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Ukraine More Anti-Semitic Than Russia, Says New Poll

Hasidic Jews celebrate the traditional Jewish New Year in Uman, Ukraine.
Hasidic Jews celebrate the traditional Jewish New Year in Uman, Ukraine.
Ever since the Maidan demonstrations began in Ukraine late last year, Russia has accused the protesters -- and then the new Kyiv authorities -- of anti-Semitism.

The issue of anti-Semitism became a political football, with accusations and counter-accusations, including denunciations from Ukrainian Jewish leaders who were keen to play down the alleged threat. Ukraine's chief rabbi, Yaakov Dov Bleich, accused Russia of anti-Semitic provocations and a leaflet that surfaced in Donetsk a few weeks later summoning Jews to register certainly had the hallmarks of one.

With its accusations, Russia also turned back attention on itself, with an anchor on a state-funded TV channel implying that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

A new global poll by the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League has shed a little more light on attitudes to Jews in both countries. And, according to the survey, Ukraine is a more anti-Semitic place than Russia.

The poll surveyed 53,100 adults in 102 countries and territories worldwide, with a higher score indicating higher levels of anti-Semitism.
The overall ADL Global 100 Index score represents the percentage of respondents who answered “probably true" to six or more of 11 negative stereotypes about Jews. An 11-question index has been used by ADL as a key metric in measuring anti-Semitic attitudes in the United States for the last 50 years.
The questions are "based on age-old stereotypes about Jews, including classical stereotypes about Jewish power, loyalty, money, and behavior."

Overall, in Ukraine, 38 percent of those polled could be considered anti-Semitic and in Russia 30 percent.  

In Eastern Europe, the survey notes that the most widely held anti-Semitic stereotype is that "Jews have too much power in the business world." In Ukraine, 56 percent agreed with that statement and 49 percent of Russians.

At 38 percent, Ukraine was more anti-Semitic than the regional average of 34 percent for Eastern Europe. Poland was the most anti-Semitic country in Eastern Europe with an index score of 45 percent.

By comparison, Greece is the most anti-Semitic country in Western Europe with 69 percent. Sweden is the most tolerant with 4 percent.  

The worst performing region in the world is the Middle East and North Africa where 74 percent of people held anti-Semitic views.

Interestingly, Iran emerged as the region's least anti-Semitic country, with 56 percent of those surveyed expressing such views. 

The full survey and interactive map are available here.

-- Luke Allnutt
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 14, 2014 14:01
It is very superficial observation, ordered by Russia
And by their British fooled to be mentors-"chistodels"
Advocates, not unlike next article, filled like "parasha"
With Russian-British Imperial history of renaming hell,
As Ukraine is Russia and they were Kiev's liberators!

First of all, numbers are stretched tricks of linguistics
And pre-designed Russian propaganda, nations hate
Orchestrated by Great Powers - according to policies.
Greco-Macedonians bestialized, invading Judea land.
Greeks never forget first defeat of Empire by Judeans.

Being great merchants and pirates they reinvigorating
By hate to competition of more honest and successful,
Specially if they need for sale something more exciting
Unite by underlying hate the Church of Konstantinopol,
With grabbing for the Russia future - Visantian Empire.

That is one reason to spread so-called "Anti-Semitism"
All over Eastern Europe. Russia, Germany and Austria
Had similar reasons blame wars and fall of Imperialism
On "Caucasian race's noble noses and intelligent eyes,
Jew-sized by Jews" British hated resettling in Palestine.

Stronger powers are always guilty of any race hate and
National feuds, but blame the victims for their own faults.
Brits blamed Jew-butcher for Crone Prince serial killings,
Germany and Russia pin Jews for Big Depression trend,
While it was their race war starve-kill most of Americans.

Race wars and feuds are strong thing. I will never forget
My mother bestially murdered by Russians, through CIA,
As vengeance to me for helping holt Russian 2008 "war"
And blackmailing me to plagiarize. The same any nation,
They remember often intertwined with lies of the Empires.

Weak nation and countries have less choice in the matter,
Still competition among humans and groups quite natural.
Like in Taras Bulba story - get over obese on a horseback,
Where weak and timid are mocked by the laughing crowd.
It is why local would always find something, mock "gringo".

In article above numbers are tricked. You count Ukrainians
East and Central Ukraine Russia influx that Russia ordered
To invade and lie, including the anti-Jews "oder" in Donetsk
To make USA, they call breed of Jews and Negroes, change
And turn against Ukraine Independence. Also the traditions.

Not many get over obese on horseback - laughing at the rest.
Not many sing "Our Pray is most Holly" and invite strangers.
If there is substantial number of so called "Anti-Semites" look
At Russian and Ukrainian "You Tube", the Russia spies tricks
Can make throughout even a mad dog, they are spreading it!

It's Russia that brought lies to USA elite that high productivity
Lead to Communism (able to create Social Security System),
Thus Russian, German, British and Nordics need do race war
Against USA majority, fire them and kill them all by starvation.
It lead to Big Depression. It lead to rise of Hitler to Nazi power.

Hitler recognition - speech of Russian Czar and British Prince,
Accompanied by Russian promise of easy victory and Cristal
Night that Russia co-inside in USSR, disarming USSR armies
And Russian "Anti-Semitic" and racist books used by Gebbels
Gave Nazi Germany all to become what we know about them.

Russia uses the same card again and again - with arrogance
And caning that surpass even Nazi Germany, spreading feud
As May-Ham of Hokey hooligans, driving washers with asses,
From Georgia and Caucasus through Ukraine and Asia main.
They even use some Russian Jews lie for them - using treats.

Not withstanding reality on the ground, IT'S BETTER FREE,

In Response

by: John from: Toronto
May 14, 2014 20:09
Konstantin, wow, I can see you are a very angry person... Is there anyone besides Ukrainians you dont hate? Your historical interpretation seems all over the place. It is not plausible to argue that Russia and Briatin ordered this poll. And that is your first sentence. It goes downhill big time from there. I am not sure where you are getting your ideas from... But I am sure any facist group would love you on their side. Shame
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 14, 2014 20:39
It is you that start and end with lies, Ivan from Russia!
I defend Ukrainians, not hate them, invader into Ukraine!
In Response

by: Cynthia from: California
May 17, 2014 21:18
You have now disclosed your mental health issues to the whole world.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 19, 2014 18:17
To whom are you responding, Cynthia?
I hope you are not another Russian, reverberating,
Standard haze of Russian GRU-KGB mentality,
Pinning your disease on victim's hospitality,
While silencing opponents and invading?

by: Anonymous
May 14, 2014 16:36

why stir up fear and conflicts with a biased organisation such as the adl that as rabbi hecht in the u.s. put it implicitly is not very credible:

"I am suspicious of a guy who makes a living from a particular situation...if there is a particular film crew making a living from blood...I am suspicious every time they show blood. ...when a guy makes a living form a particular situation ... I am nervous about his reports. ... he has to create a problem because he needs a job."

hope this link will not disappear!

and don't forget to check out his definition on anti-semitism!!! with which he contrasts adl reports!!!

well, anti-semitism exists in various nations, unfortunately. that's for sure.
"anti-goyism" also exists, unfortunately. that's for sure. the consequences are/were different though. yet, jews are no different than other religious or ethnic groups.

with respect to anti-semitism in ukraine and the world. this survey by the adl,
you should watch YOAV SHAMIR'S disllusioning film "defamation".

nice insights on how the adl works.

sorry to say:
many reports are fabrictated, politically motivated. jews who dare to say something which contradicts certain official positions within the adl and some jewish communities are stigmatized and isolated.
sad truth.

that eastern europe against the historical background of the last centuries is known for pogroms is nothing new.
anti-semitism in the muslim world and in islamic teachings like the ahadith, etc. is probably much more concerning, nowadays, as the even report indicates.

but why only black and white?

would like to read about a survey on "anti-goyism" in jewish communities. could surprise some. the numbers could be similar to those above, according to the educational background, individual experience, leverage point, cultural community, etc.
sad truth.

so again, why stir up fear and conflicts?
In Response

by: Ivo
May 17, 2014 06:02
Indeed, the ADL has absolutely no credibility and I've no idea why they waste their time and scant resources to give them any airtime.

by: Sonya Senkowsky from: USA
May 15, 2014 01:03
If you read the ADL survey, it says there is a +/- 4.4 percentage points margin of error -- which makes any supposed "difference" between the two countries meaningless. They both need work on this issue. Besides, what could possibly be the point of promoting such a difference right now? This is tasteless, irresponsible reporting!
In Response

by: CJ from: Australia
May 16, 2014 00:03
It's even better, they interviewed "53,100 adults in 102 countries and territories", that's around 520 people per country/territory. Ukraine had a population of around 45.6mil people back in 2012 (including Crimea and Eastern Ukraine which may or may not count these days if Russia has anything to say about it; which it does). That's one person for every 447K people.

It's about as representative of the countries as simply flipping a coin.

by: John Newcomb from: Canada
May 15, 2014 02:48
For Eastern Europe, eliminate highest Poland and lowest Czech Republic, and with margin of error of +-4/4% may not be a highly-significant difference in anti-semitism levels for the rest.

Might be useful to correlate homophobia with anti-semitism:

by: Jack from: US
May 15, 2014 03:40
I know Ukrainians often complain their country suffers from severe "jew infestation". President Putin should liberate the rest of Ukraine and then liberate Poland. That will resolve the problem.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 15, 2014 10:24
Guys, what happened to the "anti-terrorist operation" in Eastern Ukraine? Today (May 15th) it is exactly ONE MONTH since the "active phase" of it started, and one starts wondering whether the word "active" has in Ukrainian the same meaning it does in other languages: a month ago US-financed Ukrainian military was standing near Slavyansk and Kramatorsk without having a clue what to do; and today their are standing right next to those two towns without having any clue either. Doesn't sound very "active" to me :-)).
And in the meantime, the IMF is predicting that the Ukrainian GDP will SHRINK by 7 % (!!!) this year, while Russia is preparing to disconnect its natural gas supplies to this country starting from June 3rd this year. In other words, those who were promising that removing Yanek from the Ukrainian presidency was going to make of this country a prosperous and successful one were damn right :-)).
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 16, 2014 10:04
24 PHOTOS that illustrate the resistance of people in Eastern and Southern Ukraine against the Kiev junta -

by: John Newcomb from: Canada
May 15, 2014 13:57
Recent article references Russian Jewish Congress report that anti-semitism in Russia has been on the rise in first four months of 2014. Since the ADL survey of Russia was in July 2013, its possible that Russia's 30% anti-semitism score is no longer valid.
- "Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in Russia—and the Kremlin's TV Network Is in on It":

by: Anonymous
May 15, 2014 13:59
Have read the survey.
so, what's the intention, actually?

a. to show jews that supposedly 1,09 billion non-jews "harbor anti-semitic attittudes" (whatever that means)?
b. to ask jews to make aliyah to israel to be proud and willing soldiers to fight muslims?
c. to frighten jews in "exile"?
d. to show non-jews how bad/racist/anti-semitic many non-jews are?
e. to show non-jews and jews alike how horrible and terrifying the situation is?

next time, the adl should think of other methods.
the questions are quite suggestive. they could ask open questions, instead. what people think they know about jews. maybe then something like the following comes up:

some (!) are very educated
some (!) love israel
some (!) have some influence in the u.s. being actors, business men, politicians
many love the countries they live in, but because of history "they" stick to israel
many talk of sacrificing "their" life for israel but in fact do (if at all) spend some vacations in israel and have never done any military service whatsoever
some are racist, as events with african refugees, defilement of other religious institutions, recent comments by a minister and reports by anyone who knows jewish communities more profoundly have illustrated
some extreme pathological cases exist(ed), like dead rabbi ovadia youssef who harbored (!) shocking anti-goy attitudes(!): "With gentiles, it will be like any person - they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” (haaretz, 2010)

(!) First time by the way, the "adl slams Shas spiritual leader for saying non-Jews 'were born to serve Jews'".
besides, there were no comments on jews harassing african migrants in israel, etc. etc.

maybe then eventually, you could exchange "some" (jews) above with (poles), (irish), (arab), (haussa), (vietnamese), (chinese), etc.
and find that all this hype about antisemitism is exaggerated.

as some commentators put, even in terms of numbers, the margins really distort the supposedly existing differences within the message.

interesting though, despite all the harsh rhetoric months ago in the u.s., the iranians are the "least anti-semitic" in the middle east. I remember politicians talking about the annihilation of the jews, then finding out one day maybe that the biggest jewish community in the middle east lives in Iran(!). wow, now even the adl knows that not all iranians "harbor anti-semitic attitudes".
oh dear!

surveys on racism and antisemitism are important. the adl though has lost credibility long ago.

more trustful institutions should do similar surveys with a wider set of issues!

by: Warren Eckels from: Indiana, USA
May 24, 2014 04:49

The survey was taken between July 2013 and February 2014. Perhaps Ukraine was the more anti-Semitic place before the Maidan Revolution. The Revolution bore fruit in late February, with several rightist groups (which included anti-Semites) standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Jews (including ex-IDF) and other Ukrainians from all walks of life.

Since late February, Right Sector embarked on a campaign of philo-Semitism complete with threats against those who desecrate Jewish cemeteries. Ukraine's Parliament appointed Jews and people of Jewish heritage to positions of great responsibility, and most have them have proved capable and patriotic. Israel flew injured Maidan protestors to Israel for treatment. Ihor Kolomoiskiy ran back from Europe and is busy spending his fortune and deploying his assets to hold the line against Russia's little green men and their followers in the East.

Russia tried to portray the Maidan revolution as an anti-Semitic revolution. Too bad for it that its supporters can't stop ranting about "Judeo-Masonic conspiracies" in front of the cameras.

Some of the new philo-Semitism does look really strange, or even grossly insensitive, to those of us outside of Ukraine. Still, Jews inside and outside of Ukraine have stood for Kiev far more than they have for Moscow in this crisis. Their judgment on the situation as it appears this spring is more reliable than a survey taken before EuroMaidan, no matter how accurate it may have been six months ago.

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