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Turkmenistan Says Taking Oil Field Dispute With Azerbaijan To UN Court

The contested region could hold up to 50 million tons of oil (file photo)
The contested region could hold up to 50 million tons of oil (file photo)
Turkmenistan says it’s taking its dispute with Azerbaijan over the ownership of potentially lucrative sections of the energy-rich Caspian Sea to the United Nations.

Oil and Gas Minister Kakageldy Abdyllayev said in a statement that Turkmenistan would pursue its claim for the contested oil-and-gas zone at the United Nations' International Court of Justice.

Tensions between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan over the territory flared earlier in June after an Azeri border patrol boat stopped a Turkmen vessel that Ashgabat said was conducting research in the disputed region.

The two sides have accused each other of provocations and vowed to defend their rights.

Baku calls the oil field Kapaz, while Ashgabat calls it Serdar.

Reports say experts estimate that the region could be holding upward of 50 million tons of oil.

Based on reporting by AP and ITAR-TASS 
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 02, 2012 04:34
Aha, and this after 5 years of publishing "articles" on how the EU was going to successfully construct the Nabucco pipeline - that was supposed to reduce the EU's dependence on Russian natural gas - that was absolutely going to allow the Turkmen gas flow (through an underwater Caspian segment of the pipeline) through the territory of Azerbaijan (and Turkey) to the EU.
And now (a) the Nabucco project died quietly and (b) Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are again fighting over the Caspian resources, making the perspective of the European "fourth energy corridor" completely unrealistic.
Congratulations, guys, one more achievement on your part!

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