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Serbia Calls For UN Probe Of Kosovo Organ Trafficking Allegations

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic
Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic
Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic
Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has called on the United Nations to lead a probe into allegations that Kosovo rebels traded in organs taken from Serbian prisoners during the Kosovo conflict in 1999.

A Council of Europe report last year linked Hashim Thaci, a former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army and now Kosovo's prime minister, to the alleged organ trafficking. The European Union law and order mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has launched an investigation into the allegations, supported by the Kosovo government.

But Jeremic, addressing a UN Security Council hearing on May 12, said that the UN was the proper body for the investigation.

"If all investigations into war crimes committed by Serbs received mandates from this body, then why is it that investigating war crimes committed against Serbs should not take place under the auspices of the Security Council as well?" Jeremic said.

"We ask what possible explanation could there be for such a double standard."

Jeremic also said an international inquiry would be "an integral part" and a "prerequisite" for the reconciliation process after Kosovo's split with Serbia.

Russia joined its close ally Serbia in demanding a UN Security Council mandate for the investigation.

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by: Martin Cane from: Paris
May 13, 2011 16:33
Indeed, why should Serbia always be pushed apart in such important decisions?
The begining of the promised investigagtion is almost half a year late and besides, the only international body does not react.The matter is serious enough not to be neglected, and is important for international community further credibility.
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by: theone from: london
May 13, 2011 20:31
Yes but 99% this is fake it is spread world wide in the news which gives a very bad image of kosovo which recently got its independence. in london it has been almost on every newspaper. this could have been done in a silent way , serbia and that switzerland guy has said on the begin i have facts of organ trafficking in kosovo then the whole world got shocked because he said he has facts. 2 days before the court after it was as allready spread he said : i never said kosovo did organ trafficking but just according to my facts it seems like it just so he wont get charged in the court.
As soon as this issue gets silent they want to refresh it so kosovo gets another bad image. If kosovo were the ones to accuse serbia for something it would be kosovo again , fined and other charges as well. This is a joke but since this has already started i think we should bring it to an end and if Kosovo did not have to do anything with Organ trafficking Serbia should get charged extremely and never be allowed to accuse kosovo for something before the UN sees the issue and accepts to spread it.
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by: Martin Cane from: Paris
May 14, 2011 07:30
So, you say that the organ trafficking is a fake. and that Dick Marty somehow changed his mind, which is false. Go to Dick Marty’s blog, which is in Italian and you will find out what he said and what he confirms. Now, don’t talk about “Kosovo”, but about Albanian KLA and her leaders, but also about Albania itself who allowed the human organs trafficking on her territory.
Most obviously you are an Albanian, but you should admit that the investigation for alleged crimes should be done. Besides Dick Marty is not a Serb, so it is not up to you to decide what he should do or what should be the Serbian reaction. The international community should be the one to decide about such important matters.
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by: Martin Cane from: Paris
May 16, 2011 07:35
"It should heve benn done in a silent way".
Serbia, like I could observed, is not a Mafia, to do things in "silent way". Serbia has done waht should be done.
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by: Anonymous
May 16, 2011 04:06
Even Dick Marty conceded he has no firm evidence to support the specific allegation of organ smuggling. I do wish that someone with no involvement in Kosovo independence had conducted the investigation, because Marty as a Swiss Senator voted against Kosovo independence, and so it colors his findings and leaves it open to misapprehension of political bias.

I have no doubt that there is organised crime/corruption, an affliction that affects every ex-yu state, including Serbia,

But the organ transplant allegations are far fetched and not new. Serbia as a state has made such claims a number of times in its history, each time unsupported by firm evidence.

As far as the dynamic going on at the UN is one where Kosovo is just a proxy for power positioning between Russia/China on the one hand and the EU/US on the other hand. It is no coincidence that one group supports Kosovo's independence and the other does not.

I see no issue with EULEX conducting the mission. They are the regional body with personnel on the ground. Given the ICTY has already gone with a fine tooth comb over these allegations and came up with very little, I see that this is just posturing for domestic political consumption.

It's a shame because rather than focus on substantive issues such as unemployment, routing out corruption and social safety net, Serb political leaders are reinforcing a national martyr complex and providing fertile ground for conspiracy theories.
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by: Martin Cane from: Paris
May 16, 2011 07:49
Mr. Anonymous,
If you read the above article you should have noticed that no one talks about the"organ transplant" but about the human organ trafficking, which is not the same.
When talking abou the "coincidence" which is not, you know perfectly well what are the interest of those who support Kosovo's independence. So do not play the naive. "I see this as a posturing for domestic political consumption". Very good. You got a ready made "state" and you give your advice to "corrupted Serbian political leaders.What would you call the Kosovo's independence? It should be better to advice the so called Kosovo's government to be honnest and civilized, and forget the myth about the being a victim of non respect of "human rights".Most probably because of that Kosovo is ethnically cleansed . There are few Serbs left and the Albanian population doubled.

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