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North Caucasus

Teacher Killed, School Burned In Daghestan

Officials in Daghestan have blamed militants for killing a teacher and burning a school in the Tsuntinsk district.

Daghestan's Interior Ministry claims an armed group shot dead physical education teacher Tsebari Zairbek Gazimagomedov late on May 31 as he was returning from evening prayers at a mosque.

The assailants then went to the school where Gazimagomedov worked and torched the gymnasium.

The fire spread and caused severe damage to the school.

A search is under way for the perpetrators.

Based on reporting by IFX, ITAR-TASS
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 03, 2012 16:01
They think the World is so foolish,
They would believe invading armies,
From emerging empire Russia-burrish
Repopulate Caucasus by nazi dammies.

Forever Caucasians build, even small plant
To bottle vine in Beslan and repair a school,
GRU assassins coming, lead by "oboroten",
Murder children as "Jihadists" for said fools.

Than Russian army follow to cleanse locals,
For Russians to breed in their land - in focus.
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by: Anonymous
June 05, 2012 21:35
Mujahideen destroy two schools captured by gang of Russian invaders

Russian media outlets have widely reported the facts of Mujahideen attacks on schools in the Tsuntin district of Province of Dagestan last night. At the same time it was emphasized that the attacks were carried out on the eve on so-called "International Children's Day".

A school in in the village of Tsebari has completely burned. The second school in the village of Tsyntuk partially burnt.

In their reports sources of Russian aggressors are only briefly reported that the attacked schools were turned into barracks of Russian armed thugs. The so-called gangs of "temporary operational group" were staying there.

Mujahideen attacked the invaders with the use of RPGs and machine guns. During the battle, both the schools had caught fire. Russian aggressors' media did not report information on the losses of the invaders.

Meanwhile, according to sources of VDagestan, a ringleader of local polytheists Zairbek Gazimagomedov has been killed in the village of Tsebari. He was known for his regular denunciations on the Mujahideen. Earlier, Russian media reported about the murder of a local school gym teacher.

The website also reported that currently the village Tsebari in Dagestani Tsuntin district is cordoned off by the aggressors. Minions and invaders are conducting punitive raids, looking at each household, additional forces of invaders are sent to the village.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center
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by: I spy
June 05, 2012 21:59
Per official Russian news agency KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA (last line):
"There were no children in both of the schools due to summer vacation. The buildings were turned into barracks and occupied by the Russian soldiers from the combat operational group, the VOG."
RFERL should read Russian news sometimes.

by: Anonymous
June 03, 2012 19:33
wow burning schools! i haven't read this in the quran.
it seems islamists have a new version of the quran!
do they just lie about the quran or do they write their own qurans?
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by: Jack from: US
June 03, 2012 21:27
Where does it say the Islamists burned the school. For all we know (and this is the most likely explanation) it was Mossad.
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by: Chezi (the eagle) from: Daghestan
June 04, 2012 05:32
The teacher was a betrayer, was teach to children "there is no god to believe, Daghestan is a part of Russia, Muslims must not war with Russia, stop speaking Dido language, speak only Russian." So then people were angry, they came to speak with teacher, but teacher was a FSB agent, he was use his gun first, Dagestanian mountainers are polite people but if you show them a gun, they will show you a grave. İts not a school, its a (classical sovietski brain-washing) betrayer education center.
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by: Sey from: World
June 04, 2012 07:49
You should know that many of the deaths throughout Russia and their respective reports are nothing but a farse. People who dies in Russia under these circumstances are most likely the result of personal vendettas or accidents related to negligence of officials, but of course the Russian security services will never take blame.

Since its the Caucasus, immediately it becomes the work of terrorists, it is easier to blame them for everything that goes wrong in the region. It's like the deaths of young soldiers and conscripts in the Russian army, it is always "suicide".

by: Jack from: US
June 03, 2012 22:52
don't worry what koran says or doesn't say. US government which sponsors and supports peaceful Wahhabi activists around the world undoubtly has an explanation why its protegees torched the school and killed the teacher. That's because the teacher was not approved by CIA and the school was not the one of those set up and paid for by Saudi Arabia - trusted strategic ally of US government

by: William from: Aragon
June 03, 2012 23:16
Somebody had it in for this man and the gym that he worked in - he has done something to somebody in that gym. The government finds it convenient to blame "an armed group" but as yet there has been no investigation - it could have been done by one irate individual with no connections to any group.
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by: Anonymous
June 07, 2012 03:02
Human shield used by Russian troops who occupied the school building?

by: eric d from: IF Idaho USA
June 05, 2012 01:30
I get this official report from RIA Dagestan:

June, 2012 09:33
Makhachkala, June 1, 2012. On Friday night unknown men opened fire at the resident of the village Tsebari of Tsuntinsky district of Dagestan Zairbek Gazimagomedov, the representative of the Investigation Committee RF across Dagestan has told the RIA "Dagestan". From the gunshot wounds the man died on the spot.

Later, the same criminals set fire to the building of rural school. Currently, in the village the law enforcement officers are exchanging fire with the bandits. Sometime later, another group of gunmen made ​​an attack on school in the village of Tsyntuk.

According to the source in the law enforcement agency, the fighters of the temporary operational group had been deployed in the school during the summer vacation time.


While I don't subscribe to Chezi's notion that FSB/MVD infiltration of Dagestani schools is sufficent reason for attacking schools & killing (innocent?) people, this report lends credibility to the claim that Putin's FSB is using Dagestani schools as military bases (& maybe brainwashing ops).

Yes, Vlad the Impaler is Back! And the North Caucasus must beware more (faked) "terrorist" attacks! But Wahabi/jihadi counter-attacks only fuel the self-perpetuating cycle of the Russian "war on terrorism..."

(Or War on the North Caucasus? On the Chechen/-Ingusgh/-Dagestani Peoples?)

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by: Muslim
June 07, 2012 03:11
Worry about yourself

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