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Tymoshenko Appeal Hearing Postponed For Third Time

Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia TymoshenkoUkrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Ukraine's high court has postponed hearing jailed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's appeal against her conviction and prison sentence for the third time.

On July 12, the court in Kyiv granted a prosecution request for a postponement, citing the need for a new assessment of Tymoshenko's health, and rescheduled the case for August 16.

Tymoshenko is being treated for back trouble in a state-run hospital and did not attend the hearing.

Tymoshenko is serving a seven-year prison term on abuse of office charges in connection with a Russian energy deal dating back to her time as prime minister.

She has also been charged in a separate tax evasion case.

Tymoshenko's supporters say the cases against her are politically motivated by her enemies, and the U.S. and EU have condemned her prosecution.

Based on reporting by AFP and Interfax
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 12, 2012 20:36
The evil spreading over the World, as many times before.
Conspiracy of silence vanishing people and their just cases.
My mother was brutally killed in hospital with chocked throat
By nurses, after I was told be intellectual slave, threatened
That they will murder my mother. Conspiracy broadens.

Somebody already destroying evidences of the crime.
Justice is bogus - national-wild conspiracy of denial.
LA Police and Lawers, so far, mocking all my lines,
Nurse throughed in garbage food and feading lines,
They washed-out food they pumped into her lungs.

It simce we live in the new World of bogus justice.
It spread again from Norman, Varyaga, Prussians
And USA through all Globe, playing God "masters".
Why Ukraine, Georgia and CIs, or even Russians
Must be corrupted too, as desonorable bastards?

Justice for my murdered mother and Timoshenko.
Give God Justice to all. Save intimidated Worlds
Of Billions silenced people from encroaching "zlo".
The cinisism of new capitalism - rather race wars,
God and UN Charter simce not important anymore.

A few month ago they threatened me here and said
They'ld ask Saakashvili permision kidnapp me - sad.
Now they murdered my mother and all covering it up.
Did he permitted them? I do not know. World is bad.
Will Ukraine part of "North Pilar", fall in Injustice trap?


As Russian armies of death and their propaganda said,
Since genocide and cleansing in Abkhazia, they made:
"All Georgians will die in horror and pain, at our feet,
Desecrated men, elderly, women children, maids
With cut-off heads - it's only destiny you need!"

The same they saying to me since same time:
"We'll murder your mother, we'll murder you -
For resisting be sold as merchandize for dime
And neet, using "Podvig Razvedchika in TcRU.

You stop Russia-expand - like "betraying" GRU
And we'll kill you for an "anti-American activity",
With help of proxies, instigated by us in "TcRU",
Hypnotizing you add a ruddily to your positively.
We poison you for years - your mother is dead."


As God and his Law establish rights of any nation, tribe and
family to live in dignity and own it's land - Russia has no right
to plan and to expand again and again into non-Russian
countries, autonomies and even individual families and
annex, grab or cleanse it for themselves, even if use as
Gauliters few children of raped by them locals, as they did in
both - Northern Osetia and Tchinvali.

The most important Commandment is - not to plagiarize
priorities of God or anybody also - it is more than Covenant

This both Laws of God make my writings legitimate and my
enemies accusations of divulging as "secrets" criminal
Russian expansion and criminal sale of my priorities against
my will totally illegitimate - I had right to use public speech and
Law to defend myself and my mother they now murdered.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 18, 2012 03:13
It is important for Ukraine, when Putin and Yanukovich
Negotiate price for gas supply by Russia and trade
Of industrial staf by Ukraine. It makes me vomit,
Thought, when the Kings jesture push away
And down hand, as Bastil is shut closed.

I hope they didn't poison yet Timoshenko,
Dominish health - as they did my mother,
Using low level poison-bacterias warfare.
Need "Sunflowering" light of Ukraine's fair
Be lost with Timoshenko and Yushenko?

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 12, 2012 21:01
International Law and UN Charter, as law of God, makes
Russian expansion and repopulating other nations lands
Illegitimate. However, Russia criminally using special units
commit acts of "terrorism" to give excuse to Russian armies
invade, cleanse and dominate nations, specially in North
Caucasus, than use their territory, while repopulating by
Russians, to build-up armies and weapons to invade next
country, specially Georgia.
I had right use public speech and defend people and nations,
including Abkhazia, when many of my relatives were
murdered, and defend myself and my mother, they now
murdered horribly too.
The same goes for 2008 Russian invasion into Georgia -
I had right to write against it.

CIS and USSR Law, comprising from all of the above and
thousands of years of history, best of all was presented in
Preamble to 1936 Constitution and it's Spirit.
Russians constantly attempt to violate that Law and expand
ethnic Russia, to breed in lads and houses of non-Russian
nations and nationalities.
The adventures in Caucasus, including "terrorism" is a
cover-up for such violations of all three laws above.
I have right to write about it to defend justice to nations and
to myself and to my mother, they brutally murdered.
Russians might see it differently.
It was a song of Bulat Okudjava "Who will take a sword
against our alliance".
We understood it as reminisce of WW2 and CIS of
independent nations, according to 1936 Constitution
But ethnic Russians, after death of Stalin (even before that,
when he was under house arrest since 1947), increasingly
started to use the song as a hymn of "Union of Russian
People" - the nazi Russia and new-formed Special Forces
To murder non-Russians and repopulate their land.
Still, all three Laws are on mine side!

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 12, 2012 21:25

Legitimate secrets belong to national defense of a country,
like classified about military and related industries.
Reporters often publish them, thought.
I never asked and never was given such secrets - I can write
and say anything proper.
I can use public information that was known during
last half Century, apply it to evolving history and use logic
for-see the outcome of events, help to avoid suffering and
death of people and nations.
Dissolving old special units and creating Russian
nazi Spetcnaz was not a secret.
Adding to units children of war criminals, like
Chechens, pin on them “terrorism”, was not a secret.
Intelligence and education of Georgians and North Caucasus
was never a secret - they would want regional CIS with
Georgia and Azerbaijan - it was not a secret.
Rise of “terrorism”, following by annexations
and occupation by Russian armies is not a secret.

It might be another set of “legitimate” secrets, similar
methods and forces used with covert wars by competing
powers, like USA and former USSR.
I never asked and never was given such secrets.
Who knows ho was behind “Muslim Brotherhood”
But there are some logic cases - USA is stacked in
Afghanistan, because of attacks and some smart-ass US
soldiers provocations, preventing Afghanistan build normal
country - who are they? If Afghan fail and US go - is it
another invasion and genocide by Russia?
Some principals involved in Syria - why artificial
insurgency have destroy a nation, even composed of
different groups? Isn’t it what they did in Abkhazia and
pushing it to all Georgia?
Sometimes I make presumption about possible insurgency,
but I never asked anybody and I wasn’t given such “secrets”.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 17, 2012 04:14

It was once a famous second half of 20-th Century painter,
In Kiev, thought of Jewish extraction, another merchandize
Sold by Russia to USA - dunceling on Bundershaft slavers
Harrassed him: "Go away Jew, your head will be severed!"
And sending him visas. USA grabbed him be slave and die.
Slave painted about hundreds of best "sunflowering" works,
They killed him during Auction and made 100 millions bucks,
Spleat by danceling on Bundershaft Russia and USA swines.

It was once son of Ukrainian and a Jewish women, Dvernik,
Musician and composer that was sold also as merchandize
Sold by Russia to USA - danceling on Bundershaft slavers.
They made him write last seven song albums - quite unvise,
In Lampoc Santa Barbara, be totured, robbed and murdered,
Spleat by danceling on Bundershaft Russia and USA swines.

As said once an old man I new in Moldova: "The World is one"
At older age was conviniently killed like my mother by his sons,
Now saying: "The World is one" and aging - who'll do them in?
Who'll do Russia and USA in - when they will age to be gone?

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