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Islamic 'Catacomb' Sect Members Charged With Child Abuse In Tatarstan

Authorities found about 70 people living in the underground bunker in squalid, catacomb-like cells dug out on eight different levels beneath Sattarov's house near Kazan, Tatarstan's capital.
Authorities found about 70 people living in the underground bunker in squalid, catacomb-like cells dug out on eight different levels beneath Sattarov's house near Kazan, Tatarstan's capital.
At least four members of a Muslim "catacomb" sect in Tatarstan have been charged with child abuse for allegedly keeping dozens of children underground without heat, sunlight or proper ventilation for nearly a decade.

Reports say Faizrakhman Sattarov, the sect's 83-year-old leader, was charged with "arbitrariness."

Authorities found about 70 people living in the underground bunker, including 27 children and 38 adults, who were in squalid, catacomb-like cells dug out on eight different levels beneath Sattarov's house near Kazan, Tatarstan's capital.

To passersby on the surface, the complex appears to be a three-story brick house topped by a small minaret with a tin crescent moon and situated on a 700-square-meter plot of land.

Tatarstan police say the house was built illegally and will be demolished.

Some children were born in the underground bunker beneath the building and had never seen the light of day.

The youngest child was 18 months old.

The oldest child, a 17-year-old girl, was found to be pregnant after authorities sent the children to hospitals for medical examinations.

Prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the sect and have said it will be disbanded if it continues its illegal activities, such as stopping its members from seeking medical assistance or education.

Police also are continuing an investigation into whether the children were being abused in other ways.

Initial reports said a court would decide whether some children will be allowed to stay with their parents.

But some of the parents -- sect members who call themselves "muammin," from the Arabic word for "believers" -- are among those charged with child abuse.

'Saw The Light' In 1960s

The sect was uncovered in a suburb of Kazan on August 1 during an investigation into recent attacks on Tatarstan's Muslim clerics.

The Russian website Islam News says Sattarov declared himself an Islamic prophet in the mid-1960s after interpreting sparks from a trolleybus cable as divine light from God.

The state TV channel Vesti reports that Sattarov also had declared his house an independent Islamic state.

Satarov has also been described as a former deputy to a Sunni Islamic cleric in the 1970s.

Reports say his followers were encouraged to read his manuscripts and most were banned from leaving the eight-level underground bunker to seek medical help or an education.

The sect, dubbed "Faizrakhmanists," does not recognize Russian state law or the authority of Tatarstan's mainstream Muslim leaders.

Authorities said there was no indication that sect members were involved in the attacks on Muslim clerics in Tatarstan.

With reports by Reuters, AP, and Vesti TV
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by: Mamuka
August 09, 2012 01:52
What does this mean:

> Reports say Faizrakhman Sattarov, the sect's 83-year-old leader, was charged
> with "arbitrariness."

Is that how they say "anti-Soviet agitation" these days?
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by: sphotak from: Hindustan
August 09, 2012 09:52
Soviet Union and it soviet people became extinct in 1991.
what came after is nations on religion , ethnicity etc.

Except Russia which is not "Russian" where many religion and many ethnicity and nationality exist along with ethnic Russian.

So your remark "anti-Soviet agitation" does not makes sense.
Whatever beliefs they follow is none of anyone's territory to intrude.

But when these people Abuse children then Action should be taken , for child cannot understand what is his right.

Giving birth to baby does not entitle someone to be master of it.

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by: Anonymous
August 10, 2012 04:41
Like KGB the snake changed her skin. Soviets are still in power but it is understandable why hindus love communists. They gave them BraMos and T-50
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by: Mamuka
August 10, 2012 11:21
I still don't know what "arbitrariness" is.

I know very well that the Soviet Union is no more. But in Soviet days, undesirables were often charged with "anti-Soviet agitation" (I forget what article it was) which was a catch-all charge for any sort of improper behavior.

Which sounds like being charged with "arbitrariness."
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by: Anonymous
August 11, 2012 07:13
Soviet essential means "Council of Workers" Present Russia is not communist,

it has embraced Orthodox Christianity , Islam and many religions, there is no persecution of religious clergy of any religion.

Soviets are not in power had they been there USSR would resurrect. Yes some opportunists who encashed turbulent times of 1991 are in power.

Hindus loving communist is a "Blanket statement".

India is Secular with hindu majority , but China was ideologically communist but now abandoned they communist way of living.

The Sino-Indian war of 1962 is example that Hindus do not love communists.

Soviet Russia was greatest friend of India , and there is still some feeling on both sides with current Russia and India.

I cannot say since "Pakistan is all weather friend of China implies Muslims love Communists".

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by: Anonymous
August 11, 2012 07:36
Mr.Mamuka ,
arbitrariness may very well means in contradiction to state's principles (current state).

Soviet Union persecuted all religions on equal footing.
However Tatarstan is a muslim majority Russian republic so it may mean in contradiction to principles of islam.

Just like post below

In Pakistan "Ahmadiyya Muslims" are not counted muslims despite producing the sole noble-laureate from Pakistan "Abdus-Slam" for physics , but Ahmadiyya consider themself as muslim.

And they are persecuted in Pakistan , there mosques are attacked and people of that belief are killed.

Even Sufi-Saint propound a theory contradictory to that of Islam , for they believe anyone following his respective his religion and his notion of god is doing worship.

Since Islam says "There is no GOD but ALLAH and Mohamed is his prophet" .

Sufis are not persecuted in pakistan and majority of muslim go to their shrine.

This one of the reason for Saudi considering Indian subcontinent Muslims as Hindus for practical purpose.
because Hindu is geographical definition.

These kind of Sufis, all are NON-Arab since there is remanant of old beliefs and spiritual thinking of old forms and islam was a foreign religion to them.

Constructing shrine is also in contradiction to Islamic principles as all men are equal after prophet and so do not have magical powers but people who go to shrine believe there is some miracle in the grave and the man has yet not gone completely.

Iranis celebrate "NavRoz" despite it does not fit in Islamic calendar and is traditional new year with significance in Zoroastrianism.

Many a times arbitrariness is not clear but it used by the dominant ruling group to suppress other group.

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by: Anonymous
August 14, 2012 07:05
Then care must be taken of such "Mushliq" country who call it islam and do worship of sufis and accept sufis view.

Every religion has blind beliefs.

Even Arabs encircle the Kaaba during HAJ.

Though people may call that they do not worship stone but cannot throw it also.

It is remanant of ancient Arabic religion which was polythestic.

Even Islam could not remove the stone.

So we need to have a liberal approach .

If somebody has a belief and is non-violent he should not be disturbed or killed.

Humanity should prevail.

by: Jack from: US
August 09, 2012 06:30
Ancient Christians dwelt in catacombs like this. But Islam forbids extreme hermit behavior. The Qur'an also considers Muhammad to be the final prophet, with no room for guys like this.
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by: Anonymous
August 09, 2012 10:03
But its "GOD" , Who will decide when and where to send prophet.

so you cannot say there's no room for guys like this.

Faizrakhman Sattarov is child abuser for sure and be punished for that.

This kind of contrary belief emanate with Non-Arab Muslim , Say for Punjab of Indian Subcontinent. Read about Ahmadiyya. please go through the following

Islam accepts the Christian view that Jesus will come again.
They only difference is that

will come as a normal human being and will have faith in Islam.

Islam also believes in Miracular birth of Christ but believe that he was not crucified and so no question of resurrection.

In principle it opposes concept of rebirth but accepts that Jesus will come again .

People will only resurrect at time of Judgement only from their graves.
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by: Anonymous
August 13, 2012 09:45
As far as I know, the Qu'ran does not permit new prophets, and does not permit the creation of cults. This one person has created schism among the believers with his overzealousness. At the same time, the ones doing them harm are making takfir. But I guess this is the core of the Sunni / Shia problem.

As for non-Arabs mixing ancient religions with Islam, the same has occured in Christianity. Every nation that converted kept some of the original traditions, and Christianity was able to absorb them. Many saints originated as pagan deities, and today people still pray to the saints for miracles.

by: Mamuka
August 10, 2012 19:43
I found this on a list of tweets to RFE/RL:

> Article 330, Самоуправство (arbitrary action), which Kazan sect leader is charged with,
> has the vaguest legal definition

Much as I expected. Thanks to RusPoliceWatch

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