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Ukraine Unspun

Odesa Doctor Or Random Dentist? Claims Of Atrocities, Anti-Semitism Face Scrutiny

A screen grab of the Facebook profile picture of "Igor Rozovskiy," who claims to be a 39-year-old doctor from Odesa.
A screen grab of the Facebook profile picture of "Igor Rozovskiy," who claims to be a 39-year-old doctor from Odesa.
It was a disturbing detail of the deadly violence that unfolded in Odesa on May 2: A local doctor claimed Ukrainian nationalists prevented him from saving a man's life and warned that the city's Jews would soon be dead also.
But less than 24 hours after it began circulating widely on Facebook, this testimony appeared to be unraveling as a potential hoax.
The claims were made on the Facebook page of a user purporting to be a 39-year-old doctor in Odesa named Igor Rozovskiy on May 3, the same day that the account was created.
"As a doctor I hurried to assist those who could still be saved, but I was stopped by militants who would not let me approach a wounded man," the user wrote. "One of them shoved me aggressively and vowed that soon I and other Jews in Odesa awaited the same fate. ...Nothing like this happened in my city even under fascist occupation."
A screen grab of "Igor Rozovskiy's" Facebook post, in which he claims Ukrainian nationalists prevented him from saving a man's life. (Click to enlarge)
A screen grab of "Igor Rozovskiy's" Facebook post, in which he claims Ukrainian nationalists prevented him from saving a man's life. (Click to enlarge)

The testimony jibes with claims by Russia and its supporters in Ukraine that pro-Kyiv forces are teeming with fascists and anti-Semites, allegations that Ukrainian authorities and Western officials say are false.
The Russian-language post had gathered more than 5,000 shares on Facebook one day after it appeared, and it also circulated widely on Russia's main social-networking site, Vkontakte.
Skepticism about the claims emerged quickly as well, however, and bloggers who began scratching at the surface of the Facebook post say it appears to be part of a coordinated disinformation campaign.
The photograph on the Facebook page appears to be that of Ruslan Semenov, a dentist based in Ust-Dzheguta, a town in the Karachai-Cherkessia Republic in Russia's restive North Caucasus region. 
It was not immediately clear why, if the Facebook page is legitimate, the author might have used Semenov's photograph.
"Unfortunately, Russia, which for the third straight month is engaging in open warfare against Ukraine, works professionally in this sphere," blogger Maksim Savanevskyy wrote on the website of the "Ukrainskaya Pravda" newspaper.
Savanevskyy noted that after the Russian-language post began gathering critical mass online, identical translations began circulating in English, German, and Bulgarian. 
The government in Kyiv and its allies in the West have accused Russia of engaging in a propaganda campaign aimed at ratcheting up tensions and frightening the population in eastern Ukraine about potential repressions by fascists.
The Russian Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, issued a May 4 statement accusing Western countries of an "information blockade" about the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine. 
Last month, Russian state-owned broadcaster Rossia 1 interviewed a man they claimed was a pro-Russian protester assaulted by "radical" pro-Kyiv supporters. The same man, meanwhile, told another Russian network, state-friendly NTV, that he was a German mercenary financing unrest in Ukraine.
After the man's competing tales came under scrutiny, NTV claimed that the man actually suffered from schizophrenia and that the network had "inadvertently become hostage to a grand hoax."
-- Carl Schreck
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by: Jack from: US
May 04, 2014 20:00
RFERL propaganda is not very intelligent I must say. Not only its "party line" is obvious, its language and methods are primitive
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 04, 2014 23:43
Jack again?
It isn't REERL propaganda, it is Russian Nazi's armies of death propaganda - GRU-Spetcnaz-KGB and the rest of expanding Varaga-Prussaka evil empire.
It is their stupid language.
(All forums and "you tube" are filed by such a garbage from the dirty mouth of Russian propaganda):

" 'Boeviki' didn't let me save a guy's life and said I and other Odessa Jews would get the same (death).";
"Boeviki" were Russian Special Forces invading Ukraine,
Ukrainians were saving Russian "boeviki" from burning building!

"Because they didn't share political vews of nationalists....
...they were beaten brutally than burn alive";
Russian Sp[etcnaz, or "boeviki", were killing Ukrainians, finally they chased them back into the building, from which they kept
shooting and throwing grenades and fueled bottles, making fire by accident. Ukrainians tried and saved number of evil Russian spies and Special forces, before fire department arrived.
In Response

by: Michael from: Los Angeles
May 07, 2014 08:34
Hey, Konstantin.
I live in LA for 25 years. I can meet your sorry bandera ass anywhere anytime. And no, I am not Russian, I am a jew. But i lived in Lvov (or Lviv if you wish) for a few years, and I know first hand how antisemitic western ukrainians are. It was a common thing to hear word "ZHID" thrown in my face.
You would have been a fine soldier for Nachtigall zondercommando battalion.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 07, 2014 16:38
You probably promised and lying for Russian Nazi Empire.
Even it happened to you, most likely you heard a story - or
It was part of instructions by your handlers in Russ-USSR.
West Ukrainians Banderas gave-up and got Amnesty door.

War criminals died in battle. As Stalin under arrest since 47,
Russians in 1949 reversed constitutional transfer to the CIS
And force some former "Banderas" not only snitch, but level
Their "comrades" manipulated propaganda Ukraine "Jupels".

Similar programs of denying freedom to non-Russian nations
Were used in all USSR republics, would be separatists blame
Majority for Russian annexation, blame majority as Nazi game,
Or just unleash treachery and genocide, over Militon Kantaria,
Who put flag on Reighstag - he probably didn't say you "zhid".

Now, Michel, another Michel, Russian from Moscow, was part
Of conspiracy to blackmail me be plagiarized and for 2008 role
Of helping holt Russian aggression in 2008 in Georgia, they all
Tried to kill me and my mother. They murdered her 2012, hard,
Bestial murder with help of CIA they like to slender too and roll.

My mother was Jewish, she was born in Argentina. My father
Was Georgian, who was killed fighting against Nazi Germany.
So far I am helping to save World from distraction and slavery,
As you are helping Russian Nazis divide Europe with Austrian
And German Hitler-funkels. Independent Ukraine key to peace
In Response

by: Bill
May 05, 2014 01:17
I agree Jack.

Note the PC spelling of "Odesa" instead of "Odessa".

Schreck knows how to emphasize in accordance with his employer. Such is the sorry state of fee paid journalism.

We know about the bogus anti-Jewish leaflet attributed to a pro-Russian group and the photo "proof" of Russian agents in Ukraine, later shown to be a hoax.

RFE/RL cherry picks.

In Response

by: Bill
May 05, 2014 10:31

Proof of Russian security in Odessa, let alone the rest of Ukraine?

In a news segment aired last week, Yatsenyuk lied about the situation in Ukriane being solely instigated by the Kremlin.

Some Ukrainian nationalists cornered the pro-Russian activists into that building, followed by the former throwing Molotov cocktails at it.
In Response

by: Evan from: NY
May 05, 2014 12:15
Bill, curious that you would be using the transliteration into English of a word from a different alphabet (which you clearly neither read nor speak) as evidence of anything at all, much less evidence of political bias. If someone spelled your name in another alphabet as what amounted to no more than "Bil" in order to say it correctly, would you see that as evidence of political bias? Doesn't that show rather a desperation to find bias somewhere? In fact, in Cyrillic, Odesa is spelled Odesa, not Odessa. My guess is you can't pronounce it correctly, either, which must imply some bias on your part, right? How foolish.
In Response

by: Bill
May 05, 2014 18:51
"Evan", you aren't the bright light that you seem to think. Like "Kyiv", the use of "Odesa" is latter day PC.

Your suggestive knowledge of the languages in question would know that "Kyiv" isn't a better alternative to "Kiev".
In Response

by: Tim
May 07, 2014 09:08
Bogus leaflet? Yeah, I'm sure nobody amongst the bunch of thugs who chose the neo-Nazi Pavel Gubarev as their leader, could possibly wish any harm towards Jews.

There are a lot more fascists and neo-Nazis on the pro-Russian side than on the pro-Ukrainian side. That's why people are evacuating from Donetsk to the West as quickly as possible, while there's no flow of people heading in the opposite direction in fear for their lives.
In Response

by: Robert from: Prague
May 05, 2014 05:36
Really deep analysis, Jack. Did you make that up all by yourself?
In Response

by: J
May 07, 2014 17:20
It's not a PC spelling, it is simply transliterated from the Ukrainian, not the Russian. 'Odessa' is 'Odesa' in Ukrainian; 'Kiev' is 'Kyiv.' Not a big deal here, especially as it is resonable policy to transliterate from the official language in place names. Please re-think (or think!) Evan and Bill. Thanks.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 05, 2014 10:40
Gang of propaganda Russian Spies come in groups,
like invading Ukraine Russian KGB-GRU- Spetcnaz.
"Bill" kill two truth with one lie, Jew-leaflets were real,
As PC semi-literate "nachal'nik" of Jack, Russ-spell.
Russian macaques lie even about their lie to fool us.
"Robert" is right, Jack made it up, with order by boss.
"Eugenio" in his own self again - he slender Ukraine,
Prize brave Russians and provoking Ukraine's spleen
To jump at armed to teeth Russian treason ambushes
(He hide behind the scene) or blast a Russian battalion
For Russia to invade with A-bombs screaming fashists.

I knew Russians since childhood, if one attack and lost,
Be humanely let go, he friendly call you into an ambush
And through boulder. If doesn't work same day his boss
would murder some old Jew at the building for the Russ,
crushing his scull with boulder, bloody "pobeditel's" race?

The police and few strong men came to block two streets,
when Russian invading KGB-GRU-Spetcnaz published
threats and criminal intend. "UNITY" WAS CAREFUL.
When Russia's invaders started to use firearms, shooting
at people, killing at least one and wounding some 100,
Manchester fans, thought) - they responded to bullets by
Russian's "Putin-Cheushesku Securitate" by chasing the
Some lead them, to avoid anarchy to harmless smashing
of empty tents. (Unlike grabbed in Eastern Ukraine “zimnie kvartiry” for the invaders, one of the main reasons to grab buildings for secret armies of Russia.)

By the way, it was one outside the Building that through bottle to the entry - it might be someone like Eugenio, making case
for Russians.
It looks like Russians did the fire, by some scenario not yet known.
Was it you Eugenio, there?

In Response

by: Olga from: Ukraine
May 05, 2014 13:19
Here is the information about person whose photo was used by this provocator.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 04, 2014 22:43
According to Ukrainian news outlets, riot police - covered with snow - started pushing the the pro-EU losers away from the administrative buildings they had started blocking yesterday (Sunday). Are we about to witness the Bashar al-Assad moment of Victor Yanoukowitsch, after the German agent Klitschko thought he was going to become the Ukrainian General al-Sisi? Where is Hillary Clinton, I am sure she will have a lot of interesting things to say on this matter :-)).

by: jojnjo from: Dublin
May 08, 2014 01:17
Russia's journalists are so used to lying, in fact they're winning awards/medals for it from Putin, with the result that they make them up even when they're asleep (nightly) so as they can use them (daily) when they're "Awake"!

by: Rascalndear from: Ukraine
May 13, 2014 20:20
To Michael from Los Angeles: As a person who doesn't know much about Ukrainian history, you may not be aware that the name "Zhyd" was the only word for Jews in Western Ukraine prior to the Soviet Union taking over. It was not in and of itself a pejorative word, unlike in Russia. Now people everywhere see it as pejorative, which is not right. It's also used in Poland, simply as the term for Jewish people. The word "Yevrei" is really a misnomer because it means "Hebrews", which is the Biblical term for Jews. So don't assume that people who call you that were using it in a negative way. Most people in Western Ukraine have some Jewish blood because there were never any stetls or ghettoes there and Christians and Jews intermingled freely, including a certain percentage of intermarriage. My paternal great-great-grandmother was Jewish from Vienna, where she met my great-great-grandfather, who was serving in the Austrian military. Stories like that abound.

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