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At Home With The Ukrainian Boy Who Netted A 'Monster'

The Ukrainian Teenager Who Spotted A 'Sea Monster'i
February 06, 2013
In Donetsk, Ukraine, 14-year-old Kirill Dudko recently made an undersea discovery. While watching a Canadian live-streamed video broadcast from the sea floor, Kirill noticed an unusual creature devouring a fish. When he wrote to the scientists in search of information, they identified it as an elephant seal hunting almost 1 kilometer under the surface. The Canadians were thrilled at the Donetsk youngster's discovery, which led them to the first-ever images of one of the world's deepest-diving mammals at work so far underwater. As RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service found out, Kirill himself can barely believe he helped make a scientific breakthrough.
Fourteen-year-old Kirill Dudko at home in Donetsk, where he spotted an elephant seal in a live-streamed video of the seafloor half a world away. (Video by RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)
RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service tracked down the aspiring Ukrainian biologist who stayed up late on a school night recently to help North American scientists net a rare video.

As we blogged last week, 14-year-old Kirill Dudko e-mailed scientists at the University of Victoria involved in the oceanic live-streaming and observatory network known as Neptune Canada, in the eastern Pacific Ocean, to ask what he'd seen gulping down a hagfish at nearly 900 meters beneath the surface.

He became an instant feel-good story around the globe, as biologists and other observers praised Dudko's efforts and initiative for bringing the sighting of the female elephant seal to light.

Here's the Ukrainian Service's video report on their visit with Dudko, who says the incident has strengthened his resolve to become a biologist.

-- Andy Heil
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by: john from: canada
February 10, 2013 21:53
Great for Kirill Dudko!

Neptune Canada is very happy that Kirill was watching so attentively and then immediately signaled his question to the Neptune folks who could take action on it.

Here is Neptune Canada's Kirill Dudko website:

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