strong and to make its spheres of influence. We (Czech Republic) will always support Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and other countries like the independent anti-Lukashenko Belarus to be free, to be part of NATO and of Europe and to be far out of the Russian influence.

I often travel to Russia, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. The standard of life in Russia is far not reaching the life standard in the Czech Republic. Everywhere you see dirt, beggars and police terror. We do not want to be victims of Russian clay and non-functional empire. Thanks!
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by: Jack from: US
February 03, 2012 14:04
you mean there are more beggars in Russia than beggars in San Franscisco downtown? That is hard to believe. Last time I was in Russia I saw no beggars but here in San Fran you literally have to step over them when walking in downtown. The rest of your nonsense is just plain slavish lie as well. Remember, ancient Romans called czechs "slavs" = "slaves" because, well, one can see why
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by: Anonymous from: USA
February 03, 2012 21:35
Please keep in mind Jack, there are many Slavs in the world that would find your comments very offensive. Both Slavs and non-Slavs are victims of Russian/Soviet tyranny. In the Baltics, Soviet Communism is known as the "sadness of the world". As for SF, it is not any worse than other cities in the US or Europe. Even Vancouver in Canada has homeless drug addicts.
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by: Kaspy_c from: London
February 03, 2012 21:41
To be frank in Moscow the prices have gone sky high.All the London big mansions, shopping are all done by muscovites.
The Russians are becoming powerful and they are the only nation to
completely wipe of their debt in recent 15 years and turn into second largest reserves after China.EU is biting dust if not for Germany, France and UK.So I acan imagine where more beggars reside.
Speak the truth rather than being a Roman slav.

by: Mladen Jankovic from: Belgrade, Serbia
February 03, 2012 12:46
Go Putin, go!!!
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by: Kaspy from: London
February 03, 2012 21:35
Go Putin Go...Win and show these scum bags that they can't go bombing every countries like Libya, Serbia, Japan.
If Russia doesn't veto Syria will become another Libya with millions homeless and ethnic chaos and torturing..
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by: Matvei from: USA
February 04, 2012 16:20
Oh, so Syria will become another Libya? Instead of the country it is today, a country with thousands shot dead for peacefully protesting or attending funerals? I would like to see nuts like you live under dictators like Milosevic or Khaddafi.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
February 03, 2012 12:52
Nothing has changed since Soviet times.
The same anti-Western rhetoric,the same stories about of treacherous plans of the U.S. and the West.

All primitive, but it works in Russia and Putin knows it..

Next... formidable steelworkers and miners from the Urals, who at the time raised the salary with they angry requirement to disperse this damned opposition--- American spies.

Young nationalists --Russian fascists...and so on and so forth

However all this can be called differently-- Putin does not want to go and give the power .

No more fuss Vladimir Putin!! Say simply: "I want until I die to be your tsar.What are you stupid sheep, do not understand that without me you Die!!"

by: American Troll
February 03, 2012 13:25
Such a lovely boy, but he's been reading too many "Captain America" comics. In real life, shields make awkward offensive weapons when thrown.

by: Anon from: USA
February 04, 2012 02:03
This shield is "anti-ballistic missile" defense system.
Iran doesn't have ballistic missiles.
ABM works by intercepting BM before it reaches space, so it should be not too far away from launch point.

Peace with mutually assured destruction works as long as no one has shield against the other. Once one side has a shield, what is preventing it from striking first, knowing it can shield itself from the contra-attack. It's no longer "mutually" assured destruction.

Now you see why Russia will never allow such a shield to be put in place. It is as dangerous as an attack itself. So if the shield is put into place they will feel forced to take it down to keep the assured destruction "mutual".
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by: Anonymous from: USA
February 04, 2012 19:58
And what makes you think Russia doesn't already have a shield of its own already in place? It could be all a game to get the US to lower its defenses in order to be annihilated by Russian nukes.

by: Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz from: Tijuana, Mexico
February 04, 2012 07:40
Talk all you want. Just don't push the red button.

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