Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Podcast: Russia's Fake State

A crumbling facade? A guard stands guard at the Kremlin in Moscow.
A crumbling facade? A guard stands guard at the Kremlin in Moscow.
The government seems invisible. The prime minister is publicly ridiculed on a regular basis. The parliament seems to get more outlandish by the day.
In the latest edition of "The Power Vertical Podcast," I discuss the deterioration of Russia's political institutions with regular co-host Kirill Kobrin of RFE/RL's Russian Service.
Also on the podcast, Kirill and I discuss a mysterious video attacking Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that appeared on the Internet this week.
Power Vertical Podcast -- Russia's Fake State
Power Vertical Podcast -- Russia's Fake Statei
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by: Alex from: LA
February 01, 2013 19:28
Hahaha, this such great propoganda... Where is a podcast about Turkey and their empty/full state of bs... Or for other countries like GB, France, USA, on their pretenses, or as you say "facade" of state for corporation by the corporation... And the Ruski talking here is Lenin style meddler that wants to see end of current Russian state, Russian need a leader like Putin to fend off the foreign wolves eying their natural resources. Lexical, would you like your kind to get robbed by billionaire westerners like Iran was and many other countries.. Watch Oliver Stone's Untold US History, see the truth that was hidden from public's ears...

by: Eric from: VA
February 01, 2013 20:05
Yet another article predicting the impending demise of the Russian state? When my tax dollars are being spent on articles like this, I sure don't like to pay them!
And I just love how when someone in the Russian press criticizes Medvedev it is a sign of cronyism and a deterioration of political institutions. The opposite would be seen the same way. You guys need to do a better job for the money I'm paying you!

by: Algis from: Vilnius
February 02, 2013 18:28
Somebody who was beaten and robbed by the police and jailed for nothing can really believe the *deterioration of political institutions*. Just come to Russia and try it yourself!

by: john from: canada
February 03, 2013 03:24
Great podcast!

Its a good "book-end" to Leonid Bershidsky's recent article in Bloomberg, "Russia Goes From Fake Democracy to Faux Dictatorship":

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