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Two Russian Strategic Bombers To Fly To United States In 2013

Two RussianTu-95MS bombers are due to fly to an air base in the United States next year.
Two RussianTu-95MS bombers are due to fly to an air base in the United States next year.
The head of Russia's Long Range Air Force says two Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers will fly to an air base in the United States next year under an agreement reached between U.S. and Russian military representatives.

General Anatoly Zhikharev said two Russian bombers would land at Barksdale air base in Louisiana and that later that year two U.S. B-52 strategic bombers would visit Russia's Engels air base in the Saratov region.

Zhikharev said he believed that this form of cooperation "will develop further."

Commenting on whether the Tu-95MS, manufactured in the 1980s, were obsolete, Zhikharev said the U.S. B-52 bomber started being produced in the 1950s and "the Americans believe that they will remain in service for another 30 years."

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and, IFX Rus
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by: Anonymous from: USA
July 17, 2012 23:27
They are both obsolete. The US would never send a stealth B-1 or B-2 bomber to Russia. The Russians would never send their newer bombers either.
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by: Anonymous
July 18, 2012 11:50
The B-1 is not stealthy at all!
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by: Borys from: Seattle / Sydney / London
July 19, 2012 12:46
Whilst not a true all aspect stealth aircraft, the B1-B does have some signature reduction features, namely skin treatment and specially shaped air intakes, along with some fine tuning to the airframe that do reduce its RCS: it's 'sort of' stealthy...and was pretty stealthy when it first flew.

by: Mamuka
July 18, 2012 21:54
Neither airplane is the most technically advanced but they are the main plane in each nation's bomber fleet.

by: Anonymous
July 19, 2012 18:21
This airplane is a fantastic machine
it has only one real problem , it is very very noisy !

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 23, 2012 23:31
It is OK when largest termo-nuclear Superpowers take it easy.
Thought Russia always looks for symbolic of underlying evil.
Why not symbolic WW2 plane, USSR borrowed from ally?
Why not the very plane, 2 Tbilicians made in US - p47-th,
Kartvelishvili and Severskishvili - to fight Tipolev's devil,
The Messershmidt. Another TU, to enspire US nazis?

I do not see yet symbolic on USA part, just the Boing,
A most used B52, simce just mach to Russian going.
Whell, with Russian symbols one die, never knowing,
Whether it's Beso-Beslan-kill, or UNIA-Poll-Polonium.
On me and mother, dead 7/7/12, they try all GRUnium.
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by: Yosemite Sam from: USA
July 26, 2012 16:40
What the hell did you just say?
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 27, 2012 20:31
What the hell did you just ask?

I said that some areas of improvement between superpowers
are OK, as termonuclear war prevention.

I said that USA simce responded trivially, B-52 was most used
and comparable with Tu-95MS bomber, it is OK too.

However, I express some doubth in sencerity of Russian message.
They like play with symbolic words and names.
Thus Tupolev, that along with his Russia sold Messershmidt to Hitler, has to be a symbolic message to the Quin, Bechtel and
Germano-Austria of resurecting colonial empires of German "cousins" emperors and lovish loyalty to them and to Germans, including nazi Germany.

Kartvelishvili and Severskishvili designed and build in USA planes and inspired Soviet Yakovlev's planes - to fight Messershmidts and Zeros.
It would be a better symbol than Tu-95MS, if they used "Yaks" and P-47-th series, or at list not "Tu", but some other plane...

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