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North Caucasus

Soldier, Police Killed In Daghestan Attacks

Police in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Daghestan say one Russian soldier was killed and three police were injured when a man opened fire at a security post late on August 22.

Police said the gunman was shot and killed by police in the violence near the village of Mokok in the Tsuntinsk district.

They said the gunman opened fire from the back of a truck after a vehicle had been stopped for a document check.

Authorities said a search was launched for the driver and other occupants of the truck, which sped away after the shooting.

The Russian Interior Ministry reported earlier on August 22 that between August 11 and 17, nine policemen and soldiers and five civilians in the North Caucasus had been killed in a series of attacks.

Also late on August 22 in Daghestan, police said a police captain was shot by unknown assailants outside his home in the Babayurt area and later died of his wounds.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Interfax
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by: Anonymous
August 23, 2012 23:25

by: Alex from: LA
August 23, 2012 23:51
still not a single use of word 'terrorist' to attackers, they are freedom fighters then! VIVA NORTH CAUCASUS SULTANATE supported by the WEST, VIVA ANDULUSIAN SULTANATE supported by all terrorist groups registered in the WEST.
Hey all the Christian the Muslim have divine right to rule over your ancestral lands, so just give your land to them, USA will help them establish. Unless USA is already there so don't mess with that. Armenia give your lands to Azeriturks and the other Turks, Georgia to Turks too what the hell. Cyprus, Greece, All of Balkans including Austria, Crimea and Ukraine to Turks so they can create TURAN like they always dream of doing by committing genocides. India to Pakiturks. All of North Africa to Saudi Arabia, i might be missing bunch of African countries that Muslim used to control and dream of getting it back, (this the agenda of all Muslim Terrorist groups, except those in Palestine that are true freedom fighters from tyranny of Israeli's gov't, that we gladly call terrorists.) Ahhh that would such a good world to live in, ohh wait did the world already go through that. Ya it did and crumbled and US/UK/France jumped on the oportunity to give Turks a reason for Armenian Genocide, and they set up new age colonies, like US has in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, basically anywhere there is US bases on foreign soil.

VIVA IMPERIALISTIC CORPORATE GREED. When will US break the IRON TRIANGLE and bring us back on track, OBAMA please grow a pair and stop the corporate control of our grand country and ideals that are great on surface, but rotten inside.

by: Mamuka
August 24, 2012 11:41
What is lost in all this is the fact that many of these young policemen are conscripts thrown into the middle of criminal-drug gang wars that their leaders profit from while the soldiers live in horrible conditions. And in the North Caucasus, they are mostly Muslims.
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by: Wolf
August 25, 2012 13:50
"the soldiers live in horrible conditions And in the North Caucasus, they are mostly Muslims"
Mamuka, really? Are you saying that Arabs who were fighting against prophet Mohammed were also Muslims and prophet Mohammed was fighting against Muslims? When you become a drunkard and kill Muslim people left and right you are Muslim? When you steal money and beat prisoners to death you are Muslim? Whey you curse a practicing Muslim you are a Muslim? When you spread a lie about a prisoner you killed you are Muslim? I am sorry you need to learn Islam a bit to know how a Muslim can become a satanist and serve forces of satan.

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