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Russian Renegades Make Out Like Bandits -- With Cops

Members of renegade Russian art group "Voina" have decided to shower the police with affection, literally.

A new video released today shows clips of young women approaching female police officers and kissing them -- or trying to kiss them -- on the mouth to the beat of the early 20th-century song "Down With The Police."

No strangers to controversy and provocative acts, Voina recently made waves when they painted a giant penis on a St. Petersburg drawbridge facing the local headquarters of the Federal Security Service.

In another recent stunt, the group overturned police cars in St. Petersburg. Two members were jailed for several months for that incident but were recently released on bail.

-- Brian Whitmore
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by: Ivan from: Sofia
March 02, 2011 15:57
Mr. Witless here "forgot" to mention that the song is a German fascist one and the group Voina is of the neo-Nazi variety.

by: Marina from: NYC
March 02, 2011 18:06
This is not an action from VOINA! These are impostors. See the group's response here:

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