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Rape Victim Whose Case Shocked Ukraine Dies From Injuries

A rally in support of Oksana Makar in Kyiv on March 15.
A rally in support of Oksana Makar in Kyiv on March 15.
Ukrainian health authorities say an 18-year-old woman whose rape and attempted murder shocked the country has died.

Prosecutors say Oksana Makar was raped by three young men on March 9 in the southern city of Mykolaiv.

The assailants then tried to strangle her and set her on fire.

She survived but was hospitalized with severe burns and damage to her lungs.

Health officials in the eastern city of Donetsk, where she was treated, said she died on March 29 after battling for her life for nearly three weeks.

The crime shocked Ukrainians and sparked nationwide protests against corruption after police initially released two of the suspects whose parents were former regional government officials.

All three suspects were eventually arrested and charged with rape and one with attempted murder.

Based on reporting by AP and UNIAN
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by: scallywag from: nyc
March 30, 2012 11:14
Said one of the wife’s of one of the suspects at the time, whose attitude best described the macabre attitude towards women in this region:

Maybe he was there, I don’t know. Maybe it really happened, but why is everybody jumping all over him? The guilt can be spread around here, to all four people, including the girl. Why did she go there? Nobody forced her! Everybody is now saying that he alone is a monster. There are people that believe that this girl is not as saintly as she is made out to be. Maybe she provoked them.
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by: Brandon from: USA
March 30, 2012 16:29
Scallywag, I agree with you that this woman's comments exhibit a disgusting indifference to the suffering of this girl. But I've heard plenty of similar comments from my own compatriots who seek to blame the woman during cases of rape. And this incident in Ukraine has sparked lots of outrage and protests, so I don't think it's fair to say that most Ukrainians share this woman's view.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 30, 2012 20:55
The truth is that this is yet another gringo-dominated conspiracy right out of the pages of the CIA playbook. And we wonder why the chickens keep coming home to roost on this dynasty of evil, greed and popcorn chicken.
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by: Brandon from: USA
April 03, 2012 13:29
It's very interesting. I have submitted several comments to RFE that have not been accepted by the moderators. Apparently they were judged to be too harsh, or impolite...who knows? Yet some guy reads a tragic story about a young Ukrainian woman who is brutally murdered, and writes a rant about the CIA (!!), and RFE accepts his comment. Tell me, moderators, how exactly does Eugenio's comment contribute to the conversation?

by: Robert from: usa
March 31, 2012 10:59
A women always has the right to say "no" no matter how far along
the situation has gone. I doubt this women wanted to be set on fire after sex. Something went terribly wrong here and the truth must be found.

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