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Five Arrested In Tatar Attacks

People mourn as the body of Valiulla Yakupov lies in state in Kazan.
People mourn as the body of Valiulla Yakupov lies in state in Kazan.

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Kazan Attacks Spark Terrorism Fears

The brazen murder of a powerful Muslim cleric in Tatarstan and a separate assassination attempt on the republic's mufti have shaken authorities in what is traditionally one of Russia's most stable Muslim-majority regions.
Investigators in Russia say five men have been arrested in connection with the attacks on two Islamic spiritual leaders in the mainly Muslim republic of Tatarstan.

Mufti Ildus Faizov suffered broken legs and other injuries in a car bombing on July 19 in the Tatar capital, Kazan.

The attack came an hour after his former deputy and close associate, Valiulla Yakupov, was shot dead in a different district of the city.  

One Uzbek citizen and four Tatars have been arrested in connection with the attacks, including the owner of a travel company specializing in trips to the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin suggested the attacks could be linked to Faizov's control over hajj funding.

The Investigative Committee spokesman said Faizov put Idel-Hajj's financial flows under his direct supervision after being appointed mufti in January 2011.

"After Faizov was elected chief mufti of Tatarstan, he adopted a tough stance on organizations professing radical Islamic views in the republic," Markin said. "Faizov was blocking the activities of organizations propagating this trend in Islam. In addition, he took under his supervision the flow of money to Idel-Hajj, which was sending Muslims to [the hajj in] Mecca. He had a conflict related to that with the head of that organization, who threatened Faizov."

The brazen, mid-morning attacks are seen as a rarity in Tatarstan, which has witnessed little of the violence against religious leaders common in other Muslim-majority republics in Russia's North Caucasus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on July 19 that the attacks sent a "serious signal" to authorities. Putin noted an apparent lack of measures to protect the leaders.

Federal authorities have characterized the failed assassination attempt on Faizov as a terrorist attack.

Members of the Investigative Committee and the Federal Security Service participated in the July 20 arrests, alongside local police.

The body of Faizov's former deputy Yakupov will lie in state at a farewell ceremony on July 20. Police in the Tatar capital have been put on alert for further violence.

Yakupov, 49, had been a powerful member of Tatarstan's Muftiyat spiritual board for two decades and had recently become the head of its education department.

Both he and Faizov, also 49, were seen as having close ties to the Kremlin and had acted to centralize Tatarstan's Muslim structures.

Such moves were seen as an effort to discourage what they saw as more radical forms of Islam, such as Wahhabism, which has been blamed for a rise in sectarian violence in the restive North Caucasus.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has expressed regret over the attacks on Faizov and Yakupov, saying the violence deals a blow to "traditional Islam" and "interreligious cooperation."

With reporting by Interfax, ITAR-TASS, and Reuters
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by: Jack from: US
July 20, 2012 13:23
the attack has been perpertrated by US and Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi "peaceful activists". These peaceful activists stage such attacks everywhere, from Syria to Thailand, to Chechnya, to Kosovo and Bosnia. US government supports and sponsors Wahhabi terrorists
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 21, 2012 17:29
If even it would be so, behind it is still Russia.
They think US are Indians that accept blankets,
conterminated by low level bacteriologic warfare.
Befriended Cohen told Sadam invade his neighbor,
So Russia would claim precident, invade neighbors.
UN stopped it. Russian media and press in US said,
And Litvak and Shvartckof echoed it - kill two millions,
Using A-bombs - mach Russian genocide in Afghanistan.
They managed kill 200,000 in Iraq, setting-up many nations
Against USA and against the West. The Muslim Revolutions
are artificially induced. Egipt's elected Parliament denying them,
even after victory "Brotherhood" loosing it to the Egipt magority.
Magority in Syria rejected insurgency by "Muslim Brotherhood"
that collected fighters from many unknown places get Syria.
Still they at the gates of Damascus - real Syrians running.
There is an armed real conspiracy create World Halifat.
Why? See "The 13-th Warrior" concated by Russians,
where Nordics-Germanics conquered-repopulated
Europe and devided World with Halifat to plunder,
with few absticles to kill, like Tatars and Hazars,
meaning the rest of Europe and CIS in between.
While British, Germans, Austrians and their own
in USA might know it - USA is used like "indians",
falling for conterminated blankets, as in my case.
If one analyze what I commented, on this Forum
alone, one would say I am just, constructive and
help the World be better place. Some don't like it,
thay expand, cleanse and repopulate other's land.
They killing me in USA, as before in USSR using
"Low Level Bacterialogic Warfare", harrassment,
Non Lethal Weapons and all the arsenals of USA
and Russia they can get - kill me and my mother.
My mother is already killed 7/7/2012 with help of
USA - while Russian infiltrate conterminating us
and when we end-up in hospitals, they forgeing
on us FBI codes, CIA files, "Anti-American" bust,
picking rude words, out of all comments I made,
As were written ander an influence of hypnotists
from Russia that all over my apartment building
and the neighbourhood. My mother is dead. I left
alone - Russians probably hope that I will return
the favour to USA, using conterminated blanket
Russia sold to USA murder me and my mother.
I still go strait - thoughtI not interested anymore
saving the World that killed my mother and me.

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