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Ethnic Tatar Miss Russia Winner Targeted By Ethnic Slurs On Internet

Eighteen-year-old Elmira Abdrazakova after being crowned Miss Russia 2013 in Moscow on March 2
Eighteen-year-old Elmira Abdrazakova after being crowned Miss Russia 2013 in Moscow on March 2
By Alsu Kurmasheva
Officially Russia prides itself on being a diverse, multicultural country.

So it seemed appropriate when 18-year-old Elmira Abdrazakova -- the daughter of a Russian mother and a Tatar father from frigid Kemerovo Oblast -- was crowned Miss Russia 2013 on March 2.

But the online reaction was enough to wipe the smile off Abdrazakova’s face. Within hours of her victory, an avalanche of thousands of hate messages filled with ethnic slurs came in from people espousing Russian nationalist views, forcing Abdrazakova to shut down her social-media pages.

One person wrote that there should be a law barring "Tatar women and also highland and lowland ethnic Shors" from participating in beauty contests.

Another wrote that "a gypsy woman cannot be the face of Russia."

The reaction prompted Abdrazakova to shut down her page on the popular social-networking site "in order to avoid further provocations," as she told the Russian News Service. She said that the comments were motivated by "racism or some kind of nationalism" but added that people in the public spotlight have to expect negative reactions.

She said she expects to put her page back up in the near future.

The reaction against Abdrazakova’s victory comes at a time of rising nationalist sentiment in Russia. Nationalist Cossacks recently began patrolling Moscow streets. They have also pledged to guard Orthodox churches after the performance-art group Pussy Riot offended many believers by performing part of an anti-Putin punk song in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral.

For winning Miss Russia, Abdrazakova received $100,000 and a scholarship. She will represent Russia in the Miss World and Miss Universe competitions.

Kemerovo Oblast Governor Aman Tuleyev on March 5 presented Abdrazakova with a local medal and the keys to a one-room apartment. He also gave Abdrazakova’s mother a medal for "Maternal Valor" and a 50,000 ruble ($1,630) prize.

The second runner-up in the Miss Russia 2013 pageant, Irina Tumanova from the Republic of Kalmykia, has not reported any similar experience.

In 2004, a Tatar named Diana Zaripova won the Miss Russia contest and there did not appear to be any particularly negative reaction.

However, last month a Tatar woman, 21-year-old Dina Garipova, was selected to represent Russia at the Eurovision-2013 competition in Sweden. Although she was not the victim of any outpouring of the kind that Abdrazakova has received, Internet commentators wrote that she doesn’t have "the nerve, the mentality, or the appearance" to be a star.
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by: Jack from: US
March 05, 2013 14:24
She is beautiful lady
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 08, 2013 04:32
Jack is as usual dualistic, front message "beautiful",
From the back - "smell of raw sewage" - too hateful.
Jack, even a Rushka mouth, knows Russia too little,
Or for him make of "Russia" is reading Putin's ridle.

Ethnograficly it was "Iberia-Ural" - called "Sa-Iberia",
Mixing and spreding through Volga, and near areas.
It was near passage Caucasus-Kazahstan-Ukraine,
Polpulating by Iberians, Slavics and Franks Europe.

Division of hate happened in Russia when "Varaga",
Gang of Vikings - mixed Neadderthals, Caucasians
And Chaldeans, Sam (Cossacks) and Gad (Adyga),
Invaded and unleashed genocide against Russians.

Destroyed became Ortodox slaves, while resisting
Became "pegan" or Muslim nationalities like Tatars.
Still, genetic hate of part-Neanderthals is persisting,
Also "dreem of Haldeyka" (bible) makes them "vors"
Of land and life itself, squising-off nations existance.

Beauty is in eyes of the beholder, but she looks OK to me...

by: Zoltan from: Hungary
March 05, 2013 17:24
Nationalists are always primitive all over the world.

Russians should be proud to have such a diverse and multicultural country. I would nominate Kazan the capital of Tatarstan to be the cultural capital of Europe for a year.
In Response

by: Timur from: Tatar ile
March 05, 2013 20:35
Excellent idea, Zoltan, let's do that! Do you know how to do it?
In Response

by: Jack from: US
March 05, 2013 22:08
and I nominate Brooklyn. My friend Moisha was born there, and grown while enjoying the smell of raw sewage, street beggars, and the picturesque views of broken windows and abandoned townhouses
In Response

by: Hasan from: Rostov
March 06, 2013 11:00
That was very insightful and informative. Thanks, Ivan. Btw, how's the rehab going?

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 05, 2013 21:23
God, poor girl: she has to live in this disgusting horrible country called Russia!!! Ah, poor thing, hopefully someone from Detroit will adopt her soon, so that she could lead a happy American life there. Just look into her eyes: can's you read in them a silent "please, Hillary, take me out of this Hell"? :-)))
In Response

by: Anonymous
March 07, 2013 20:07
Good to write this stuff for someone sitting in Vienna, right? Maybe you'd be first to adopt her, huh?
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 08, 2013 10:26
Well, Anonymous, I am not that old yet to start adopting anyone, but I would definitely not mind getting to know Elmira Abdrazakova somewhat closer.
But the thing is: why would she be so stupid as to abondon Russia - the country with growing economy that gives her all the possibilities to live a normal life - and go to bankrupt Europe stuck in a stagnation (interrupted by recurrents recessions only) that offers no future to anyone living here, let alone to those coming from other countries?

by: Ben
March 06, 2013 11:02
Women of the Turkic-Slavic origin are often beautiful.Russian nationalism contained in the Jirinovsky`s enclosure was disturbed last years by government and oppozition actions.Navalny and others is the example of the "legalization" of the Russian nationalists in the Western Media.
In Response

by: parvenu from: US
March 07, 2013 02:04
Maybe they are but not this one:-

by: Mark from: Victoria
March 06, 2013 18:28
Deplorable behaviour, it's true, and racism is wretched wherever it appears.


It also illustrates that effortless dualism with which western coverage of Russia can pivot on a dime, from mockery of beauty contests as a concept and characterization of such meat-fencing as sexist and racist and dehumanizing of women,

to pouncing on an opportunity to showcase what racist pigs Russians are. If taking advantage of that opportunity means escalating beauty pageants to cultural events and their participants as serious artists, brave warriors against rising Russian nationalism - so be it.

Let's recall how contemptuous western female journalists have been of Russian beauty contests in the past.

Or their venomous cattiness at any attractive woman who uses her feminine attributes to get attention,

stooping to sophisticated-insider sniping at her clothes and shoes, isn't it comical that she looks such a tramp.

If the lovely Tatar winner of Miss Russia had received an outpouring of support from her countrymen, these stories suggest the focus would have shifted to how many street lights are broken in her district, how many potholes in the roads, and why do they waste money on such trivial things as beauty contests.

by: john from: canada
March 07, 2013 00:36
At this opportunity reading about ethnic slurs against Elmira Abdrazakova, might be useful to consider that in Russia today there are huge challenges of racism against non-white residents, especially in Moscow.

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy's Racial Task Force is seeking to address these immense racial issues. Please see the MPC Racial Task Force website at:

A related video is Racism in Russia:

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