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Slovakia Hates You Too, Jon Stewart!

Slovakia has not taken kindly to being mentioned on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."
Slovakia has not taken kindly to being mentioned on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."
In a segment on his popular "The Daily Show" this week, Jon Stewart's reaction to a  report on U.S. high-school pupils coming in 36th place, behind Slovakia, in a test comparing them to other countries' students has made him some enemies in Central Europe.

"I always feel bad for whatever country is just above America on these lists," the comedian begins. "Because invariably that country is used as a standard for just how far we have fallen as a people."

"Thirty-sixth, beneath the Slovak Republic," he continues, slipping into an exaggerated presenter's voice. "I mean, those f***ing people eat their own vomit!"

Stewart goes on to say the Slovak president is a cow and "their main export is farts!"

WATCH: John Stewart Reacts To An International Education Survey Ranking American Students In 36th Place  -- Behind Slovakia

Oddly enough, this mock roasting didn't go over too well with some in Slovakia. Comments on the show's website under the video by viewers with Slovak names seem more than a bit insulted.

"Only a really dumb person can make so pathetic jokes of a poorer country just because the yours is stealing from half of the world and therefore looks richer..."

"hmmm his primitive shows his 'intelligence' I think Slovakia did not reach US level of schools where sudents shoot each btw Slovakia is the biggest exporter of cars i the middle,eastern Europe. fuuuu his is so sad..."

"**** you america!!!!!!"

But that's just scratching the surface. The popular Slovak website headlines its reaction: "Attack on Slovakia in USA: Total mockery live on the air like you've never seen!" The article explains that Stewart was "so disillusioned by us doing better than Americans that he began vulgarly insulting Slovaks," and gives those insulted a chance to vent in the forum below.

Besides the constant references to Stewart being a "cretin" and how Americans shouldn't get so high and mighty -- after all, they finished after Slovakia! -- the hundreds of commenters unleash all the tabloid anti-Americanisms they can muster: American kids are so dumb because they're all shooting each other in school, Americans are fat, George W. Bush could barely read, Obama is a Black Muslim communist, Americans are cowboys shooting each other with hamburgers in hand, it all belonged to the Indians anyway, etc., etc.

So maybe Jon Stewart should remember: The whole world is watching! And they might not always quite get it....

-- Dan Wisniewski
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by: John Newcomb from: Canada
December 12, 2013 16:48
Stewart: Leave Slovakia alone and stick to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford because "The Ford Nation" can not only take your satire but can recycle it as fodder to fill their television show:
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by: Anonymous
December 12, 2013 22:11
With all respect, his show is not satirical comedy, and if you laugh at his "vulgar jokes", then...this world is sick.
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by: John Newcomb from: canada
December 13, 2013 14:54
I assume you meant Rob Ford's vulgar jokes, not those of Jon Stewart? I don't watch Jon Stewart but I'm aware that Rob Ford's popularity rating in Toronto has not been impacted by his crack-smoking actions.

However, "sick" may not adequately describe why Ford got elected and why he stays popular. Perhaps as in America, it might be a deep distrust, by many residents of the liberal-left urbanist intelligencia who are Ford's opponents. Not sure.

by: Adam from: UK
December 12, 2013 17:05
What an stupid person that can no talk about real problems. I am from Slovakia and I think he is being very racists. I think he need some mental help.
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by: Tim from: California
December 12, 2013 17:26
By the tone of his voice, it is obvious that he is mocking those fools who take an elevated view of the US. Once again, just like with Borat, the country being used to place a mirror on the the mocker, doesn't understand. Those offended have a very fine line of what is racism. If he was talking about the Czech people or Hungarian or German, I am confident you would not see this as news, but the comedy it is.
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by: matus from: uk
December 13, 2013 10:28
it says is all above!..The popular Slovak website headlines its reaction: "Attack on Slovakia in USA.."
I'm Slovak and I found it funny, although I don't like that guy..i like the way he's mocking the us news and somebody should do the same back home in's media who should be the dumb here after all: US for their luck of knowledge yet still making news and Slovakia for being shallow and ignorant
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by: Lukas Vychopen from: Czech Republic
December 13, 2013 13:14
Sadly, Czech media promptly jumped on the bandwagon and reported the whole story in a same way as, totally missing the point that Stewart was actually poking fun at his own people, not Slovaks. And the comment sections are exactly the same, overflowing with hate towards that "American Jew and his primitive humour". Terrible.
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by: Hern Burford from: Massachusetts
December 12, 2013 18:05
It is satire, you over-sensitive twits.
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by: Julius Minarik from: USA
December 13, 2013 01:28
It is satire..?? You must be kidding! How about we would make satire about his background and or Americans with flag - the same way he did to Slovakia You would see the reaction.
He is an arrogant racist!
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by: Jeff from: Canada
December 14, 2013 16:14
@Julius Minarik, He's making fun of Americans, not Slovakia. It's very clearly satire.
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by: prd from: sk
December 12, 2013 18:29
the problem is not racialy insensitive behavior...its jealousy ..because slovakia is no1 in car production in the world..not detroit. and we slovaks are much better thieves than americans ever were. if the object here is not well your wiener it will disappear in a minute
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by: Vyacheslavo the Ukrainian from: Kiev (Ukraine)
December 13, 2013 16:01
I must disagree with you Prd!
We in Russia are bigger thieves than you! You can never match up to us! Your government is just being ran by European well-educated technocrats. Our government is being ran by plutocrats, oligarchs, thieves who hate Europe and want to become a slave to Big Brother Russia, stealing all the country's wealths by the BILLIONS of Euros and putting them in offshore accounts in Switzerland. No, Prd. Neither Slovakia nor your brothers in Chech Republic can not compare on how big thieves we are.
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by: Laura from: Unites States
December 12, 2013 19:29
He is not being racist because he ACTUALLY is racist, The Daily Show is satirical comedy, so he is making fun of people(Americans) who have that kind of mindset by acting like them in an exaggerated and crude manner.
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by: Arturo from: United States
December 12, 2013 19:35
This is a satirist show, Jon Stewart uses the u.s media to mock their stupidity. It was not a direct insult expressing what he actually believes about Slovakia.
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by: Huus from: Holland
December 12, 2013 20:35
It's satire comedy and it's not racist. John Stewart is criticizing the main stream media's comparison with his impersonation. As you can see in the clip, CNN is creating a negative comparison at the cost of Slovakia's image. So in actuality, he is defending Slovakia as every native English speaker knows that statements he makes are satire.

by: ManAlive from: Middlesville, Nowhere
December 12, 2013 17:25
Well, here we go. People jumping up and down without any thoughtful or intelligent analysis of what is actually being said.

Jon Stewart was actually lampooning the real newscasters who ultimately insinuate that whoever ranks just above America should be used as a standard as to how far the country has fallen.

That is, if you think he is actually suggesting the Slovak Republic exports farts and has a cow for a president, you might want to go to the doctor to have your sense of humor checked out - it may be missing.

by: Marianna from: Florida
December 12, 2013 18:20
Jon Stewart is a moron.... 5 year old child in Slovakia has more brain then him.....
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by: - from: -
December 14, 2013 17:53
He was satirizing the general American view of Slovakia, not Slovakia itself. Who's the one lacking a brain? Don't jump to conclusions to quickly.

by: Susan from: US
December 12, 2013 18:40
Oh, Slovakia, you totally missed that he is mocking the snot out of the news report they played where the presenter says "the Slovak Republic" with intonation that implies it is just so horrible. He is mocking the reporting, not Slovakia. Poor sensitive, Slovaks. Sarcasm, my dearies; sarcasm.
He found it stupid that the original report made it sound like being behind Slovakia was a death sentence (the news casters intonation was quite negative when she said it) and he is making fun of that type of reporting and attitude, not Slovakia.
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by: VANDA from: las vegas
December 13, 2013 02:32
Im from Slovakia and i got it ;)

just some of our ppl in media didn't and make it a false impression ...


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by: Otto Greberg
December 13, 2013 06:16
OK, so next time he should be this kind of "satirical" about Israel and We'll see what will happen.
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by: Kamil from: Slovakia
December 13, 2013 16:04
Dear Susan, you said that we are sensitive. Tell me please what will be the reaction if someone burn american flag in TV and say jokes about that? Will you be laughing too?

Most of the slovaks here are not mad because of lack of sense of humor, but we simply do not think this is funny. Saying it is sarcasm let you say anything? If he is trying to point something may be he could use only USA and not insult another countries.
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by: Cudzinec from: Bratislava, Slovakia
December 13, 2013 18:52
I think most Slovaks who can understand the video will "get it", and realise it's just satire.
I'm a foreigner living in Slovakia, and I can tell you that this is a very productive and proud nation, although sometimes they do take things quite seriously and may not understand the humour in this case - or that Jon Stewart was mocking the news report, not the Slovak Republic.
The only people who are upset and screaming in these comments are those who don't get it (a minority I'm sure), so don't make the mistake of assuming this is how most Slovak citizens think. Most Slovaks, just like anywhere else, are rational people with a great sense of humour. The internet comment boxes however bring out the nutjobs.

by: tadoslav from: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
December 12, 2013 19:45
He's not making fun of Slovakia, he's making fun of a news report.

At the beginning they play back a news report that says the US finished 36th behind Slovakia. He says he feels sorry for countries that finish just above the US because they are used to show how badly the US is doing--so badly we even finished behind Slovakia, of all places. See, implicit in the logic of the news report is that Slovakia is a really dumb place, so dumb their president is a cow, etc. When he says these things he's gone off into the dumb voice of the media that is making these unfounded and ridiculous implications.

by: Pat from: California
December 12, 2013 22:06
It is, however, important to remember that those whose native language is not English and whose native environment and context is not the United States, may have a different perspective on humor than the vast majority of The Daily Show's audience.

by: hoosier83 from: Indiana
December 13, 2013 05:53
Hey now you do look dumb. You can not understand that he was making fun of the the United States and mostly how the news in the US reports this stuff. Slovakia I guess you need to take a class in satire.

by: Eva from: with love from Slovakia
December 13, 2013 07:52
Dear Mr. Stewart:
I am Slovak who actually studied in North Carolina, I speak English, German, intermediate French and Russian, I definitely do not eat my owns vomits and we Slovak do not export any farts. I used to love your show but I guess you are getting too desperate. Next time please try to mock a bigger player than Slovakia and then observe your foreign trade deficit.
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by: Tomas from: London
December 13, 2013 14:17
Dear Eva,
It's a shame that you studied in North Carolina and cannot understand English. In fact, did you study in English?
He didn't mock Slovakia but the US media! Now go and watch it again!
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by: Nick
December 13, 2013 20:00
Pretty sure he's not reading this, Eva.
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by: Aneta from: Hong Kong
December 21, 2013 06:00
Dear Eva,

It is great that you had the opportunity to study in North Carolina despite the low level of your English. In fact, you managed to make at least three grammar mistakes in your short comment (I am *a* Slovak, "eat vomit", not "vomits", "we Slovaks"). It shows that the American people are very tolerant and do assume that everyone has to speak perfect English in order to study in their country. I suggest you learn from them and refrain from judging people based on your faulty observation of them.

by: Mike from: Vienna
December 13, 2013 08:35
I think this man is exact prove why is USA lower than Slovak Republic. And also if US people laugh on this kind of boring jokes also with humor they should drop to last places :) Just boring and stupid. But for stupid people good enough :)
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by: Anonymous from: Bratslava, Slovakia
December 13, 2013 22:07
Yeah, this is probably first adult person telling jokes about farts i have ever seen...
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