Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Ukrainian PM Retracts Decision To Bar Journalists

Journalists in Kyiv protest the prime minister's decision on May 23.
Journalists in Kyiv protest the prime minister's decision on May 23.

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has rescinded his decision to bar 10 journalists from covering cabinet meetings.

Earlier, about 100 journalists demonstrated in front of the Ukrainian government building on May 23, protesting Azarov's order to withdraw press accreditations.

On May 22, the 10 journalists stepped in front of television cameras at a cabinet session and turned their backs on the ministers.

The reporters were protesting an earlier attack on two journalists in Kyiv, a husband and wife.

The journalists had signs pinned to their backs that read, "Today, it's a female journalist [beaten up], tomorrow-- your wife, sister, daughter. Do something!"

Azarov met on May 23 with the protesting journalists and urged them to "act professionally," warning that accreditations will be canceled if a similar situation happens again.

Based on reporting by UNIAN and Interfax

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