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Ukraine Unspun

Luhansk's Mysterious Hostages

Pro-Russian protesters gather at a barricade outside the offices of the SBU state security service in Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine earlier this week.
Pro-Russian protesters gather at a barricade outside the offices of the SBU state security service in Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine earlier this week.
On April 8, Ukraine's state security service (SBU) announced that pro-Russian separatists had taken 60 people hostage after occupying SBU's Luhansk headquarters.
There is no evidence to support this claim.
Armed protesters -- some of whom claim to be former members of Ukraine's disbanded Berkut riot police -- have controlled the building since April 6.
On April 8, the SBU said the protesters were "threatening around 60 people with weapons and explosives" inside the building, about 25 kilometers from the border with Russia.
The accusation was widely reported in Western and Ukrainian media.
But leaders of the armed group and local officials have denied the claims. When around 56 people reportedly left the building early on April 9, some reports said they were freed hostages. But since then, no one from that contingent has claimed to have been held against their will.
A reporter for RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service in Luhansk says local journalists who have been allowed into the building have seen no evidence of hostages.
Simon Ostrovsky, who has reported extensively for Vice News on the Ukraine crisis and visited the occupied Luhansk building on April 10, rejected the hostage claims on Twitter and said that Ukrainian authorities had provided "disinformation" on the subject.
The gunmen, who are demanding a referendum on autonomy from Kyiv, have asked for Moscow to intervene.
"Russia won't help us if we take hostages," said one, a former Berkut officer, according to "The Guardian."

-- Glenn Kates, with reporting from Luhansk by Andriy Kuznetzov
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 10, 2014 15:52
Bandera Ukrainians are itching to get to the EU, which will bankrupt them while reintroducing serfdom to the masses. Just ask Hillary R. Clinton or John McCain - the conspiracy against Russia is ruthless and must be toppled while not yet ripe.
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by: Jason from: USA
April 11, 2014 03:52
"Eugenio from Vienna" again? Ha-ha-ha! Nice try, Ivan!
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by: Suska from: USA
April 11, 2014 10:27
I agree. And when Putin turns the gas off, they will scream and cry about what a monster he is. After all the hateful propaganda they've been spewing at him these past few months, they think he should give out free gas.
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by: mark from: usa
April 11, 2014 22:58
hateful propaganda- ? after promising in January not to change the contractual agreement on the gas from Nov. no matter what Putin has increased prices 80% - the highest in Europe - and of course seized Crimea against all Russia's treaty obligations -"hateful propaganda"? maybe Putin needs to have a "time out" for his behavior-
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by: peter from: ottawa
April 14, 2014 00:08
Eugenio aka Evgenie are you ready to get drafted into the mighty Russian army of conscripts ? Your buddy Vlad the Annexer is about to start WW 3. All those Banderas have suddenly become partizans behind Russian lines, now its Russia's turn to feel what the Germans felt and they lost. As for the article, sometimes things in life don't always appear what they seem to be. Cheers.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 11, 2014 00:35
Eugenio pin crimes of Russia on Ukrainians "going to EU"!
Russia was serfdom for 11 Centuries of invading Varagas,
bestial macaques, and for more than 3 Centuries of Varaga-
Preussaka sucking blood of Ukraine and many other nations.
As for fire in Communist Party building - it is a tragedy,
probably Russian occupiers did it - to prevent secret
document of expanding and oppressing Nazi Russia
become public, or get in hand of new Ukraine leaders,
using as excuse classified nature of some papers that
might have relationship with old-new USSR security -
to hide evil deeds and intentions of Russians toward
Ukrainians and other non-Russian nations.
Even if any of Russian KGB snitches was installed in
"right movements", created by Russian KGB by leaving
to Ukrainian no other sense of national identity - another
evil plot of Russia - in worst case - replay of Reighstag
fire put there by Nazi spy, installed once into "socialist"
meeting crowd... – here another way around.

by: American Tolerast
April 11, 2014 04:06
With the media focusing so much on violence and sadness, I wanted to share a happy story from Ukraine about people coming together despite their differences.

By sheer accident, Russian state media reunited an ethnic Russian with his identical twin brother who was separated at birth and raised in Germany. A twist of fate brought them both to Ukraine. They were even assaulted in the exact same manner.


All hail (heil) Vladimir Putin, the gatherer of peoples.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 11, 2014 08:29
"Pshel von", Russian Hitler-funkel!
As they said about Hitler, he liked to stroke heads of children and dogs, but only German dogs and German children (as you stroke idiotic notion of two Russian Nazi brothers meat in Ukraine to repopulate Ukraine by Russians).
All the other children Hitler sent to gas chambers ( as you about to send Ukraine, Georgia and the rest of East Europe and Central Asia to vanishing)!
Putin is "gatherer" of Nazi Russian invaders "people", Ham!
Putin is not alone, the Third Force infiltrated first into Ukraine.
Let better CIS, including Ukraine gather it's nation and its citizens to build free, democratic and prosperous countries!
If Russia want be equal among equal, we are not against it.
But your Russia-"Pemash'iks" trying enslave and kill us all!

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