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South Ossetian Presidential Election Goes To Second Round

Former KGB official Leonid Tibilov is the front-runner after the first round of South Ossetia's presidential election.
Former KGB official Leonid Tibilov is the front-runner after the first round of South Ossetia's presidential election.
The election in Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia region to choose a separatist president looks to be heading for a second round.

Officials said former KGB official Leonid Tibilov got 42 percent of the vote on March 25 -- not enough to win in the first round.

Tibilov will face the second-place finisher, separatist human rights official David Sanakoyev, in the April 8 runoff.

Sanakoyev got 25 percent in first round.

It is the second recent attempt to elect a president in Russian-backed South Ossetia, after the results of a November vote were annulled by a court after a Kremlin-backed candidate appeared to lose.

WATCH: South Ossetians vote in the first round of their presidential election (in Russian)
Presidential Elections Held In South Ossetiai
March 25, 2012
Voters in the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia went to the polls on March 25 to choose a new leader. Officials said the turnout was over 50 percent, and two candidates made it to the second round: presidential human rights ombudsman David Sanakoyev and Leonid Tibilov, the former chair of the State Security Committee. Eleven candidates were campaigning to succeed former de facto President Eduard Kokoity.

South Ossetia was the spark that led to the brief 2008 Russian-Georgian war.

Russia recognized South Ossetian independence after the war, but only a handful of other countries have done so.

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by: Nils Tore Gjerde from: Molde. Norway
March 26, 2012 10:28
The biggest fiasco in modern Russian diplomatic history! In fact South Ossetia is a part of Russian federation - not an independent country that can stand on its on feet.
In Response

by: Mamuka
March 26, 2012 16:13
If South Ossetia is part of the Russian Federation, why does Moscow insist that it is independent???

I wonder if Mr Tilbilov ever worked with Putin or Lavrov in the KGB. Will he change his name to Tibiloev?

by: Mamuka
March 26, 2012 16:26
I must retract my earlier post in which I questioned Mr Tibilov's Ossetian roots-- according to Kavkaz-Uzel he has served in the South Ossetian government for some time. I thought maybe he was another one of these Russian imports.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 28, 2012 17:06
I see guarding in pose of "ambaly" voting boot man,
Probably Russian military occupier or "shape-shifter".
And Russian TV - mentioning military armored "vans"
During Putin election, surrounding meeting of protesters.

They called them "korobochki", the Russian occupiers,
When Brezhnev visited Kishinev, Moldova, in 1970th.
They called it lavishly, the Russians and Quislings,
Among at military armored tracks - painted green,
At corners - places where rivers of people flowed.

The ultimate Tyranny, with the non-lethal weapons
Aimed at multitude of forced people - demonstrate
As marching in Treblinka camp lobotomy-zombies
With "I love you Bregnev!" - slaves of Russian hate.

Factory, where I was working, put me in a first line.
Brezhnev was staring at me - as I was passing by,
All USSR new about me - old Tyrant hoped I'll bow.
I moved finger around head-side, saying it was low
And Brezhnev was mad. He got it, the despotic guy!

Just after we exit main "platca" - Russians avenged,
Hitting by motorcycle a non-Russian, not quite dead
When he was put into van, chocking or braking neck,
As I came, by guys, employees of same factory rack.

"South Osetia" is Georgian land - invaded, cleansed,
Occupied by Russia army, Spetcnaz and GRU mad,
With intimmidations, Quislings and children of rapes
By Russians since 1954-56, "Separatist-Gaulyaters",
Russia Marshal law and staffed by "KOROBOCHKI"!

They certainly must do it in Osetia, in Abkhjazia and in
Georgian Sochi, cleansed by Lenin's genocide.
Is it now Olympics City?
Even Hitler dared not make Olympics in annexed Prague,
he made it in Munich - but impudence of Varaga-Prussaka
has no limitations!
They spit into face of Caucasian race and Human Civilization!
They used "Korobochki" during and before Putin elections -
To get total victory for expanding Russian Empire and they will
do it everywhere, specially in South Osetia.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los angeles
March 31, 2012 06:18
Where is my "PS" comment to my comment above?
It is important to make people know what new technology
is used against them and it will be used again, specially
during electons - like portable "korobochki" in thin cases
about 1 meter size and hand-handled tubes, subliminals
and gypnotists...

by: Mike from: US
March 29, 2012 08:00
Georgia will very soon return both Samachablo (South Ossetia), & Abkhazia as it should have done long ago. Anyone doubting this, I suggest to read up on history or stop trolling.

If you simply read about the history of Georgia, it is nothing short of spectacular, how quickly this country gets back up after complete devastation. After pure Russian domination and separation starting with the imperial Russia in 1800 and ending with the fall of communists it took Georgia no more then ten years and they are back up fighting.

In Response

by: Michael from: NY
April 01, 2012 16:00
You are the one who needs to read up on history. Abkhazia and Ossetia were only "Georgian" thanks to Stalin and we know what kind of monster he was. Otherwise, these nations were NEVER part of a "Georgian" state. In fact, the medieval kingdom of Abkhazia conquered Svanetia and Mingrelia which were in fact Islamic Persian emirates under the control of the Persians in the south. They also were ruled by Persians, Armenians, and other peoples for most of their history. Please read history books not written by neo-nationalist Georgian peoples. And you're lying about Russian "domination" in the 1800s. There is lots of proof these Georgian provinces signed themselves willingly over to the Russians and volunteered in their armies to fight against other north caucasians because they wanted to take their lands from them. It's sickening how you and your kind try to dispel lies at such an alarming rate and expect people to believe them. I guess that is the power of the Georgian propaganda machine. What a pity!


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