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Serbian 'War Song' At UN General Assembly Concert Upsets Bosniaks

The Serbian vocal group Viva Vox Choir
The Serbian vocal group Viva Vox Choir
By Courtney Brooks
NEW YORK -- It was introduced as a "great march of peace," a stirring encore to end this week's New Year's concert at the United Nations.

The Serbian vocal group Viva Vox Choir had just performed an a cappella mix of Serbian tunes and bland western hits such as "Mamma Mia" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

But the choir's final song struck a decidedly bum note, provoking anger among Bosnian groups who recognized it as a martial tune associated with the massacres of the 1990s.

"March on the River Drina" is an anthem from World War I, when the Serbs were fighting Austro-Hungarian troops. The Drina forms most of the border between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

It was also sung, however, by ultranationalist Serbian forces during the wars that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia.

On January 15, the Congress of North American Bosniaks posted an open letter on its website to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It included signatures from the leaders at the Institute of Genocide Research, the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Bosnian American Genocide Institute and Education Center.

"The concert was a scandalous insult to the victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina because the orchestra played the infamous and offensive Serb nationalist song 'March on the River Drina,'" the letter says."The genocide that occurred in Srebrenica and Zepa, and other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was conducted by Serbian aggressors while blasting this song as they raped, murdered, and ethnically cleansed the non-Serb population." 

Ban Says Sorry

The furor over the song prompted Ban's spokesman to express regret.

On January 17, Martin Nesirky told reporters that Ban -- who was shown clapping along to the march -- had not known the song's contentious background.

"We are aware that some people were offended by the encore song at the concert held in the General Assembly on January 14 and we sincerely regret that people were offended by this song, which was not listed in the official program," Nesirky said. "The Secretary-General was obviously not aware of what the song was about or the use that has been made of it in the past."

But former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, who organized the concert, defended the performance.

Jeremic, who's currently General Assembly President, called the controversy "a highly regrettable attempt at twisting the meaning of our musical gift offered to the world this week, and a deeply offensive one for the Serbian people."

In a statement, his office added, "'Mars na Drinu' is a song that takes a central place in our memory of defending our freedom from aggressors in World War I, during which Serbia lost around one-third of its male population in the many battles fought on the side of the allies."
The statement continued: "We are very proud of it, and we wanted to share it with the world with a clearly stated accompanying message of reconciliation for present and future generations."

With additional reporting by Gordana Knezevic from RFE/RL's Balkan Service
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 18, 2013 11:15
Aaah,how could we upset the tender sensitivity of the turkish tatar muslim doves with such songs -shame shame shame-this calls for another bombing of Serbia!!!The serbs are invaders,genociders,and should be resettled in Mongolia where they came from!!! Long live turkic mooselem National Socialism!!!
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by: Ariana from: Kosovo
January 18, 2013 14:27
You clearly have some issues in understanding human rights, neighborly respect and distinguishing right from wrong. Guess what, it is wrong to commit genocide and kill civilians. It is also wrong to glorify these wrongdoings decades later. Wake up man!
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by: Lana from: world
January 18, 2013 17:27
Why then albanians commited such horrible crimes with organ trafficking, and nobody punishes them? Responsibles are free. Why albanians glorify this? Read a book from carla del ponte. Yellow house? Come on.. You are the one to talk about genocide. hah.. hipocrites...
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by: ZRK from: USA
February 13, 2013 02:19
The only genocide in the 90's was Srebrenica, at least according to the ICTY and ICJ.
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by: Frank
February 15, 2013 05:43
Dubious "international" bodies make dubious observations like the ones concerning former Yugo.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 18, 2013 12:34
What is there about the Russian anthem?
Gentlemen already forget, that it is a Stalin's hymn, to the sounds of which were killed millions of people?.....
To the sound of which Putin is now torturing girls in prison, Jack swallows cologne and camel strikes with hoof in tambourine.
I am sure, the Secretary General shall invite this trio to play Stalinist anthem, while he taking stupid and unnecessary resolutions.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 18, 2013 18:28
You are right,dearest Vahe-its a Stalinist hymn and Stalin was,please refresh our memory-an Abkhazian or an ossetinian,thank you!!!
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
January 23, 2013 08:01
Actually Camel, I know you have a very poor grasp of history, but Stalin was a mix of Georgian, Ossetian, and Russian. He is still venerated in North and South Ossetia as the "Great son of the Ossetian people", as well as being venerated in Russia, where there are over 300 statues and monuments, including at least 10 which have been erected since Putin came to power. These include the "Stalin, Hero of Mother Russia" museum at Volgograd, which the locals recently petitioned to be returned to its soviet era name of Stalingrad. Furthermore a majority of young Russians think he was a good leader for the country.
Compare this with Georgia where he is roundly reviled by most people (but not all) in the country....
So, Camel abuser, he was part Ossetian, and they worship him. Get an education.
In Response

by: Frank
February 06, 2013 14:54
Andrew lacks a proper education.

Many Ossetians don't idolize Stalin, unlike some Georgians.

by: MikeS
January 18, 2013 16:44
The reference to this song has totally been skewed. It was a WWI song that was created by the Serbs when they fought the Germans. The song is symbolic and represents fighting for freedom when the facists entered Yugoslavia. The fact that it may have been used by some soldiers during this last war doesn't mean it was intended for that purpose. Anyone can do anything with a song. It does not mean the song was created for that purpose. If the rebels in Mali started listening to Mozart during their offensive campaigns, should Mozart be banned from all radio stations and events? This is one of those stories that was entirely blown out of proportion and created for opportunists.
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by: Abdulmajid
January 22, 2013 18:44
We had a chence to see how brave Serb soldiers are when they raped and killed helpless civilians, 8.347 in a few days at Srebrenica alone, and no, don't say teh Bosniaks were just as bad. The Bosniaks NEVER rounded up thousands of civilians to kill them. And yes, the Nazis had orchestras playing all kinds of music as they led their victims to the gas chambers, and that music wasn't composed for that purpose too, but if I were a Holocaust survivor don't you think it would caue me only pain???Then, if it was Verdi they played I couldn't stand Verdi anymore. Do you begrudge me that? And you callously ignore and play down the feelings of Bosniaks who saw their loved ones slaughtered and raped before their eyes to the tune of this song. And it IS about conquering Bosnia. Because that's why the Serbs started the war, in 1914 as well as in 1992. To conquer Bosnia and exterminate its Muslim population. And I wish to push that irational and grotesque anti-Muslim hate back into the mouths of those who utter it. Because that talk leads to murder and genocide and no, I'm NOT inferior to you, neither genetically nor morally, just because I profess the Muslim faith!

by: Jay Reid from: london atm
January 18, 2013 20:25
Bosniaks has the nerve to complain? And what about the fact that Osama bin Laden lived and worked in Muslim held territories of Bosnia during the mid-nineties? Can I as a American complain on that?
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by: Jasmina Radivojevic
January 18, 2013 23:56
This also must be a dengerous cetnik:
Henry Arland
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by: Frank
January 20, 2013 20:49
The Bosniak nationalist group in question has a background of presenting distortions and outright lies as truth.

Some debunking follow-up to their deceit:


In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
January 23, 2013 08:02
Unlike yourself eh Frank, you war crimes denier.......
In Response

by: Frank
February 03, 2013 02:28
Unliike yourself Andrew, I don't rehash lies and half truths.

by: Bob
January 19, 2013 04:42
Perhaps UN should have another concert and play Horst Wessel lied to satisfy the sons and grandsons of Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS Hanjar Division.

This apology is an insult to all WWI Allies.
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by: Abdulmajid
January 22, 2013 18:18
yeah, yeah, the Bosniaks are Nazis, the Serbs did right to do them in, you say.
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by: ZRK from: USA
February 13, 2013 02:24
"The Serbs did right to do them in". Abdulmajid, the Bosnian war resulted in the deaths of 25,000 Bosniak civilians; 8,000 Bosnian Serb civilians (ICTY figures). The ICTY and ICJ have ruled that Srebrenica was genocide, nothing else. I hardly doubt that the Serbs trying to "do Bosniaks in" would result in the deaths of 25,000 civilians, which equates to less than 1 % of the total Bosniak population. Numbers and facts, Abdulmajid, not SDA propaganda.
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by: Frank
February 15, 2013 05:45
What happaened to the Armenians better fits the genocide category something that Bosnian Muslim nationalists and their cronies tend to downplay.

by: sys from: EU
January 19, 2013 09:14
Is there anyone who have some history knowledge or can read and use internet at same time?
"The triumph of the Serbians over their numerically superior Austro-Hungarian opponents marked the first Allied victory over the Central Powers during the First World War. To honour the bravery of the fallen, the Serbian composer Stanislav Binički composed Marš na Drinu."
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by: Dimitrije from: Serbia
January 20, 2013 16:11
This is a best comment here!

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by: It'sAllAboutHistory from: Canada
January 20, 2013 19:15
It was never an apology but rather a regret that some people didn't like it.
That song was for the bravery of the fallen that defended the Europe in Great War.

by: Don from: Vienna
January 20, 2013 16:03
Just for yor information:

And I guess that Serbia and Austria dont have the best historical relationship. World - please open yor mind and stop supporting always the USA bootlikers.

January 20, 2013 16:11
March on the Drina
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Marš na Drinu)
The "March on the Drina" (Serbian Cyrillic: Марш на Дрину, pronounced [mârʃ na drǐːnu]) is a Serbian patriotic song from World War I and the title of a film (1964).[1]
During World War I, the river Drina (located on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina in eastern Bosnia and Serbia) was the site of a bloody battle between the Austro-Hungarian army and the allied forces of the Serbian army, the Battle of Cer, from August 16 to August 19, 1914. The triumph of the Serbians over their numerically superior Austro-Hungarian opponents marked the first Allied victory over the Central Powers during the First World War..[2] To honour the bravery of the fallen, the Serbian composer Stanislav Binički composed Marš na Drinu. This song has become a symbol of the bravery of the Serbs during the First World War. The lyrics to the song was written many decades after Stanislav Binički composed the song, by poet and journalist Miloje Popović.[3]

In the Serbian constitutional referendum of 1992, the citizens voted to make it the official anthem of the Republic of Serbia. However, the turnout on the referendum was below the 50% benchmark set by the Constitution for validity, thus the March was never officially adopted. By 2004, the National Assembly had approved the old “God of Justice” anthem from the regal period as the national anthem, which was confirmed on the 2006 Constitutional referendum.


In Response

by: Abdulmajid
January 21, 2013 22:02
Yes your history will live forever. From 1804 on, or from Garasanin on it can be resdumed in three words:
In Response

by: Frank
January 22, 2013 09:45
In actuality, it's more a matter of hypocritically lying anti-Serb bigots.

An excellent takedown of the Bosnian Muslim nationalist hack organization which regularly engages in deceit:

In Response

by: Nash from: Boston
January 22, 2013 12:57
Hello Abdul,
Check def. of genocide:
Several categories of crimes described as genocide are missing in the case of "Bosniaks"....
So called genocide against Bosniaks is invented as much as US invented all the rubbish about Saddam...we all know the real truth by now.....is it?
Concerning Bosniaks......what kind of nation they are? They have not even basic atributes of the nation....language for example....comprendo mister?.......so b4 you speek about anything, wash your mouth with the soap....is going to be useful for your mind also....
In Response

by: Anonymous
January 22, 2013 18:31
The Serb national project is genocide againmst the Balkan Muslims. Everybody can read it in Njegos' Gorski Vijenac and everybody could see it on the evening news as it was happening, it was qualified as genocide by the ICTY and by the ICJ (even thoough they too in an attempt to equalite aggression and resistance conceded half of the points to the Serbs) and yet some very evil and very foolish people deny that it was genocide and since they have nothing to stand on they resort to insult and slander. And they still continue to deny the Bosniaks their right to exist. Like that nash character here: the Bosniaks ARE A NATION no matter what you and all others out to destry them say. Of course you say they aren't a nation, so to make that truew they must be exterminated. ANd what bugs me most is that suich things are regularly let through here. If somebody said the same things about the Jews it would be universally condemned but to bad-mouth and challenge the Bosniaks'right to exist is all right, ha? So the Bosniaks dfon't have a language of their own, ha? So what, do the Austrians? And the Swiss, do they have a language of their own? And if they haven't got a country then because the Serbs robbed them of it! And even at the risk that the mods here will not let this pass again (as only the mildest form of rebuke against genocidal anti-Bosniakhate speech is permitted) I would say that even if I could give those Serbofascist anti-Bosniaks back only a fraction of their hate it would mean more pain for them than most human beings can endure.
In Response

by: Frank
February 03, 2013 02:31
If anything, Izetbegovic more closely advocated genocide. Refer to his fundamentalist Islamic declaration.

Nationalist anti-Serb types and those duped by them continue to rely on distortions and outright lies.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
February 09, 2013 18:30
We go t to see the anti-Bosniak genocidal crusade waged by teh Serbs as it was happening every day in the evening news and now you got the NERVE to tell me that "it's all half truths and lies" and of course that the "Bosniaks committed genocide not the Serbs" The truth about the Serb genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade is well known no matter what the sworn and declared enemies of the Bosniak people say. Enemiesd who still want to commit genocide agaimnst Bosniaks. denialk is teh last and most important part of genocide "After having wasted them, say they never existed and nothing bad ever happened". People who show such a degree of callousness and disdain (and murderous genocidal intent) should be subject to just 10% of the pain and suffering the Bosniaks had to go through in 1992-95. Why should I love the Serbs gfor what they have done to my brothers and sisters in Bosnia and Kosovo? Why should I not expose the serbofascists for what they are, genocidal criminal monsters??? I mean, just hear them talk. I have very much sympathy for all those Bosnian Serbs who stood with their Bosniak friends and for all those Serbs who distance themselves from the aggression against the Bosniak people and against Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I do NOT care one bit about the others! Nor about their fascist, bigot supporters worldwide!
And besides that, your very own Ratko Mladic said, when Karadzic and Krajisnik exposed their evil little scheme to him "That's not like moving the keys, or small stones, from one pocket to the other...that's GENOCIDE." He himself admitted it! Right at the beginning! And it's a permanent subject of the whole Serb literature since Njegos! You disqualify yourselves if you try to deny it and to shift the blame! But you lot are so obtuse and blinded by hate. It is impossible to talk some sense into you. The only thing that can be done about you is: as long as you don't let action follow your words, just refute them at all opportunities. Should someone try to translate them into action, unlikely as this may seem at the moment, render them inoffensive - no matter by what means!
In Response

by: Frank
February 10, 2013 20:52
More empty calories from Abdul, which have been previously debunked.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
February 12, 2013 20:18
Frank, Ratko Mladic himself said it was genocide. It has been proven without any reasonable doubt. Only a very obtuse person would stiull say that what teh Serbs did to the Bosniaks wasn't genocide. "debunked" you say? Prove me wrong. Prove the ICTY wrong. But you can't. Anybody who can read Serb literature will see that it is rife witgthe obsession of committing genocide against Bosniaks. Just read "Gorski Vijenac". ANd the whole world could see the Serb genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade as it happened. You just blab "debunked" but won't say how or when or by whom. Because you can't . Then you resort to insult and invective. And then you have the NERVE to say that I should like the Serbs and endorse their veiwpoint. Rather be DEAD than do that! The more anti-Bosniak hate speech and Bosniak-baiting I hear from subjects like you the less sympathy I have for the Serbs. The more I get teh notion those who wish to erase the Bosniaks from the surface of the Earth should suffer that very same fate and that it's every decent human being's dutuy to see that this comes to pass. As what I personally would like to do to you lot I'll better refrain from saying but sometimes I get the notion that when it comes to such despicable people who have so obviously resigned from the human race, I would very much like to better even Gengis Khan.
In Response

by: FRank
February 15, 2013 05:46
Where and when did RM say such regarding Serb actions?

That G word has been propagandistically used.

by: Abdulmajid
January 21, 2013 22:07
The UN hasn't exactly covered itself in glory here. Nothing new under the sun, they alway managet to get themselves into a bit of an egg-on-face situation in Bosnia. As to the idiotic sham of the "Albanian organ harvesting"... well, the UN have proved themselves as double dealers before, as one of their guys said when referring to the Markale incident and how they let the Serbs twist it into a "false-flag attack" and the murder of Bosnian Foreign Minitser Dr. Hakija Turaljic by Serbs under the very noses of the UN, or illuminating those who tried to cross Sarajevo Airport so the Serbs could shoot them...and he said that the UN had been "Less than honest" in how they handled the Markale incident. Ha ha ha, less than honest, you can't be "a little pregnant" either. They even have admitted thet the Carla del Ponte/Dick Marty organ harvesting scam and the first-instance convictions of Haradinaj, Gotovina and Markac (and probably the one of Rasim Delic too) were part of a deal to "equalize the guilt between both sides", thus equalizing aggression and resistance, to appease Russia and Milosevic (and his successors) and as part of this deal Belgrade gave up Karadzic and Mladic (the latter one was just but it came 20 years too late and the price has been too high and what is worst their joint criminal enterprise named "RS" has not been dissolved). So of course they have committed this blunder here knowing full well what they were doing. The UN wanted the Bosniaks to surrender back then, and today the message sent to us balije by the many friends of Greater Serbia is that the saintly Serb nation can sweep the floor with us if they like. They shall be proven wrong.

by: Abdulmajid
January 22, 2013 18:37
WW I started because teh Serbs wanted to annex Bosnia-Herzegovina. So, in a way, "Mars na Drinu" IS an anti-Bosnian ands specifically anti-Bosniak song, or else the Serbs wouldn't have played it over the mosque loudspeakers as they committed genocide. They would have played some of their self-composed ditties about slaughtering and raping balije. it is NOT a great contribution to mankind. ANd then they defame the Bosniaks as Nazis or say some such idiocy that "The Bosniaks don't even have a language of their own, so they aren't a nation" ha ha ha, and the Swiss, do they have a language of their own? the New Zealanders? The Americans, for that matter? To say "the Bosniaks don't exist" IS genocidal hate speech, because in order to make that statement come true, the Serbs HAVE to commit genocide. Ratko Mladic said it himself. SO why still try to deny it?
In Response

by: Frank
February 07, 2013 15:47
WW I started because the Habsburgites occupied territory which had a multiethnic but closely related group of people who opposed the former's imperialism.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
February 09, 2013 22:07
Go learn some history, you...but not out of Serb books.
In Response

by: ZRK from: USA
February 13, 2013 02:31
Bosniaks were Nazis and Ustashe, and, to a lesser degree, Partizans. It is a matter of history. It is funny to hear Bosniaks talk of "Serb propaganda", how everything is "Serb propaganda" and then to hear people like yourself talk, citing your crazy, hate-filled, Bosniak propaganda. Sorry to burst your bubble but your government (SDA) lied their asses off during the war and if the Serbs weren't stupid enough to commit genocide at Srebrenica, there would have been no genocide. You can rant all you want but the ICTY and ICJ have made it explicitly clear SEVERAL TIMES: Srebrenica, genocide; Bosnian War 1992-1995, war.
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