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Chechen Adversaries Unveil Rival Concepts Of Jihad

Ramzan Kadyrov prays as he visits a recently rebuilt district in Grozny on May 1.
Ramzan Kadyrov prays as he visits a recently rebuilt district in Grozny on May 1.
The two men who embody the ongoing struggle for control over Chechnya and the North Caucasus both draw on Islamic theology, in particular the concept of jihad, to lend legitimacy to their efforts. But their approaches to doing so could not be more different.

Pro-Moscow Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov has co-opted respected Islamic scholars to formulate a denunciation of the jihad espoused by the Islamic insurgency. That denunciation is intended to impress and convince by the weight of the theological arguments adduced.

Self-styled Caucasus Emirate head and insurgency commander Doku Umarov, for his part, eschews doctrine, seeking instead to secure the support of his fellow Chechens by anchoring the concept of jihad in the Chechens’ unequivocal rejection of Russian hegemony.

The two camps do, however, agree on one key point, although their interpretations of it diverge: that jihad is a way to preserve and strengthen the Islamic faith.

Following a recent congress in Moscow titled “Islamic Doctrine Against Radicalism,” prominent scholars from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere traveled to Grozny where they issued a declaration defining the terms “jihad,” “takfir” (excommunication of apostates), and “caliphate.” The declaration is intended in the first instance to substantiate legally and theologically the repeated assertions by Kadyrov and other republic heads that the North Caucasus insurgency  has nothing in common with Islam.

The declaration does not differentiate between the degrees of jihad. It affirms that the term applies strictly to bloodshed on the field of battle and that “the killings, assassinations, and explosions perpetrated by fanatics in the Caucasus and other regions under the slogan of fighting against apostates, against those who distance themselves from Islam and are loyal to non-Muslims, [actions] which result in the deaths of Muslims and of those with regard to whom Shari'a law forbids bloodletting and the appropriation of their property, do not constitute jihad and have nothing in common with it.”

Insurgency commander Doku Umarov in an undated screen grabInsurgency commander Doku Umarov in an undated screen grab
Insurgency commander Doku Umarov in an undated screen grab
Insurgency commander Doku Umarov in an undated screen grab
As for “takfir,” the declaration says it is the exclusive prerogative of Allah, and even the most learned scholars do not have the right to level that accusation against a fellow believer. But none of the theologians of the North Caucasus insurgency – Yasin Rasulov, Anzor Astemirov, Said Buriatsky, or the current qadi of the North Caucasus emirate, Sheikh Abu Mukhammad – has ever pronounced such an excommunication or even raised the possibility of doing so.

Takfir is, however, common in Middle Eastern and Gulf countries, which may be why the authors of the declaration chose to include it.

The declaration stresses the benefits of peaceful co-existence between adherents of various faiths and the need for Muslims to comply with the laws of the state in which they live. It terms impermissible “aggressive actions” against non-Muslim fellow citizens of that state.

The declaration was clearly intended in the first instance to deter young Muslims from “heading for the forest” to join the insurgency ranks. The preamble says specifically that young people should approach its arguments positively and study them objectively, seriously and sincerely. Kadyrov himself was more explicit, saying he hopes “radically oriented young people in Russia will heed the opinion of authoritative scholars of the Islamic world."

Umarov for his part recently issued twin appeals to the Muslims of Chechnya and of the North Caucasus and Russia in which he speaks in very simple language of the history and essence of jihad and reminds them of their obligation to participate in it. Those appeals, filmed in April, are the first Umarov has made since February 2011.

Now, as then, Umarov argued forcefully that jihad is obligatory for all believers and constitutes the most effective medication for the various ills from which the Umma is collectively suffering. But in other respects his tone this year was generally more conciliatory than in 2011.

In his address to his fellow Chechens, Umarov links jihad not just with upholding the faith but with the obligation to preserve control over “this beautiful land of Chechnya that Allah has given us,” because ”Muslims must be masters of their land.”
Umarov goes on to differentiate between jihad and wahhabism, arguing that they are not one and the same thing. He traces the history of jihad in Chechnya back to Djokhar Dudayev, the secular nationalist first president of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria, but admits that Dudayev’s “initial statements and slogans were different.”

Umarov went on to conflate the1944 deportation of the Chechens and Ingush to Central Asia, and also “1917” (presumably he meant the creation of the short-lived Mountain Republic), with jihad, without explaining the logic of his argument.

Umarov twice stressed that the younger generation of insurgents in Chechnya are fighting not out of mercantile considerations but to preserve the religion of Allah. Umarov then apologized “if we have caused offense in any way” and begged for forgiveness and also for the help and support of his fellow Chechens, or at least their prayers.

Umarov went on to warn the Chechens not to be deceived and seduced by the pro-Moscow Chechen leadership’s construction of mosques and infrastructure, saying that those who sell out to that leadership are destined for perdition.

In the shorter address to the Muslims of the Caucasus and Russia, Umarov similarly appealed to them not to remain indifferent to the sufferings of their fellow believers, stressing that innocent civilians are being killed weekly in the Caucasus. Umarov also warned President Vladimir Putin and other members of the Russian leadership that they will never destroy the Chechen fighters’ commitment to victory and independence.

Umarov identifies as the ultimate objective of jihad imposing Shari'a law and securing for the Chechen people freedom and control over the land on which they live. But he does not explicitly equate those twin goals with the Caucasus Emirate. Indeed, he does not use that term in either address. Instead, he speaks in the name of the Chechen fighters.

That failure to mention the Caucasus Emirate, which the U.S. State Department last year designated a terrorist organization, raises the question whether Umarov is seeking either to placate the senior Chechen commanders who rebelled against him two years ago, or to secure the support of the long-suffering Chechen population, or both. The pro-Moscow Chechen leadership routinely engages in vicious reprisals against the families of insurgents and anyone suspected of helping them.

That Umarov’s virtual Caucasus Emirate remains a hot-button issue for Moscow is clear, however, from the Russian Foreign Ministry’s aggrieved reaction to a conference held in Istanbul in mid-May that adopted a formal declaration proclaiming the Caucasus Emirate the sole lawful authority in the Caucasus and extending greeting to Umarov and his fighters. The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to lodge a protest, stressing the potential negative impact on bilateral relations from condoning events whose participants “threaten Russia’s territorial integrity and the security of its citizens.”
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by: Sergey
June 01, 2012 10:58
"Umarov identifies as the ultimate objective of jihad imposing Shari'a law and securing for the Chechen people freedom and control over the land on which they live. "

Freedom and Sharia Law--two MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE THINGS (in my book at least). Sharia Law is a degenerate form that came from 7th Century Arabia and completely despises women relegating them to the status of almost non-humans, severely punishes petty crimes and last but not least, is the ground for the perpetual warfare. I have absolutely no sympathy to those who fight for Sharia or for Islamic law even if they claim they fight for freedom. Their "freedom" and mine (freedom to be who you want to be as long as you don't trample on basic rights of others)--two fundamentally different things.
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by: Abu Hanzala from: Istanbul
June 01, 2012 11:21
Sergey what you are talking about? You are not Muslim so you can not speak on the behalf of Muslim about holly concept Jihad.! We support Amir Dokku Abu Usman (h.a) as well as he is on the path of Jihad to fulfill Allah's order..What is your talking about Jihad and women rights in Islam completely nonsense! Caucasus Emirate is Islamic state like Abyan Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan Islamic Emirate, Azawad Islamic Emirate..near future Insha'Allah establish single Islamic State (Khilafat)..
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by: Arab the Muslim from: heroic lion mouth desert
June 01, 2012 11:41
You are wrong. İslam is the first religion, who declarated Women Rights in the world. Read the "Last Speech" of Prophet Muhammad, he gave this speech 10.000 and more Muslim, in Mekke city. Qoran the book of Muslims, orders saving woman, saving their rights, because they are weak, men must serve them, with all their hearts. Prophet said that a wife can not forced by his husband to wash his clothes, to look his children, to clear the house. İn İslam, wife is the lady of house. İf man wants clear made house, or washed clothes, he will call a maid, to wash and make clear house, and serve the lady, to his wife. But ignorants, do not read Prophet's life and speechs, they do not read Qoran, and they live as their pagan ancestors, not like Muslims.

İslam orders to save woman, like saving a thin glass. Not use her like a cover girl, not sell her body, not use her body to advertisements on tv... You confuse the İslam with Christianity, Christianity see woman like this = dirty one.

Dokku Umarov must leave all "Chechen" terms, he must speak only "in the name of Caucasian Muslims". But he was an old "chechen nationalist", we see he could not left those "nationalistic" slogans. İslam and nationalism are two different religions, you are a muslim, or you are a nationalist. Chechen name is a non-sense word, whats mean Chechen ? Dokku can not reply this, why a Muslim use a non-sense word to define himself ?. İ am a Muslim, i proud with this name, it has a mean, this is true. Chechens can not go to paradise, but only Muslims can go. Dokku, if you want to go paradise, leave this non-sense name, define yourself as only a Muslim - if you can.
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by: Anonymous
June 01, 2012 15:09
a-rab-jaco-the-waco cut it out. No one takes you seriously. Not in the Caucasus for sure.
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by: Dzhigkaev from: Alania
June 01, 2012 18:50
Hey Arabi, good points you touched.

But you step on a black dog's tail :) You know an Ossetian author was write a poem about a story that one day black dog clan were decide to go to holy Mekke city for trying to be pilgrims as humen, but Arabs were throw rocks on that dogs to keep clear the holy places, and those black dog clan returned their caves. After that poem, black dog clan attacked and were shoot Oset author from his back, they killed the author. İts a tradition, for black dog clans, shooting from back. They are not wolves, only black howling dogs. Save your back bro !
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by: Arab the Hashemite from: Jordan, Mahdi's army tent
June 01, 2012 19:13
Angry and jealous İngush boy :) Arabs were teach to your pagan ancestors that only one god you must pray. Arabs are the masters of İslamic scholarship. Arabs = Arabian speaking people. Qoran book in Arabian. Prophet was an Arabian speaking Hashemite. But he never said "i am Arab." Prophet did not say this name as a national name. So, if you are a Muslim, why are you shouting in everywhere "i am ingush, chechen... etc", nonsense national names. Are you a modernizator for İslam ? Or that Checheno-Tataro-İngushes have their own İslam ?

You called your land as "İchkeri" but this is a clear Turkic-Mongol name = inlands, innet forests. İn Chechen language, there is no meanings of İchkeri, like the Chechen name, like the Kavkaz name, like the İngush name. Hah hah hah :) you must be happy that Arab is teaching you who are you, what must you do, as my ancestors were teach your pagan ancestors there is only one god to pray. With swords, or with only sharpened "words".

You can not wrestle with me, you and your weak "Chechen-Tatars" are not in my weight-category, but may be Dagestanians, because many of them have Hashemite blood.
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by: Intel Officer from: Classified
June 01, 2012 23:52
Name: Issa Pliev
Nationality: Ossetia
Place of the crime: Novocherkassk
Date of the crime: 1 June 1962
Crime: Novocherkassk massacre, responsible for execution of workers in Novocherkassk 50 years ago.
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by: David Murashev from: Muslim Ossetia
June 02, 2012 02:05
Yeah, those black dogs turned out to be one Ossetian-Muslim man David Murashev who killed the poet and his two FSB commandos buddies, ... bro ))))))))))))))))))))
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by: Anonymous
June 02, 2012 21:52
I'd be grateful if you could denominate some sources, be it hadiths (number/books) or quran (nr/sura).
please refer to the surat? like for instance
men should guard their modesty: 24:30-1

the ideas which you evoke should be stated somewhere.
so which surat do you refer to!
which hadith?
many people just talk vaguely and if ask never respond.
so, please be precise!
thank you in advance!
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by: William from: Aragon
June 02, 2012 03:46
Hello Sergey,

If the purpose of your comment is to enlighten us then please list the Suras from the Holy Koran that you are referring to, so that all Moslems can take note.

If your purpose is to make rash generalisations about a religion of 1.5 billion people - i.e. 23% of humanity - then you have succeeded. As you have said - and I agree with you here - we are free to do that.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
June 17, 2012 02:23
Sergey, there isn't need pin evil of religious wars and feudalism
Only on Muslim conquests and use of their civil laws - Sharia.
Christian, Muslim and other persuation nations barbarizm
Well known history. It might be not quite with Georgia.

They ended Crusades with the peace, during Saladin,
Being destroyed next Century by Mongols - brought in
By Russian treachery and lies. Still, leaving it all aside,
Sergey is right that Sharia's brutal practice is not right.
Umarov is right - Chechens be free - owning their land.

Both, however, deviate from the simple truth - freedom,
Property and land, human rights and so on, not for sale
To invading Empire, would it be Russian GRU, in wails,
Playing "Halifat", or in name of Russian "kulturniy dom",
Playing modern man that is oppoled by 7 Century gains.

Doing no good to Georgian "United Kingdoms of Iveria",
As part of regional "Common Wealth of all Caucasus" -
One ignoring it and attacking any success in Caucasia,
Laying platcdarm-excuse for invading Russian "Armias",
Another deviates World's vew from Russian "expancia".

I think that article above, pretending explain Muslim Faith,
Follows the same patern, but I need time - read its maze.

by: Jack from: US
June 01, 2012 12:43
the ultimate concept of Jihad is being developed by CIA. Stay tuned, as RFE/RL will soon start promoting it. For now the Jihad concept is being tested in Syria by CIA operatives, after successfull trial in Lybia.
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by: Anonymous
June 01, 2012 15:07
Yes, coming to Moscow soon white ribbons the CIA movement. Jacko the waco who hates Americans, Caucasus, and Wakhabbies.

by: Anonymous
June 01, 2012 15:11
Liz Fuller seriously was he using words "Chechnya" and "Chechen" that many times or is it something you put in his mouth?
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by: Anonymous
June 01, 2012 22:56
"Liz Fuller seriously was he using words "Chechnya" and "Chechen" that many times or is it something you put in his mouth?"

Watch the video and see, idiot
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by: Anonymous
June 02, 2012 13:00
Liz Fuller wrote: "Watch the video and see, idiot"
I saw the link you provided before I put the comment. Both times he addresses the Caucasus peoples. Can you provide me with the solely Chechen address? Thank you.

by: Sergey from: Suburban Chicago, IL, USA
June 01, 2012 21:06
Abu Hanzala wrote: "Caucasus Emirate is Islamic state like Abyan Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan Islamic Emirate, Azawad Islamic Emirate..near future Insha'Allah establish single Islamic State (Khilafat).."

Sergey's response: Abu, if Your dream of the single Islamic State comes true (Heaven forbid!), it will be nightmare for everyone, yourself included. Than you may forget about any thing like decent education, healthcare, etc. It will be the state of perpetual Jihad--when no non-Muslims will be left, there will be Khilafat-wide Muslim-on-Muslim violence. Afghanistan worldwide--that's a HELL ON EARTH (for me at least).
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by: Anonymous
June 02, 2012 13:08
Sergey, I am not sure why you picked up Afghanistan which didn't have a single day of peace for the past two centuries. Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Malaysia might be good examples. It is not the religion's fault it is the invading barbarians from the British Empire, the USSR who made that mess in Afghanistan. Same thing in Chechnya and the Caucasus in general. What was the purpose of the invasion into Georgia?
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by: Anonymous
June 02, 2012 22:09
In some Muslim nations it's always the NOn-Muslims fault?
Watch the Egyptian movie bus 678 and the last Pulitzer price photo in Afghanistan showing children slashed by a suicide attack. Just add Pakistan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Lybia, etc.
just some examples that in many Muslim nations life is not perfect. and this is certainly not only due to Western influence.
just wake up!
or is the economic crisis in the world the responsibility of some poor fellows somewhere in an Asian or African desert?
watch "Inside job" (nice movie that depicts corruption and endemic problems in the political and economic system in the U.S.)
some people could also make a film and blame the crisis on the Inuit in Greenland or the penguins. would certainly not be very intelligent.
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by: Kavkazets
June 02, 2012 21:38

by: Anonymous
June 02, 2012 22:00
Mr Arab Hashemite!
through your way of phrasing your thoughts
you come across like a very ignorant and arrogant human being!
who are you to insult kavkas people?
you talk about your ancestors. And what do you teach?
maybe your ancestors didn't even come to the Caucasus.
YOu talk about Muslims and reject nationality at the same time though you glorify Arabs and denigrate other people?
How is this tenable?
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by: Hashemite the soldier from: Jordan- Mahdi's flag wave
June 03, 2012 11:19
Listen me ! Arabian speaking Hashemite Lord is here to teach you, you the grand-sons of Way-wuy-Nakh-nukh barbarians. :)))

Hashemites are the teachers of the İslam, they were teach the İslam to Caucasus. Caucasus is the land of relatives of Prophet Muhammad and Abraham. Yes barbarian Circasso-Cossacks, Checheno-Tatars are not relative with us. But those Dagestanian princes were all of from Hashemite bloodline. Russians killed them. And non-Hashemite Dagestanians are coming from blood of Prophet Abraham. When you ask a true Dagestanian about us he will said : "Qorayshians, the Hashemites are the owners of the Caucasus, if they will come, and want to lead this land again, we will help them. Because loving the relatives of Muhammad Prophet is same with loving Prophet Muhammad."

We know our allies, we know helpers of relatives of Prophet. And we know the "national advertisers" who use İslam for sell their advertisements. Stop abominable Chehcen advertisement here, İf you are a Muslim leave that non-sense Chechen name immediately. Do not use it again. 50 or more nations united under the name of "Dagestanian Muslims." So who are you to be different under Chechen name ? You see yourselves different, because devil is your friend.

İ love Caucasian Muslims, like Dagestanians, who never reject that Hashemites' rights on Caucasus. Caucasus is ours, Caucasus is Hashemite land, we will return and build a Hashemite Kingdom there. We do not need Chechen-tatars, or Circasso-Cossacks... Damn on who rejects our rights on Caucasus. You Checheno-tatars, take your national slogans and black-dog-flags, get out from Caucasus. Hashemite spoke !
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by: Anonymous
June 03, 2012 20:02
relatives of the prophet?!
in sunni nations unlike in shia nations people do not respect the descendence of the prophet of islam.
yet, many arab dictators, probably drug dealers, illiterates and people who like to be important and impress others lie about some of their ancestors.
my guess is many arabs just make it up. sayyid. hejaz. as in many places you can buy the title or you just invent it.
and in terms of the conquest of the caucasus?
for the time being though it seems really unlikely.

eventually, I do not understand the reason for this disrespectful attitude towards Tatars, Chechens and other ethnic groups.
you do not impress people by insulting or denigrating others.
by the way,
do you think ali ibn abi talib did insult people? probably not! so, if you claim to respect certain ideas you might start by imitating some of the acceptable and respected attitudes of the real descendants.
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by: Shalom
June 03, 2012 21:08
Vlad the Impaler don't you know that Daghestan has a substantial diaspora of Mountain Jews. By the way, you are next after Syria.
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by: American from: USA
June 04, 2012 14:17
Only stupid Shiia would think that Chechens somehow are different from 24 tribes of Dagestan. Surprise, surprise they are related. We do respect the claim of the Chechens on Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Time to pack your bags my shiia friend.
The modern-day North Caucasians (the Chechens, the Ingush, the Batsbi, and the people of Dagestan) have the direct linguistic links to the Fertile Crescent.[2]
“Linguistically, most languages in the region and in the Fertile Crescent itself are relatively recent arrivals. Now, however, linguist Johanna Nichols of the University of California, Berkeley, has used language to connect modern people of the Caucasus region to the ancient farmers of the Fertile Crescent. She analyzed the Nakh–Dagestanian linguistic family, which today includes Chechen, Ingush, and Batsbi on the Nakh side; and some 24 languages on the Dagestani side ... Thus location, time, and vocabulary all suggest that the farmers of the region were proto-Nakh–Dagestanians. "The Nakh–Dagestanian languages are the closest thing we have to a direct continuation of the cultural and linguistic community that gave rise to Western civilization," Nichols says.[2]”
The Ingush have the highest (89%) frequency of J2 gene and the Chechens have 57% respectively. J2 is closely associated with the Fertile Crescent.[3]"
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by: Arab the history man from: Mahdi's University-Jordan
June 05, 2012 06:16
18th century, "Chechen" name was using only for tax-payers who lives in İchkeri = the inland Tatar forests = "the Cha-Cha-Nu" = is a half Caucasian- half Sanskrit name . This name given by Dagestanian Leg kingdom and by Khanate of Avars and by Tarki Shamkhalate of Jungut-Leg people. These were "holy alliance" of relative of Prophet Muhammad, their kings were coming from bloodline of Muhammad (Hashemites). This people were lords on İchkeri, they named there as İchkeri = Mongol-Turkic name, because Tatars were living in there. Dagestanians were wellcome "EVERY" migrant, who will tax them, they did not choose them, they were accept every Cossacks, Tatars, Nokhcho people to sit in İchkeri... But then pagan Nokhcho people revolt and killed Muslim princes, their hand were touched the relatives of Prophet's blood. God ! What happened ! When Dagestanian highlanders prepaired to punish those "Chechen" rebels, Shia İranians attacked to Dagestan, highlanders turned their faces on invader Shia people, to defend Dagestan... Pagan Chechens saved their tails :))) Because Dagestanian muslims were ready to erase those Pagan migrants on the earth who killed relatives of Prophet, but 100.000 and more Shia İranians were come to attack Dagestan. Chechens really had chance. Or they will pay it with the hands of vengeful enemies, Christian Russians !

After Russians were invade country, and gave this "Chechen" name as a national name to "inhabitant of İchkeria". Mixed tax-payer poeple have been "Chechen" since Russian invade. İn Dagestanian lords' era, those people who were living in İchkeri, named = Raiyya = tax payers = (Cha-Cha-Nu). Evidence is clear "that fake Chechens" were run away from North to South, from the merciless Kabardian migrant Circassians.

And those inhabitants of "İchkeri", many of them ancient Andi-Dido-Dargin-Leg people of Dagestan, who were reject Avar authority after AD 6th century- the Avar invade of Dagestan highlands. We can see the old land names of Dagestanians in those "İchkeri", for a sample = Dargo, was a historical Goth - Dargin living-place.

J1 is the common sign of Dagestanians. J2 the sign of Urartian invaders who came from East Anatolia. G2 is the Cossack chromosome sign - in blood of Adyga Circassian people.

İ am Hashemite, i can ride billions of camels, i can lead billions of people. İ have rights to manage Muslims. İ have to rights to want this.
In Response

by: Shalom
June 03, 2012 12:39
As I wrote before he is Russian.
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by: Arab the thunderer from: Jordan-Mahdis Flag shadow
June 03, 2012 16:19
As you wrote you are a damned nationalist and you will go to hell with your pagan ancestors, and your "İslamic trader" people will go to the deep of it.

On the door of heaven, angels wrote "Only Muslims can enter." The people who have dog flag can not. İmmoral people, have never shame.
In Response

by: Shalom
June 03, 2012 21:03
As I wrote before he is Russian agent who is trolling on the RFE/RL boards and writes crap about Chechens under different names bringing any sane conversation about Chechnya to a stall.
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by: Hashemite from: Jordan-Mahdi's army camp
June 04, 2012 07:14
There is no Chechen people, only "converted" autochtone Caucasians by Urartaic migrant people. Urartians, has come from East Anatolia and converted Caucasians. İngushes are Scythes, were invade and convert the autochtone people. But after, Tatars came and converted Urartians to Chechens. Lets think about Che-Che-ni name. Tolpar ? a mythic ancestors of "Tatar-Chechens", Tolpar was a Turkic mythic cult, can read in Manas myth of Kyrgyz people.

Circassians are Cossacks and remnants of Kyrgyz - West Huns. Kabardian Circassians were like Mongols, migrant and wild. Caucasians remember them as wild invaders.

Avars came from Warkani-Khwarzem. "White Mongols = hepthalithes", "White İndians = Rajas", may be Pharaohs of Egypt. Who can know that people, everytime they were tyrants.

Turks-Tatars came from Mongolian steps. Mongols were ride on them , they flee from Asia and see a blank lands in Caucasus, see weak Nakh-Nukh barbarian tribes, conquered and sit down.

Georgian name not came from Saint Georgi, its a clear İranic name Gorgan. Greek guys, drank vine and be lazy, they were stay in Caucasus, after Aryans came and were be prince on them.

Abkhazians are migrant Celtics. May be they are Kurdish. İ think they were some black people, you can find "black skin Abkhazians" photos on net. They could come from Africa from Ababa tribe.

Who is autochtone ? Only a little people, their father-line reach to Prophet Noah. (Urartaics said, we are Nokchi, we are the sons of Noah, no you are urartians, and you were invade and convert the real Noah's sons.) Yes, Caucasus is the land of relatives of Prophets. And our first mission must be deport that invaders who reject our rights on Caucasus. Russians are in Caucasus to punish the invaders, who reject the rights of Hashemites, God sent Russians on that rebellious people, to erase them on the world.

One holy lineage ! Coming from prophet Adam, from the bloodline of Hanifs, this holy people never worship any cults, or idols. İ am the Hashemite, the Arabian speaking, the man who coming from the holy bloodline of Prophets. We are chosen people to be your king, if you reject, God will not forgive you.
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by: Anonymous
June 07, 2012 11:50
Russian idiot relax. You are not hashemite, you will leave the Caucasus very soon dead or alive, your choice.

by: Sergey from: Suburban Chicago, USA
June 04, 2012 08:11
To anyone who either sincerely believes or deliberately misinforms the readers that Jihad is a "spiritual struggle" or only "defensive war" and so on, I suggest to follow the news not just from Russia's N. Caucasus, but from all over the world where Islamic terror is involved. Here is a news on the school attack in Daghestan (Chechnya's Neighbor) with teacher killed and school burned.

And here is the report from Afghanistan Takhar province where 97 school girls were poisoned by Taliban.

In all these cases the perpetrators believe they are also waging Jihad against "infidel" or female education as corrupting the minds. That's just a few illustrations to show that there is a huge trouble with Islam no matter what Islamic apologists here or anywhere else are trying to say.

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by: KKK from: surbsaharan africa
June 06, 2012 13:41
Russians use Muslim schools as military bases and Muslims people as human shields to protect them

Russians test chemical and psy weapons, poison school kids in Muslim Karachaevo-Circassia, Chechnya, Ingushetia

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