Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Tajikistan Launches Its Own Social-Networking Site

Tajikistan has launched a new social-networking site expected to become an alternative to the Russian site odnoklassniki.ru, which had been inaccessible to many in Tajikistan since July 18.

Ganijon Salomzoda, the founder of the new site, vipnet.tj, told journalists on July 23 that it prohibits the publication of extremist materials and the use of foul language.

The site also prohibits "the uploading of materials violating 'Tajik traditions,'" as well as videos and photos that "violate Islamic legislation," and materials violating copyright law.

It is not clear what is meant by "Islamic legislation" and what materials "violate Tajik traditions."

The Odnoklassniki.ru site was used by Tajiks to share information and materials about different topics, including some thought to be sensitive for Tajik authorities.


Based on reporting by avesta.tj and Interfax


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