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Ukraine Separatists Fix Up Soviet Tank

Just a bit less modern than what the Ukrainian Army has....
Just a bit less modern than what the Ukrainian Army has....
Pro-Russian separatists in the Ukrainian village of Konstantynovka have managed to fix up a World War II-era tank at a war memorial and send it into combat, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.
"Our craftsmen have managed  to start the engine  of the IS-3  tank displayed on a platform in the park. The tank is being prepared and will engage in  the  combat soon,"  the  press service  of  the  unrecognized Donetsk People's Republic told Interfax. 
If this is the tank in the video below, it's hard to say how effective this may prove to be:
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by: Mamuka
June 08, 2014 23:05
It may be worth noting, if only for historical context, that the IS in IS-3 stands for Iosef STALIN.

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