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North Caucasus

Three Killed In Daghestan Security Operation

The Interior Ministry in the volatile Russian North Caucasus republic of Daghestan says three suspected militants have been killed during an operation by security forces to detain them.

The Interior Ministry said on July 24 that police and members of the state security force located the three suspects in the village of Novy Kostek, in the Kyzylyurt district, in the early morning.

It said the suspects started shooting and were killed when police and security forces returned fire.

The three suspects were wanted for involvement in the "Kyzylyurt militant" group.

Two other suspected members of that group were reported killed by security forces on July 21.

Violence between suspected Islamic militants and security forces in Russia's North Caucasus, which includes Daghestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia, leads to hundreds of deaths and injuries each year.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 12:30
again and again, evil Russian Interior Ministry forces exterminate peaceful Wahhabi Sunni activists, sponsored by US and Saudi regimes. Hillary is crying her eyes out for the killed CIA operatives. Evil Syrian people also killed hundreds more of peaceful Wahhabi activists who were armed by US and Saudis to protect civilians against anyone whom US government does not approve.
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by: Jack's Doctor from: Guantanamo
July 24, 2012 13:05
RFERL must define "Jack-US" as a spammer.

Dear Jack. Find a girlfriend and kiss her. You will be happy and will leave those spaming habit. Leaving alone and making masturbation is making your brain little.
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 13:56
dear Sunni Muslim, please help me understand which part of my post you are so much angry about? Please indicate where you disagree with me:
1. do you disagree that Russian Interior Ministry forces are evil?
2. do you disagree that Wahhabi Sunni activists are peaceful? Please note that US government propaganda outlet RFE/RL would not let my posts to describe Wahhabi Sunni activists as anything but peaceful because US government only sponsors peaceful activists, so Wahhabi Sunni activists must be peaceful
3. Syrian people (Christians, Alawites, Shia Muslims) who exterminate peaceful Wahhabi Sunni activists are evil and therefore have to be killed?
4. Israel is (just like US government) is a big friend and supporter of peaceful Wahhabi Sunni activists
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 14:11
I already have a boyfriend, so why would I need a girlfriend?
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by: Anonymous
July 24, 2012 14:29
Jack that explains a lot about your behaviour.
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 14:42
the Sunni Muslim above who stole my name posted this phrase:
"I already have a boyfriend, so why would I need a girlfriend? "
The posting is homophobic because it implies having a boyfriend is bad. RFE/RL has a strict rules against homophobic content and according to that rule the posting from false Jack could not have been allowed. Since the posting nevertheless appeared on this forum, it can only mean that it was done by a homophobic RFE/RL staffer
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 14:46
The first and third comments were written by a Russian who poses as me. I am from the USA, and he is not. If you don't believe me, check my IP and his.
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by: Jack from: US
July 24, 2012 15:46
The posting above is not by the real Jack. The truth is I cloned myself and my clone also cloned himself, and on and on, so that now there are multiple Jacks posting as Jack, but only I am the real Jack. The Jack clones are taking over the Internets, and it's getting out of hand. I regret cloning myself.

by: Anonymous
July 24, 2012 14:31
Dear RFE/RL,
Please also report about Russian Cossac mob of 15 who killed a Georgian, an Armenian, and mortally wounded a Karachay youths yesterday in Kislovodsk.
Many thanks for the material which you are going to publish very soon about the Nazi crime
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by: Anonymous
July 26, 2012 17:25
Cossack patrol killed Georgian and Armenian [TWO CHRISTIANS] in Kislovodsk
23/07/2012 12:55
A fight, near the Snezhinka cafe in Kislovodsk resulted in a killing of 19-year-old Georgian. According to one version, a young man of Georgian origin was talking to friends – an Armenian and Karachai. Cossacks dressed in military uniforms killed 21-year-old Armenian named Dzhonik with traumatic weapons, and cut a throat of the 19-year-old Georgian. Their friend, Karachai was admitted to hospital with multiple stab wounds, reported the Kavkazsli Uzel.

According to Russian experts, the attack was of a provocative nature and its purpose was to incite ethnic hatred, although the police investigate it as a common conflict.

Three participants of the incident were arrested. Stavropol police is on emergency mode.

Yet RFE/RL is not covering the news from the North Caucasus.

Time to squeal to the Congress. Somebody needs to get fired.

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