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Serbian Officials Ban Gay-Pride Parade

Serbian gay activists display a banner that says
Serbian gay activists display a banner that says "That's enough!" during a protest in front of the government building in Belgrade last year.
Serbia's Interior Ministry says the gay-pride parade scheduled for October 6 in Belgrade has been banned along with all other public events.

The ministry statement issued on October 3 said the events were banned in order to prevent possible disorder and ensure safety for citizens and foreigners in Belgrade.

One of the event's organizers, Goran Miletic, condemned the ban and told RFE/RL that the ban showed "the unity of the government and hooligans."

Earlier on October 3, the head of Serbia's Orthodox Christian Church, Patriarch Irinej, called on the authorities to ban the parade, saying it was against Serbia's traditions.

In 2010, scores of people were injured and arrested when right-wing nationalists and hooligans attacked the Belgrade gay parade.

Officials banned the event last year to prevent possible unrest.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AP, and RFE/RL's Balkan Service
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by: Pasha from: Murino
October 03, 2012 18:37
Aren't gays the LEAST of Serbia's problems? Is there no end to the zenophobia? Considering the rapes of male prisoners committed during the Balkan wars I'd say there has to be a fair amount of gays in the Serbian army or the JNA, no?
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by: Chetnik from: Raska
October 04, 2012 04:50
The 'Rapes of male prisoners'? Is this a personal fantasy for you Pasha? I highly doubt that the war would have lasted as long as it did if every soldier was just 'raping'. Since it was brought up though, this isn't an issue that's entirely homogenious to one nationality. Having a gay parade is a breaking point for many people in the Balkans. There is no money and no jobs. The last thing that people need to hear about is a parade for someone's sexuality. Is it not enough to have your right to be who you are but to celebrate it behind closed doors like everyone else? Perhaps this type of parade would be better received when the nation is stable, both economically and politically.
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by: Pasha from: Murino
October 04, 2012 15:46

Thank you for so eloquently proving my point!

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