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Tajik Scholar Criticized For Suggesting Muslim Prayers In Tajik Language

Controversial Tajik scholar Zafari MirzoyonControversial Tajik scholar Zafari Mirzoyon
Controversial Tajik scholar Zafari Mirzoyon
Controversial Tajik scholar Zafari Mirzoyon
By RFE/RL's Tajik Service
DUSHANBE -- A prominent scholar in Tajikistan is being criticized after calling for Muslim prayers in the country to be performed in the Tajik language rather than Arabic. 

Zafar Mirzoyon, who is known for his articles on Tajik history and national-identity issues, made the remark last week during a meeting with students at Tajik National University in Dushanbe. 

Mirzoyon said reading Koranic verses in a language that a person understands brings them "closer to God."

Critics say the suggestion defies the Islamic teaching that the Koran should not be translated from Arabic.

Islamic experts in Tajikistan have said Mirzoyon's suggestion is an "insult" to Islam. 

But the country's Islamic leaders, including the Council of Ulema, have not publicly commented on Mirzoyon's suggestion or the public debate it has sparked.
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by: ahmed from: HP
April 29, 2012 04:34
This is a genuine problem and its an old debatable matter.

Should Islamic prayers be solely in Arabic ? What is the way of reading the Quran-e Kareem? In the original Arabic , or as a translation into ones first language ?

Spiritually, when one prays , the idea is to be in communication with ones Creator. Logically therefore, people should pray using the languages with which they are most familiar.

For most non-Arabic speakers, mastering the classical Arabic of the Quran, is a mighty big problem----almost insurmountable.

If this goes conter-current to Islamic teachings, can this matter be left to the individual,please.

Do what you think is suitable, and leave the rest to the All Mighty.

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