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Russia's 'Sunspot Revolution'

Russia's protests last winter can apparently be attributed to solar activity.
Russia's protests last winter can apparently be attributed to solar activity.
If you thought it was the result of anger over falsified elections and an increasingly confident middle class becoming discontented with President Vladimir Putin's authoritarian rule, think again.

According to Georgy Golitsin, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the rise in street protests in the winter of 2011-12 was the result of increased solar activity.

Call it the "Sunspot Revolution."

Golitsin cited a 2008 study by scholar Yury Zaitsev. It predicted an increase in solar activity in late 2011 and early 2012 which could lead to social unrest.

And in case you're tempted to giggle, some Russian media have noted that the increased emission of radiation and flares during the latest peak of the solar cycle coincided with mass protests in December, January, March, and May.
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by: John E Mann - KK4ITN from: North Carolina
June 08, 2012 21:43
Does the increased emmission of radiation and solar flares work in proporation to increased manufacture and consumption of VODKA?
Does Mr. Putin really put borch on top of his HEBREW NATIONAL HOT DOGS!!

by: Oleg from: USA
June 09, 2012 00:07
This theory may be true. Still unknown why solar activity effect Russia only and does not effect other countries? Any explanation?

by: F6GOX from: Paris
June 09, 2012 07:03
Hello dear Sir,

I had check the SSN (http: // html) with several French social revolutions.

I see the resultats below :

- In 18th century for the French revolution in 1789. A SSN of 24 in 1785, 83 in 1786, 132 in 1787, 131 in 1788, 118 in 1789, 90 in 1790, 67 in 1791, 60 in 1792 and 47 in 1793 was found,

- In the 19th century: French revolution of 1830: SSN of 64 in 1828, 67 in 1829, 71 in 1830, 48 in 1831, 28 in 1832, 9 in 1833 was found,

- In 19th century, French revolution of 1848: SSN is 11 in 1843, 15 in 1844, 40 in 1845, 61 in 1846, 99 in 1847, 125 in 1848, 96 in 1849, 67 in 1850, 64 in 1851, 54 in 1852, 39 in 1853, 20 in 1854 and 7 in 1855 was found.

- In the 19th "La Commune de Paris" in 1870: SSN of 7 in 1867, 38 in 1868, 74 in 1869, 139 in 1870, 111 in 1871, 102 in 1872, 66 in 1873, 45 in 1874, 17 in 1875, 11 in 1876 11, 12 in 1877, 3 in 1878 was found.

- In 20th century revolution of May, 1968: 47 in 1966, 94 in 1967, 106 in 1968, 106 in 1969, 104 in 1970, 67 in 1971, 69 in 1972 was found.

Surprising, no?

Laurent BEUGNET,
Amateur radio station F6GOX, Paris
ARP President
In Response

by: F6GOX from: Paris
June 09, 2012 08:19
Also I can check that high SSN years are at the same time with extreme climatic events, as warmest summer or coldest winter, with epidemics and famines in France (see :

Observations does not mean that there is a statistic correlation.

Laurent BEUGNET,
Amateur radio station F6GOX, Paris
ARP President
In Response

by: Demetrius Minneapolis from: My house
June 11, 2012 15:02
I agree Laurent, and then there is this:
All those numbers of solar flux/geomagnetics/sunspots may not be as accurate as we thought, at least the modern figures.

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