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Russian Officers' Wives Demonstrate To Demand Housing

A protester stands outside the Defense Ministry in Moscow on March 8.
A protester stands outside the Defense Ministry in Moscow on March 8.
By RFE/RL's Russian Service
MOSCOW -- Wives of retired Russian military officers have marked International Women's Day by staging a protest outside the Defense Ministry in Moscow to demand better housing for their families.

Close to 30 women joined in the March 8 protest, holding placards and announcing a hunger strike to protest what they see as government neglect.

The move is similar to a protest and a wave of hunger strikes by retired army officers last month.

The exact number of people who remain on hunger strike is not clear.

A retired officer attending the wives' protest told RFE/RL that it was the responsibility of the country's new president-elect, Vladimir Putin, to take care of the problem.

The Defense Ministry officially promises free housing to all military officers when they retire.
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by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
March 08, 2012 18:11
Warning to politicians who love to wave the flag for votes: your patriotic fervor may come back to bite you. Now that he is safely ensconced back in the Kremlin, and despite all his high-sounding rhetoric, I seriously doubt that VVP will shed a tear (or ensure decent housing is provided) for these military families. Like the Decembrists of old, perhaps another spark to change this rotten system.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 09, 2012 06:02
Ray F., West may be stupid, but CIS Russian speaking are not.
It is another trick of nazi "shtaby" of Russia, tight another knott
Of pseudo-popular demands to grabb more land and houses
In neighbour lands, for officer's wifes and their flanel trouses.
Where are trillions, Russian loot? In United Russia blouses?
Decembrists? Putin? Prussian "Star of inchinting happines?

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