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Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Criticizes Outgoing EU Envoy

Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira
Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira
Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has criticized the outgoing European Union ambassador for his recent comments on the country's political situation.

In an interview on August 30 with the "Ukrayinska Pravda" newspaper, Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira, who spent the last four years as the EU's chief diplomat to Kyiv, criticized the government's continued jailing of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and recent changes to the country's election law.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Voloshyn dismissed Teixeira's remarks as "loudmouthed," noting that "an absolutely different person" will soon be acting as the EU's ambassador to Ukraine.

Teixera, a native of Portugal, is going on to serve as ambassador to the West African island Republic of Cape Verde.

He will be replaced in Kyiv by Polish diplomat Jan Tombinski, who earlier served as ambassador to France, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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by: bob from: here
September 03, 2012 03:11
I think this bloke needs to be tared & feathered & kikked out-perhaps when he goes back to his dearest europe he can retire & give a job to one of the 20 % unemployed


by: Eugenio from: Vienna
September 03, 2012 11:08
This is funny to see a guy from Portugal - a country which is intensively going bankrupt, where social benefits are being significantly cut, and which in an economic recession for the last 4 years - pretending to "give lessons" to the govt of Ukraine, where the economic growth is above 4 per cent this year and which sends ever more tourists to, for example, Austria, demonstrating the fact that the people living there are constantly getting richer (unlike the Portugese who - even if they make it to Austria as tourists - make very round eyes when see the prices).
As a matter of fact, Portugal is a vivid example of a country going bankrupt after having spent 25 years as an EU member state.

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