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Syria Blames Massacre On Terrorists, Amid Warnings Of Civil War

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Syria has blamed a weekend massacre on "armed groups" amid warnings from the international community that the country is on the brink of civil war.

General Kassem Jamaleddine, the head of the official probe into the killings in the central Syrian town of Houla, told a news conference in Damascus that a preliminary investigation showed that those killed had refused "to oppose the government and were at odds with the armed groups."

Last week's massacre in the central Syrian village of Houla, where 108 people were killed -- many of them children and women -- sparked global outrage. Investigations showed most of those who died were summarily executed.

"The massacre of civilians of the sort seen last weekend could plunge Syria into a catastrophic civil war, a civil war from which the country would never recover," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told a forum in Istanbul. "I demand the government of Syria act on its commitment under the Annan peace plan."

Syria's Foreign Ministry immediately reacted to Ban's warning, saying it regretted the comment and accusing the UN chief of becoming a "herald of civil war."

Ban's warning was echoed by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who said at the same forum that the European Union is preparing new sanctions against Damascus.

The Houla massacre prompted Western countries, including the United States, Britain, France, and Australia to expel senior Syrian diplomats in their countries.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in CopenhagenU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen
Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Russia's backing of Assad's regime in the UN Security Council could also lead to a civil war.

Speaking to university students in Copenhagen, Clinton said Russian officials have told her "they don't want to see a civil war."

But she said Washington believes Moscow's policy of protecting Damascus from tough international sanctions in the UN Security Council is, in fact, going to "contribute to a civil war."

"[The Russians] are just vociferous in their claim that they are providing a stabilizing influence. I reject that," Clinton said. "I think they are, in effect, propping up the regime at a time when we should be working on a political transition."

Earlier, Syrian rebels threatened to quit altogether a shaky cease-fire, unless Damascus starts implementing the Annan peace plan in earnest.

In a statement, the Turkey-based Free Syrian Army said that the Houla massacre shows there is no more justification "to unilaterally respect the truce because Assad has buried" Annan's six-point peace plan.

The ultimatum gives the Syrian military until noon June 1 to withdraw troops, tanks, and artillery from all civilian areas and implement an immediate cease-fire.

It calls on Assad's government to grant independent media and humanitarian groups access to all regions and to free all detained protesters and political prisoners. It also demands the launch of "serious negotiations" through UN mediators.

With reporting by AP and AFP
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 03, 2012 19:19
At the end of Postdam conference Stalin publicly said
That neither he nor any USSR nation and nationality
Wanted a yard of other peoples land, beside land
Returned to Poland and Russia's grabing City
Keninsberg - it's plot of Russia and British.

"Our Russian and British delegations aim
To devide Europe (to annex it), while USA
Delegation simce oblivian to my complain.
Liberated World has stay the agreed way."

Now they are going again! It's wrong Hillary,
Be so "conviniently" oblivian, as many in US
That German Kohlmeyer and Brit's Howling
Pseudo-Archeology digg Syria end for years.

Russia, Britain and "Bechtel" with Germans,
Since 1954 plot take-over the World, Halifat
Is part of it - no escape for Syria. Russians,
Helped by British, Germans and Austrians
Create energy and economy blocade defalt.

Britain-Russia expand strategic partnership,
New World Empire. Japan is the partner too
With the Brits develope military superiorities.
To pass it to Russia? Castrate US and to do
To Japan what Russia does to its neighbor?

If Japan and USA so "obliviantly" trust British,
Why not US-Japan-UK - supervised hockish
By USA, so it wouldn't happen. Hillary happy,
Simce to pass Syria to the Hallifat of dupped
By imperial-resurect since 1954 pact World?

In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 03, 2012 23:10


Thought it was attempted in the past, it is a new way,
perfected since Lenin and his bolshevics-invaders,
To annex and to repopulate countries, using large armies
to support relatively small numbers of insurgents, calling them
"genuine people".

For instance, Lenin invaded with army of red Cossacks and
58 Army all Caucasus and Georgian parts - Northern Osetia,
Sochi Region, Abkhazia and South Osetia - unleashing
genocide against Georgians and settling there from South Russia Russians, Cossacks, Adygas, Pechenegas and so on.
Later Russia returned to Georgia Abkhazia and South Osetia
(without Georgian Darial passage at the north) and continued
to settle since Hrutchev all of the above settlers in North of
Abkhazia and in Tchinvali and Java of South Osetia.

Being ready before 1992-93, Russia used small numbers, like
some 10% Abkhazians in the North, under guns of another 10%
of Russian settlers spies and secret armies, versus 80% of
various Georgian ethnografic groups in Abklhazia - to cleanse
Abkhazia from magority and annex it for Russia.

Similarly, most of South Osetia was Georgians or intermarried
with Georgians Osetin Christians, invited since 5th Century AD
and mostly living in all Georgia at large. Influx of Russian spies,
including some from North Osetia, was justification for invading
Russian (new) 58 Army, using for excuse few hundreds of
raped by Russian GRU and Spetcnaz Osetin girls, half breed
children, as Gauliters and pseudo-separatists.

Many, not unlike Kofi Annan, or Hillary, simce bying it, or do they?
Kofi Annan help his "brothers Efiopian Pushkins" from Russia
to expand.
Hillary and many others are oblivian to it - or are they?

UN Charter is not a technicality that allowed to be overturned
by Russian "kruchkotvors", 1954 Pact and oblivian USA.

Kofi Annan demanded Georgian magority, victims of genocide,
take away their home guard from their own Abkhazia, while
Russian armies of death with GRU and Spetcnaz "oboroten's"
unleashed genocide and cleansing magority of populatrion!

Buhgaltery of the Russian, British and Germano-Austrian imperial resurectors's devil!

Kofi Annan and Hillary might lead to the same in Syria.
Why Syrian population must be murdered by minorities
of influxed by British and Russians Chaldeans, the pseudo-Palestinians, and other insurgents, like it is their country?
Why Syrian magority in such areas must desarm while
insurgents and influx would arm?

Why British and Russians wouldn't just take the Chaldeans where they brought them from - South Iraq?

Why Russians wouldn't take Adyga, Cossacks and others where they brought them from - South Russia?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 04, 2012 17:56

By the way, what Syria alleges happened in Chechnia and North Abkhazia.

Half of Chechens, those that fought against nazi Germany during WW2, were expelled from Chechnia for refusing play role of slaves-soldiers for Russian GRU and Spetcnaz.
Another half, the returnees from exile, were mortified and also turned refugees for the same reason - their family members hads were cut-off and impailed in front of their windows.

Still, the remander had guts to resist Russians and turned field
commanders and their units in Chechnia elected their government.

Russia didn't accept it and continued war and cleansings.

Similarly in North Abkhazia - refusing kill Georgians for Russia
and their GRU and Spatcnaz were shot, burned alive or
behaded - Russians played footbol in Ritca with cut-off heads.
Most of genuin Abkhazian minority turned refugees too, as the
Georgian magority.

It looks like same handwriting emerge in Syria.
British and Germans, imperial resurectors, tought Russian and Serbian special forces to cut-off human heads and to mortify people and nations they would conquer.
Russian GRU and Spetcnaz tought their "oboroten's", soldiers slaves from Caucasus, do the same, under command of Russian "shtaby".
The last, teachers and pupils, sdpreading it in the Muslim World - to forge World Halifat, to use as suplimental, till their day to die would come, by Russian British, German and Austrian new colonial empires.

By the way, Syrians have to be careful not to fall into the same trick of evil imperial plants of cutthroats - Serbians did and lost.

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