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Controversial Language Bill Signed By Ukraine's Parliament Speaker

The speaker of Ukraine's parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn (right), looks on as deputies scuffle during a session in the parliament chamber in Kyiv on May 24.
The speaker of Ukraine's parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn (right), looks on as deputies scuffle during a session in the parliament chamber in Kyiv on May 24.
The Ukrainian parliament's press service has announced that a controversial language bill that gives Russian the status of "a regional language" in 13 of Ukraine's 27 regions has been signed by the speaker.

The law will come into effect now after President Viktor Yanukovych signs it.

Lawmakers approved the law on July 3.

Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn had refused to sign it and asked parliament to free him from his duties as part of a protest against the legislation.

Parliament rejected Lytvyn's request and four separate proposals from the opposition to amend the bill on July 30.

The bill's adoption led to scuffles among lawmakers and mass protests in Kyiv and other cities.

The law also gives the status of "regional language" to Crimean Tatar in Crimea, Romanian in the Chernivtsi region, and Hungarian in the Zakarpattya region.

Based on reporting by UNIAN and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
July 31, 2012 15:24
US-supported "orange revolutionaries" tried to deprive Hungarian, Romanian, Tatar, Russian people on the Ukraine the right to speak in their native tongure
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by: Lida from: U.S.
August 01, 2012 02:41
They're not deprived of their own languages. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ukrainians wanting Ukrainian language as the official language. How else do you stay unified? Slip Russian in there and then what? Ukraine has been suppressed and oppressed long enough. Є МОВА-НАЦІЯ.
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by: Nick from: Canada
August 02, 2012 03:41
No civilized country in the world deprives such a huge mass of its people (about half of Ukraine's population) of its mother tongue. There are no Russian language schools left in Ukraine, people are forced to speak Ukrainian at work, all movies are translated into Ukrainian, etc. Russian is not even studied as a foreign language at schools!
In Canada the French represent only 23% of the population and French is one of the government languages (alongside with English). In the Northern Territories and Nunavut local languages are used as government instead of French and English.
In the United States in Southern (Spanish speaking) states Spanish is used by the government as the second language (check the Wikipedia).
It's a shame that Ukrainian nationalists are trying to annihilate the Russian language (the language of at least half of country's people). They're openly saying it's a language of occupants and showing once again that nationalism is akin to fascism.
The Russian language should definitely be the second government language alongside the Ukrainian one.
It's high time to stop this pathetic nationalist brain washing.

by: Maria
August 02, 2012 05:33
You know damn well no one has a problem with any of the other languages ( as if you care about any of them, considering the way the Russian majority in Crimea treats the Tartars or the way Russia in general treats minorities) except Russian, the language of the bully that wants to obliterate Ukraine and its culture. The other languages pretty much already were regional languages. None of their presidents said Ukraine wasn't a country. So no problem with them. Duh!
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by: Nick from: Canada
August 02, 2012 11:45
Langauges of minorities should also be treated with respect (even though it's much harder to do). And the new law will do it -- it's aimed at any language whose population constitutes at least 10 per cent.
But the Russian language in Ukraine is not a minority -- it's the mother tongue of a bigger part of the contry -- don't confuse it.
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by: Larysa from: Lviv/Stockholm
August 02, 2012 16:08
So-called 'russian speaking' population in Ukraine is a result of mass murder of Ukrainian nation by famine (HOLODOMOR) and bringing into the country criminals from East to destroy Ukrainian nation.

This soviet import represents current joke of a goverment who abuses human rights (puts Tymoshenko to jail, attacks mass media, abuses gay rights and lets the country bleed dry.)

This soviet russian-speaking import has no national ID, roots or national respect which would not be tolerated in any other country.Whould France tolerate protests against French, Sweden against Swedish, Italia against Italian? Everybody has his/her right to maintain his/her own mother language but they have to learn French, Swedish, Italian.

Language is a bacics of any nation.The law bill is a crime against Ukrainian nation and can sound reasonable only for ignarants!!!! the aim of this bill is not to support the languages of minorities (polish, romanian, hungarian, tatar etc) but to eliminate Ukrainian language and ukrainian nation. Besides, imagine cost involved for implementation of this criminal bill..The costs can be used more wisely.


Nick, you are welcome to have your opinion but please learn history and use triangualtion on your facts before stating anything!!!
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by: Lida from: U.S.
August 03, 2012 02:19
Russian language is the mother tongue of Russia. Ukrainian language is mother tongue of Ukraine. How can YOU confuse that?

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by: Olga Szerenga Rutherford from: United States
August 29, 2012 21:31
Russian is spoken in a greater part of Ukraine because people weren't allowed to learn or speak Ukrainian at one time. Ukrainians were forced to learn and speak Russian, and were tortured and killed if they didn't do so, don't confuse THAT. By making Spanish a mandatory language in the US, the Spanish people feel they don't have to know English, so we have to deal with dual language phones, schools etc, it's even mandatory as a subject in schools, WHY? That is what will happen in Ukraine if you don't make Ukrainian a mandatory language. I agree the other languages should be respected as THEIR people speak it, but if people want to speak Russian, than they should not be known or called UKRAINIANS. When someone asks me why I speak Ukrainian to members of my family and not English so they can understand, I simply tell them if they want to know what I am saying, they should learn Ukrainian, otherwise BUG-OFF. They say THIS IS AMERICA, so I should speak English always. My answer to them is "I AM ONLY AS GOOD AN AMERICAN AS I AM A UKRAINIAN", and of course they then SHUT-UP. I'm not saying people shouldn't speak Russian, but if they are going to do so, again I say 'DON't CALL YOURSELVES UKRAINIANS, just say you're Russian, and stop contradicting themselves. GOD SAVE AND HELP UKRAINE AND HER PEOPLE.
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by: Nick from: Canada
August 09, 2012 01:08
It's unbelievable and deplorable how much hatred some people have. Just look at that "TO MIX UKRAINIANS AND RUSSIANS IS THE SAME AS TO MIX NAZI GERMANY AND JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!" from Larysa.
I hope you will get enough wisdom to understand that spreading hatred will not help anyone to get along and move forward.

By the way, Lida, Ukrainian or Russian is mother tongue of particular people, not a country.
A mother tongue is a tongue spoken by a person since birth.
A country though has an official language (or languages), be it formally state or not.

Be careful with nationalism! It's a very dangerous toy.
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by: Olga Szerenga Rutherford from: United States
August 29, 2012 21:13
First of all, America is known as the "Melting Pot" so it is natural that all languages are accepted. Ukraine is Ukraine and people in Ukraine should speak Ukrainian. How sad that we Ukrainians in America have for years kept the Ukrainian language, songs, dances, and traditions of Ukraine in tact. People from Ukraine come to the US and we can't even converse with them because they are speaking RUSSIAN. Families and others from the US go to visit in Ukraine, and most of us can't even understand what our own families are saying. My parents were in a German DP war camp and migrated to the US in 1949. They learned as much English as they needed to do what needed to be done, but all 9 of us spoke, read, and wrote in Ukrainian. We learned the Ukrainian songs and dances also. We kept all holiday traditions and stayed UKRAINIAN. Five of us (2 boys and 3 girls) were in the US Army, and when asked who we are, we all said UKRAINIAN. I even have newspaper articles showing our Ukrainian pride (American and Ukrainian newspapers). Ukrainians cannot be forced to speak Russian, otherwise, we will be taken over and massacred like before. BE PROUD, UKRAINIANS, ALL OVER THE WORLD, AND STAND YOUR GROUND. Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe, must never allow anyone in Ukraine to die of starvation ever again. I will defend Ukraine, her UKRAINIAN language, and all traditions that have to do with Ukraine, till the day I die.

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