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North Caucasus Insurgency Head Resurfaces

Chechen insurgent Doku Umarov in a screen grab from a YouTube video Chechen insurgent Doku Umarov in a screen grab from a YouTube video
Chechen insurgent Doku Umarov in a screen grab from a YouTube video
Chechen insurgent Doku Umarov in a screen grab from a YouTube video
A new video address by self-styled Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov was posted two days ago on YouTube. The short address -- 3:39 minutes -- was filmed in the Muslim month of Sha'ban that began on June 10.

As usual, Umarov is shown seated in front of the black jihadi banner. His "naib," or deputy, Aslan Byutukayev (Emir Khamzat) is seated on his left, and a younger fighter (possibly Emir Islam) on his right.

Umarov expresses his condolences to the surviving relatives of all insurgents killed fighting, not only in Chechnya, but also in Daghestan, Ingushetia, and Kabardino-Balkaria. First and foremost, he names Emir Adam (Dzhamaleyl Mutaliyev), the commander of the Ingush insurgency wing who was killed in a special operation on May 21 after special forces surrounded the house on the outskirts of Nazran where he was staying. the website of the Ingush insurgency wing, had formally confirmed Mutaliyev's death on June 26. Mutaliyev had been reported killed once before, in January 2012, but within days, the authorities clarified that the dead fighter was a different man with the same name.

Second, Umarov mentions the Gakayev brothers, without naming them individually, noting that "this family will for long years be written into the chronicle" of the North Caucasus insurgency. Khuseyn Gakayev, Umarov's second naib, and his brother Muslim were killed in January 2013 after an informer infiltrated into the insurgency ranks betrayed their whereabouts, a detail that Umarov fails to mention. Two of their four brothers had been killed in the 1994-96 war, the third in 2001, and the youngest in 2003; one of their sisters was abducted in 2006 and vanished without a trace.

Umarov did not praise the Gakayevs in the same glowing terms as Mutaliyev, possibly because Khuseyn Gakayev together with three other senior commanders withdrew their allegiance to Umarov in 2010, accusing him of acting in an authoritarian manner without consulting them. True, the feud was papered over in July 2011. But in one of his last addresses, Gakayev admitted that there were still unspecified divisions and animosity within the Chechen insurgents' ranks.

Umarov also expresses his sorrow at the death of fighters engaged in jihad elsewhere across the Muslim world, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. At the same time, he said he prays that Allah will not leave the Caucasus bereft of "true Muslims who will always be ready to lay down their lives to defend the word of Allah," and that there will always be "proud fighters ready to defend the honor of their homeland."

The address was the first Umarov has made since November. His protracted silence had led some Russian officials to question whether indeed he was still alive or whether the perceived threat he and his fighters pose to the safe conduct of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February 2014 had been averted.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 01, 2013 18:58
"He said he prays that Allah will not leave the Caucasus..."
The more benevolent or educated in Moslem universities
individuals and those dare to express their views got killed by
both sides in Caucasus - is their understanding of will of Allah

Before Russian so called "Chauvinists" (if one can compare
Bernard Show with genocidal, but inferior, Varaga-Prussaka)
started again race war and imperial resurrection in 1949-54-56,
People in North Caucasus were as educated, at least in their
own history of were they came from, who they were and where
they were going as in South Caucasus, while respecting Faith of
their forefathers.

They understood then that people and Allah would like them
have, as since ancient times, regional common wealth with
each other and South Caucasus, according to offered by
Georgian King to his nephew, Peter the First, formula - to
remove foreign bases from South of Ukraine and Russia, source
of aggression and raids, and make only one condition of freedom
of North Caucasian nations - no foreign bases and raids again.
It looks like Allah would like it, if not constant betrayals from
so called Russian "Chauvinists" and their expansion.

Did Russian butchers of children in Beslan, painted by few
Chechens among them, three of which were killed for protesting
killing children, and similar acts helped Allah liberate Caucasus?

Or just opposite - gave Russia formal violation of preamble to "Georgian Traktat" and let them invade with larger armies
North and South Caucasus to breed in Caucasian homes
Varaga, coursed tribes of Sam and Gad, Afro-Pechenegies and
Is it what Allah would want?
Is it what "Muhamedi Kurashi" (a Median Oak Tree from Kura) want?
One doesn't have to be Moslem to say:
No - Allah and Mohamed wouldn't like it!
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by: Imam Shamil from: Caucasus
July 03, 2013 05:20
I would comment on that but I don't speak gibberish.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 04, 2013 10:51
Imam Shamil, you sound like Russians.
When I was writing my comment above, Russian telepaths
were annoying me as usual - they said I was always writing the
same well known truth and it was boring.
I replied:
- "If I omit some explanations, again and again in my comments, you Russians will accuse me of being "gibberish",
but I will omit some of redundancies this time."
I did omit some redundancies - and Russians immediately punched me bellow the belt for it - calling it "gibberish"!
Typical Russian "Shtaby" provocateurs...

If you are not one of them, Imam Shamil, tell me what is not written right in my comment.
Maybe you never read Koran and never heard the name of the Median tribe "Kurashi", in any spelling?
Ask any educated Moslem outside of system of Russian "Shtaby", unless they already murdered them all...

by: Alex from: LA
July 01, 2013 21:06
So these organization is not terrorist? they are insurgents? Interesting take. PKK terrorist, Hezbolah same, This guy is insurgent, what next freedom fighter like in Syria. They are all terrorists, no wonder why Russia has cold relation with the West...
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by: Marko from: USA
July 02, 2013 20:25
While all big powers have their share of self-serving hypocrisies (Russia included), the Russians have been more morally consistent on this point than the West. Jihadi terrorists (who are all interconnected to one degree or another and use similar methods worldwide) to the Russians are terrorists wherever they are. To the West, it is all conditional upon whom the jihadis are attacking. If they are attacking a country that we here in the US don't like such as Russia or Syria, the jihadis instantly become heroic freedom fighters. Due to the interconnected nature of these movements, I have always found this to be a self-defeating and dangerous policy-- the Boston bombing and terror rampage seem to bear out these concerns, but the policy clearly isn't changing ant time soon.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 02, 2013 22:02
Russia have cold relationship with the West?
Smart, Alex! Russia is behind these organizations,
Waiting with Russian armies of expansion-repopulation,
Ordered by them shape-shifters like "Umarians" do the best,
Like Beslan killing - invade North Osetian and Georgian nations.

It is the attempt save victims of Russia, that makes it hate-cold,
As Georgia and CIS are not yet repopulated by ethnic Russians,
UN, EU and USA still interfere with Russia stealing Destiny Gold
Of dream of "Chaldeyka" - Varag, Norman and imperial Prussia
To inherit Earth and Heaven. It hate NATO re-attract Arab's bold.

It is why Russia hate even more West than during the Cold War.
Syria? Russia play both ways, just in case - see where it goes.
By the way, are you one of those I knew in USSR and here?
Those that used to say: "Indians lived here, now it is ours!
We'll always be here. Georgian lands will be ours there!"

Who are you Alex, anywhere?
In Response

by: Imam Shamil from: Caucasus
July 03, 2013 05:19
Breaking news for you Russian-American-whatever. Umarov, and the Caucasus Emirate are labeled as terrorists by the USA. Just like Taliban. They call both Taliban and Caucasus Emirate insurgents and terrorists interchangeably. All Muslim North Caucasians in the USA are being watched since 2001. All of them are labeled as "potential terrorists" just like in your motherland Russia. The USA offers $5 million dollars for the head of Doku Umarov. What else do you want them to do, send the troops to the North Caucasus? They are not that stupid, they have Russian disposable zombies for that.

by: Gordon Hahn from: Mountain View, CA
July 02, 2013 20:51
RFERL's obfuscation of the CE jihad continues. In this peice Umarov's use of the words "global jihad" (globalnyi dzhikhad) have been left out. No surprise. See Russia's Islamic Threat (Yale U. Press, 2007).

by: Mamuka
July 03, 2013 02:10
All glory to dead terrorists! What about all the poor honest people who struggle to survive to support their families? Why no words of support from Dokubek for them?

A culture of death...
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by: Imam Shamil from: Caucasus
July 03, 2013 23:16
Funny that it is coming from a person whose ancestors were Stalin, Beria, and Gvishiani.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 05, 2013 18:22
Here is your answer, Imam Shamil?
All Caucasus including Chechens laughed,
When Russian pogrom-makers sent forgery-bill,
Blame Beria (nasty as all spies, like Putin) and bluffed
That Stalin (the liberator) was guilty for people, Russia killed.

Just opposite is true, Stalin had only advisory power in 20-th,
Hardly survived arrest and pogroms by Russia in 30-th,
Was elected President under Western pressure,
And made hard bargain to save Chechens.

Since 47 he was under the house arrest.
Russia-usurpers resurrecting an empire.
Russian "Shtaby" lying, adding the rest:
Rus', steal lands of ancestors of Stalin!

by: Imam Shamil from: Caucasus
July 03, 2013 06:34
Are you talking about this video?

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