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Ukraine Unspun

How Russian Media Turned Construction Site Into 'Concentration Camp'

The TV package, shown nationally in Russia on April 27, followed a Russian Foreign Ministry statement expressing "extreme anxiety" over the construction of buildings "reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps."
The TV package, shown nationally in Russia on April 27, followed a Russian Foreign Ministry statement expressing "extreme anxiety" over the construction of buildings "reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps."
Viewed with the sound off, it appears on video to be a tour of a typical construction site in eastern Ukraine.

But unmuted, the report by Russian TV host Arkady Mamontov becomes more ominous. As eerie music overlays the din of power drills, the camera zooms in on a tube protruding from a piece of brick wall and then quickly cuts to what appears to be a small shower room.

For Mamontov, the implication is obvious -- these are concentration camps being built for pro-Russian supporters "who speak out against Right Sector and the people who the powers in Kyiv call separatists."

"The camera will show everything," he says.

The package, shown nationally in Russia on April 27, followed a Russian Foreign Ministry statement expressing "extreme anxiety" over the construction of buildings "reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps."

The truth: The building has been under construction since 2012, when Viktor Yanukovych, the Kremlin-leaning president who fled Kyiv for Russia in late February, was still in power. It is one of two buildings being constructed as part of an EU-funded project to temporarily house illegal migrants.

"In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the places are entirely for the placement of foreigners and stateless people to be placed until orders for their expulsion are completed," Serhiy Hunko, press spokesman for Ukraine's state migration service, told RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service. "Under no circumstances can Ukrainians be placed there."

Moscow has relentlessly invoked the threat of 1940s-era Nazism to both invoke fears of the new authorities in Kyiv, which it refuses to recognize as legitimate, and to reach into the well of Russian patriotism that springs from the Soviet Union's World War II victory.

While the far-right Svoboda party does hold some government posts, there has been little evidence of widespread ultranationalism. Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector, an ultranationalist group mentioned by Mamontov and continuously cited by Moscow as a threat to Russian speakers, is polling at less than 2 percent in his quixotic presidential run.

A second reporter working with Mamontov on his story dismisses the explanation that the EU would build a holding center for migrants. "What interest would the EU have in building deportation facilities?" she asks.

She does not bother to ask why the EU would be interested in investing in new concentration camps.

-- Glenn Kates and RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 02, 2014 14:11
this is no surprise - wasn't the western media warning all along that Putin would turn Ukraine into one big Konzentrations-Lager?
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by: Asehpe from: the Netherlands
May 02, 2014 23:13
So you agree?

How surprising. People can evolve. Even Obama did... Maybe someday Putin will, too.
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by: Dennis from: Chicago
May 03, 2014 14:52
How many must die while we wait for Putin to "evolve"? Asehpe, do not be stupid, Eugene is not agreeing. He is directing his remark to Putin, not the E.U. It is sarcasm.

by: Jojnjo from: Dublin
May 02, 2014 15:53
Russian Media should do a tour of all the Russian Gulags then they'd realise that whatever they place they are showing in their tour of Ukraine? it would be like Heaven compared to their own torture centres the "Russian Gulags".

PS. Russian Media = the "Untruth in the "News"!

by: Jack from: US
May 02, 2014 16:07
"to house illegal immigrants" ??? Who in a world will believe anyone would want to be an illegal immigrant in Ukraine, where typical salary is $100/month, the country which itself is the major supplier of illegal immigrants to Russia and EU?
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by: Dina from: Ukraine
May 02, 2014 22:32
Will anyone wise believe that this is concentration camp? Do you really think that there are no countries in the world where living conditions are much worse than in Ukraine? As for illegal immigration to EU, the protests started in Ukraine because we want our country to be a better place to leave, so that Ukrainians don't have to immigrate
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by: Asehpe from: the Netherlands
May 02, 2014 23:15
You're an American, right? Only an American would ask this question...

Have a look at the minimum wage in African countries. There's your answer...

(Besides, facilities for housing illegal immigrants are simply part of the EU structure. Many people try to enter EU countries to work there. They could try to do so via Ukraine, which has borders with the EU. That, by itself, would already explain it.)
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by: Karlheinz from: Saint-Didier
May 03, 2014 03:36
Ukraine is a major place of transit for human trafficking, among others, toward central and northern Europe.

by: neil richard from: canada
May 03, 2014 02:37
Take one portion of Stasi trained silioviki greaseballs.....add another measure of media quarantine..... now add a dash of totalitarian "truth control".......and whataya got?....... A toxic wasteland.....Stalin would be proud of his proteges....little men with big compensation issues.........Perhaps they think you may forget that its really about their stooge puppet and his effete son that were expunged from Kiev and his garish roccoco palace......Putin should take heed, because his imminent demise will eerily emulate the crash and burn of other great Russian heros.... Saddam, Ghadaffi, Noriega........Marcos, Cocescu, Samoza.... all venal little men have had their day.......

by: Anonymous
May 03, 2014 08:48
It's unfortunate that the point of the documentary was completely missed. Nationalism is a very problematic issue. If this is true as people in the documentary claim that Western Ukraine is teaching their kids how bad Russians were (are). We're in trouble ... because that's a lie. During soviet Union, Yes Stalin had killed a lot if Ukrainians - but let's not transfer the sins of Stalin to all the 140 million Russians. Nationalism is a step away from Nazism.
This article is SHIT! ... the "Concentration Camp" was an opening to the documentary ... not the center piece.

by: Cowboy from: USA
May 03, 2014 21:22
Haven't we seen this same story before told by the western media:

by: Mike
May 04, 2014 01:13
We have far right pro-coup government murdering (burning alive) and people in mass numbers, carrying banners with swastikas. Real fascists. Report on that instead of trying desperately trying to turn some abandoned old construction site into a death camp.

And US and client states supporting this, and supporting using the military against anti-coup citizens. As well as leaked tapes of choosing future leaders of Ukraine.

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