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As Hostage Crisis Unfolds, Saakashvili Pledges To Maintain Georgian Stability

President Mikheil Saakashvili has visited the site of the gunfight that officials say has killed at least three members of Georgia's security forces and 11 Islamic militants allegedly coming from the neighboring Daghestan region of Russia.

During his visit on August 30 to the Lopota Gorge, Saakashvili vowed his government would not allow militants to move freely through Georgia.

He said the kidnapping of Georgian citizens was "unacceptable."

Earlier, officials said Georgian security forces were still searching for up to six alleged militants. Officials also said 10 Georgian hostages who had been seized by the militants were freed as a result of action by the security forces.

Saakashvili has vowed that "instability in a neighboring country will never affect" Georgia's stability.

According to Reuters, Saakashvili went on to say: "Another attempt to export a new wave of tension and instability into Georgia from our northern neighbor will be stopped at the very beginning."

Saakashvili said intelligence data showed that most of the abductors had been killed.

The Interior Ministry earlier said five Georgian soldiers had also been wounded.

It was not clear on August 30 whether the militants might still be holding Georgian security officers who might have exchanged themselves for the hostages.

Looking For Answers

The motives of the alleged hostage takers remain unclear.

Officials said two of the Georgian officers killed in the operation were security troops -- including one of Georgia's most prominent sportsmen, two-time sambo-wrestling champion Archil Chokheli. Officials said the third casualty was a military doctor.

A website associated with the Islamic insurgency in Daghestan ( claimed on August 30 that the fighters in the Lopota Gorge were from what it called the "Velayat [province] of Daghestan belonging to Imarat Kavkaz [Caucasus Emirate]."

The website denied that the fighters had taken any hostages, and blamed Georgian authorities for starting the shooting that led to the fight.

The fighting in the Lopota Gorge erupted on August 28 -- the same day a female suicide bomber killed Daghestan's leading Sufi Muslim cleric, Said Afandi Atsayev, and several of his followers.

That attack prompted Daghestan's leader, Magomedsalam Magomedov, on August 30 to order local officials to create self-defense and vigilante groups to help police bolster security in the violence-torn region.

The insurgents in the region profess the extreme Wahhabi form of Islam and regularly attack police, military personnel, and moderate Muslims.

Heightened Nervousness

The Caucasus Emirate is a self-proclaimed entity that says it seeks to gather all Russian North Caucasus republics into one Islamic-led state. The Chechen militant Doku Umarov is considered the movement's leader.

Georgian authorities said on August 30 that troops had been sent to the border between Georgia and Daghestan to mine the area to prevent possible additional intrusions.

The violence comes amid a campaign in Georgia for parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

High tensions have surrounded Georgia's relations with Russia since the short war in August 2008 between the two countries. The war led to Russia recognizing as independent countries the Georgian separatist-controlled regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

With reporting by, Newsgeorgia, Reuters, AP, and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
August 30, 2012 01:15
Saakashvilli pretends he is angry. He is well aware that US government supports and sponsors Wahhabi Sunni activists everywhere, from Syria, Kosovo, to Chechnya and Daghestan. Soon the rump republic of Georgia will be Sunni caliphate. Hillary dreams about Wahhabi democratic caliphate from Morocco to Byrma
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by: Abel from: RFE=Russian propaganda
August 31, 2012 13:05
Jack why are you trying to mislead us. There are no wahabis or whatever you want to call them. There are battles of interests between Russia and USA. By name calling freedom loving people you only alienate yourself from the Caucasus. We all know that Georgia is like a woman who switches partners: be it Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire or American Empire. When they are strong she is ready to mate. The fact is Georgia betrays the interests of the Caucasus. That is why Chechnya, Ingushetia, Daghestan, and Kabardino-Balkaria in such deep and never ending warfare. Georgia is North Caucasus brother like a backstabbing Cain.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 01, 2012 04:59
Well, considering that Georgia was the only country to support Chechnya during its wars of independence, it seems you are terribly misinformed "Abel", though a better biblical name for you might be "Absolom" might be a better handle for you.

The biggest traitors in the Caucasus are the Armenians, who worship anyone with money and power, at the moment, the Russians.
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by: Ingush from: Ingushetia
September 01, 2012 19:22
"Andrew" why stop on Chechnya? Tell us more fairytales e.g. that Georgia supported Ingush people in 1992 and send volunteers, gave support through newspapers, and sent humanitarian aid to save them from genocide.
The only "support" was that Saakashvilli briefly mentioned that Ingush never attacked Georgia ... oops I am sorry he didn't even mention our nationality's name, just vaguely mentioned that there is some nation which never attacked Georgia or sent volunteers to fight it like the rest of the Caucasus.
You remember about us only when you are in deep crap, like after the war in 2008, suddenly your interest about Ingush "brothers" have arisen
P.S. [02:26] Right side is an Ingush dissident Issa Koazoi who had no fear and visited to support you with other Ingush.
Quit complaining about Chechens and Dagestanis. You've done 100 folds worst to them.
Few examples: Gvishiani the butcher of Khaibakh
Dzhugashvilli-Stalin the butcher of Chechen and Ingush nations.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 06, 2012 07:31
Blah blah blah Anonymouse.
Stalin purged the Georgians too remember, and ordered the Bolshevik invasion of Georgia in 1921. And he was part Russian and Part Ossetian.

Furthermore in regards to Chechen Georgian relations:

"ven some veterans of the fighting in Abkhazia have told Prague Watchdog’s correspondent that they have regrets about the past and that today they would take up arms to defend Georgia. According to one of them, 46-year-old Murad, who fought against Georgian forces in Abkhazia under the well-known Chechen commander Umalt Dashayev (who was killed near Grozny in December 1994), in those days Moscow used the Chechens to attain its goals, and succeeded in sowing discord and hatred among the peoples of the Caucasus.

"In 1992 the Russians really brought Georgia to its knees at our hands, the hands of Caucasians. The war in Abkhazia was won by volunteers from the North Caucasus republics, and everyone knows it. There were Chechens, Kabardinians, Adygs, Ossetians and representatives of other North Caucasian republics. In those days we thought we were defending Abkhazia, which was striving for independence, and only later did the realization come that the Kremlin was trying to solve its problems here with our hands and our blood. Many of those who fought in Abkhazia later died in the fighting against Russian troops, including the three best-known Chechen commanders, Umalt Dashayev, Khamzat Gelayev and Shamil Basayev. In 1992 Russia called us heroes, but in 1994 they said we were ‘bandits’ and ‘illegal armed formations’. Now I regret that I fought against the Georgians back then," says Murad.

"Today, after the two bloody wars that have rolled over Chechnya, I understand what’s happening in Georgia. Russian propaganda says one thing, while the Kremlin and the military leadership do another. It was Moscow that led the provocations by South Ossetia against Georgia, and when Tbilisi was forced to launch a military operation, Moscow immediately sent its troops onto the territory of another state and began to bomb and shell Georgian cities. That’s real international terrorism," the veteran says.

The majority of Chechens share this opinion. "Where the peoples of the Caucasus and indeed of anywhere else are concerned, Russia has always stuck to one principle: ‘divide and rule’. What’s happening in South Ossetia and Georgia today is a continuation of the imperial policy of enslaving peoples at the hands of their neighbours. Any reasonable person can understand that wars don’t just happen spontaneously. They’re prepared for months and sometimes even years in advance. I realized that Russia was preparing to wage war in Georgia several years ago, when the Russian authorities began to hand out Russian passports to the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. That’s more or less the same as if the Americans were to give US passports to the Chechens, and then announce that it was going to protect its ‘citizens’ by force of arms,” says Grozny lawyer Umar Khankarov. “What Russia has done in Georgia is an open challenge to the entire international community.”"

Perhaps you are just another Russian agent trying to divide and conquer?
In Response

by: Anonymous
September 07, 2012 04:48
Hamster-dude relax and leave my name alone.

by: Darin from: USA
August 30, 2012 02:08
OK, first the headline is wrong: "Saakashvili Pledges To Protect Georgia From Attempts To Import Instability." Obviously Georgia is not attempting to import instability. And in the body of the article, the author says that the president has announced that he will stop "any attempt to export instability into Georgia from its neighbors." In English, you export to, not "into" a place. The Reuters quote was no doubt a poor translation, unless Saakashvili was speaking in English and made an error. But that doesn't mean the article should repeat his mistake in the first sentence. And again, the headline is crazy - no one is trying to "import instability."
In Response

by: Andy
August 30, 2012 08:04
Thanks, Darin. That was indeed awkward, although I don't think the same problem exists in the quote. We've revised the lead sentence and headline to make more sense.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 30, 2012 06:19
Mischa already protected the Georgians of Abkhazia and S. Osetia, now he wants to protects all the other Georgians - it's definitely good news for the people there :-)).
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by: Mike from: USA
August 30, 2012 11:16
Dear Eugenio,
I'm sorry to inform you, but Georgia did'nt do too well protecting the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as the Georgian army ran from the Russians as soon as the Russians fought back their attack. Misha is a big child who is impulsive and foolish! I lived and worked in the 3rd world country of Geogia for a year and I must admit that the Georgian army could'nt beat the Boy Scouts of America. They are scared and poorly trained and have no business playing with a army like Russia's. In short, they're idiots who are very insecure with themselves.
In Response

by: Lika from: Lithuania
August 30, 2012 13:06
Very argumentative speech, Mike. The fact that you lived in "the 3rd world country of Geogia" (which is oh so objective as well!) makes it all absolute truth!
In Response

by: Jack from: US
August 30, 2012 13:30
"The fact that you lived in "the 3rd world country of Geogia" (which is oh so objective as well!) makes it all absolute truth! "

no no, the rump republic of Georgia is undoubtly 1st world country, like model NATO minion, ruled by crazed maniac whose clan is bankrolled by US government at US taxpayers' expense. The fact that rump republic is a model NATO minion itself makes it 1st world country, doesn't it..? just a minor inconvienience .. a little fact .. the GDP per capita in rump republic of Georgia is 2 times lower than in Angola.. but that undoubtly because Hillary does not pay enough to minions..
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by: David from: Poland
August 30, 2012 14:11
proffesional antiterrorists, 0 killed hostages, 3 soldiers and 11 attackers, mike hehe big mike from ohio , you maybe know beslan dubrovka attack, what are you talking about ,american, can i ask you you are black? latina? white men?
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by: Porky Pine from: USA
August 31, 2012 06:16
Dear Mike,
Firstly there is no need to use derogatory words to describe Georgia or the Georgian Army; you have lived a year in Georgia and I am sure that you had the opportunity to enjoy Georgian hospitality and friendship;
Secondly I don't think that living one year in Georgia is enough time to understand the intricacies of the regional geopolitics.
Thirdly remember that thanks to the "3rd world country" as you describe it someone paid your salary for one year.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 31, 2012 12:20
Well Mike, I guess you were a TLG teacher, and not a good one judging by your post.

I have several friends in the USMC who have been involved with training and deploying with the Georgian troops in Afghanistan, they describe them as very brave fighters when well trained.

It interesting to note the Russian Army's sudden screeching halt in 2008 when the US began flying back the (properly trained and equipped) Georgian army brigade from Iraq.....
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 31, 2012 15:36
To MIKE: Dear Mike, of course, my comment was supposed to be ironic - I know very well that the Georgians were just good at getting their ... kicked by the Russian army in 5 days.
I would also like to congratulate you for having received so many hostile comments for only one thing essentially - you dared to say the truth, the objective truth that everyone on this "forum" is well aware of, but which provokes such an "outrage" from so many readers.
The reason for this hostile and agressive reaction of this RFE/RL-trained herd is obvious: the RFE/RL has made it a matter of principle to sell an absurd and imaginary picture of the world to its readers, and that's why when there is one person - like yourself in this specific case - who kind of reminds the RFE/RL "luminaries" of what they are good at, their reaction is that pitiful.
Good job, Mike, don't let them intimidate yourself and continue reminding the herd of what they are and what they are good for :-)!
Cheers from Vienna!
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by: Ingush from: Ingushetia
September 02, 2012 10:58
Knowing Dagestani warriors I can tell it all sounds too perfect to be true. There were 20 Dagestanis who accidently met 5 tourists whom they didn't touch. These tourist were not taken hostage and betrayed the positions to Georgian military. If they were taken hostage you'd never known where they were.
Most likely Georgians started the negotiations per official story and during the negotiations attacked Dagestanis. That is why 11 were killed and the rest "broke through". "Brave" Georgians decided not to pursue the 9 remaining Dagestanis because they know real well their noses will be bleeding. Since there are no official news coverage for that region I trust more KavkazCenter than official Georgian news:
P.S. I am sure Georgians will pay dearly for that in the nearest future. Dagestanis are know for delivering revenge without delay.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 09, 2012 02:33
To Mike, pseudo-Ingush and others:
Read my answer on the next topic on the event.
If there is any truth in your Russian Spies sleurs, "Brats",
Beside devide and rule, vulgar "neskladuha" of "raskol'nik-ment",
Best of Caucasian race and Humanity weakness comes
From "Lions with Human Hearts", saving "Welt"
Of volfs that wait with treasonous hate.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 31, 2012 02:42
Where is my last message?
Is Eugenio of Russo-Germo-Austrio empires 1954 pact blocked it?
In Response

by: Jack from: US
August 31, 2012 13:55
did you have the word "Jew" in your post? That would make RFE/RL moderator block it unconditionally.
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by: Canadianboy from: Ottawa
August 31, 2012 19:21
What does the old German and Austrian empires have to do with this?
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 31, 2012 20:23
You did not know; Canadianboy??? The old German and Austrian empires entered into a conspiracy in order to deprive Konstantin of his copyright on one old Soviet movie that he always quotes (I don't recall the title right now, but Konstantin will for sure remind us :-). Reading Konstantin's comments I think sometimes that that's what the WWII was all about, oder, Konstantin :-))?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 02, 2012 04:59
I am not sure whether it is real Russian Eugenio and Jack,
Or somebody provoke me in their name for "informatcia".
It isn't secret, I wrote it for three decades, what a hack!
In 1954 Varanga-Prussian extraction "delegatciya"
Initiated agreement with Brits and Bechtel's dad.

They pretended kidnapping of the Bechtel's son,
Convinced USA government give Russians plan,
Atomic plant, producing concentrate for A-bomb.
Government was lied that it was peacefull plant,
Before transfer they changed set of documents.

They promissed to British, Germany and Austria
Resurect colonial Empires and devide with them
World. Germano-Austria would get East "Europa"
Ethnic Russia got a lot of A-bombs, threaten CIS.
In 1954-56 they invaded Hungary and CIS nations.

The rest is history of Russian expansion-genocide
As British with Germano-Austria are still in waiting.
British already use military - about invade-expand,
Germano-Austria lost WW2 expanding-geshefting,
As for US money they give Free Europe to Russia.

It's where comming from Eugenio, Jack and others,
Paving bloody road of expanding Russia, with lying,
Silencing victims of Russia, murdering my mother
And resurecting Colonial Empires. I am not prying,
But German Free Europe behind it - USA is paying.
In Response

by: Canadianboy from: Ottawa
September 02, 2012 16:59
Konstanin, can you please explain where you get the drugs your on, because they seem pretty effective.
Nothing you ever say makes an ounce of sense.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 02, 2012 21:27
Truth is ffective - dressed-up as Canadianboy hatefull Rashka.
Truth made you "puff", on way to USA, lie for Rashka-Prashka.

I was a witness of event in 1954 - the Russians-Prussians guns
Forced my mother send me at the end of "Sammer camp" term
To children camp where they brought kidnaped Bechtel's son.
They tried sale me behind back as genious freesby to them
(Plagiarize new "theory of relativety" to conquer the "Welt").

They also wanted to know what I thought about the "pact".
I angree protested destraction of non-Rusians. Afterward
The telepaths tried block my memory and suck my blood.
I resist them. They stole a lot, even few jocks they testing
Destroy World, as "Super-Colider". Or Cold Fusion hocks.
In Response

by: Canadianboy from: Ottawa
September 03, 2012 07:01
As stated before... you still make no sense.
1.What is a "Rashka"?
2.Prussia stopped being a state in 1918 so im curious as to how they made an alliance with Russia in 1954
3.Who is "Bechtel's son"?
4.Telepaths tried to block your memory and suck your blood.... you just keep telling yourself that.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 06, 2012 18:40
Rashka is Russian versus of "Part-Particle, Russian-Russiancle";
Katrin the II expelled creators of new Russia since Peter the I,
nephiew of Georgian King, from centers of Moscow and Sait Pitersburg and repopulated them by Prussians from her unkle's Prussia.
She also helped Prussia conquer German Kingdoms and vulgarize them by crowds of accompaning Prussian army
Since than, Prussians and Germanica-Inferrior intermarrying with Russian Varanga in both capitals and encroach on power.
In modern Moscow their women are secretaries of all Russian
bosses and nomenclatura, they marry them and often insigate race wars and sleures against non-Russians.
Bechtel is "Bechtel" coorporation, he was son of its owner,
Which by the "pact" gave to ethnic Russia set of blueprints to
build Atomic Power Plants to produce a lot of concentrate for
A-bombs with a purpose to use them to conquer
non-Russian republics.
Bechtel at the time had largest army of telepaths in the World,
specially to read or just to torture out of human minds ideas,
inventions, scientific discoveries and other forms of intellectual
property to plagiarize and to repossess.
They still doing it to me - the whole apartment building involved,
they even blackmailed to kill my mother, to get me.
They murdered her throught CIA, staffed by Russians in the Building and here, labelers on "Free Europe", in Presvetarian Hospital, 7/7/2012...

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
September 01, 2012 06:38
I have read comments and as always found a large number of FSB agents, morons and evil russian guys who hate anything that walks, swims and flies..
Meanwhile, we see yet another provocation against Georgia hosted by Putin's gang....
It is clear that Putin gave the order to push armed groups Dagestan guerrillas to Georgia in hope that Georgians will not touch them and send back...
Right there, you will see all of Putin's sycophants who will begin to squeal like a pig:"Psycho Saakashvili sent to Russia gangs to sabotage!!"Therefore, Saakashvili did everything right and this caused a wave of hatred among Putin's sixes..

I would like also to know what action is going to take Mr Whitmore ( as a journalist оf course) against bandit Bastrykin who has committed a series of crimes and continues to work as a Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia....

In Response

by: Anonymous
September 01, 2012 23:39
Were you drinking chacha or smoking dope? I cannot make sense out of your nonsense.
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
September 02, 2012 08:04
I do not smoke and drink beer like Guinness..
I advise you not to strain your brain,you all the same will not understand anything .. and do not get caught in the street by drunk Bastrykin .
You can not think from you birth but after meeting with him you will not think at all... dead can not think...
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 02, 2012 08:13
Vakhtang is too sobre for me, he often minimize Russian evil,
Probably because he has to be careful, while he living there.
To call him being "chached" or "doped" - one must be ill,
By an unusual ilness of a perverts, murderous "Fillers",
Of Russia, like in Beslan - animal hate of baby-killers.

by: Jack from: US
September 03, 2012 14:34
here is a rare case when BBC tells the truth:

Essentially, Saakashvilli lied, as always. The hostage-takers were not travelling from Russia but they were heading from Pankisi gorge in Georgia to Russia to conduct terrorist activities in Russia. Among hostage-takers were 2 ethnic Georgians.
In Response

by: Vano
September 04, 2012 00:56
They were not Georgians. Just because they have Georgian sounding names do not make them Georgians. They were Kists one of the Chechen and Ingush tribes the territory of which was transfered to Georgia by the Soviets including famous Georgian Joseph Stalin.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 06, 2012 07:37
Ahem, I know a lot of Kists, they are damn happy to be living in Georgia, and not in Chechnya or any part of the Russian (Fascist) Federation. They have no desire whatsoever to be "reunited" with the Chechens over the border, and for good reason.
In Response

by: Anonymous
September 07, 2012 04:47
Hamster, you said the same about Ossetia and Abkhazia. By the way Adjaria wants out too
In Response

by: Jack from: US
September 07, 2012 13:10
every ethnic group wants out of US-propped rump dictatorship of Georgia which only exists as long as US government bankrolls it
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 12, 2012 12:45
Adjara wants out? No not at all.
They have their autonomy, they get most of the investment from the government, they are doing quite well Anonymouse.

So some evidence to back up your claim would be good. Oh thats right, you don't have any.

BTW, more Ossetians live in Tbilisi than in South Ossetia, they serve in the Georgian military and police, they look on Kokoity and his ilk as scum, and don't forget, the head of the pro Georgian administration in the Georgian controlled areas of South Ossetia prior to the war was Dmitry Sanakoyev. The predecessor to Kokoity, Chibirov, was also in the process of a comprehensive peace deal that would have given South Ossetia guaranteed autonomy within Georgia when the Russians "removed" him.

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